The Sinocism China Newsletter provides commentary, analysis and curated links to the important English and Chinese news of the day. Bill Bishop, who is fluent in Chinese and lived and worked in Beijing for over a decade, publishes the newsletter several times each week.

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The Sinocism blog became the Sinocism China Newsletter in the Spring of 2012 after Beijing blocked An email newsletter was a workaround and it is quite gratifying to have grown from those few dozen initial readers to more than 30,000 subscribers today.

The weekly newsletter is still free but as of October 16, 2017 the daily newsletter costs $11/month or $118/year. Subscribers to the paid daily edition automatically get the free weekly newsletter.

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I have wrestled with this move to charging for a long time as I like offering Sinocism as a widely available service and I think it is important that as many people as possible have access to information to help us all better understand China.

The paid version will offer at least four daily updates a week and more commentary and analysis from me. In the future I plan to add membership forums and, as the business grows, contributors to expand the depth and breadth of the product.

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Thanks, and I look forward to working for all of you.



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