Electoral Map of China

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The GOP can only fantasize…


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  • wildgoosejournal

    Actually, Taiwan should be blue there.

    • Fair point. But I have no photoshop skills

      • wildgoosejournal

        Check your email.

  • Alex Coffey

    I was joking the other day on Twitter about the swing providences of Fujian and Shandong. Maybe one day we’ll be talking about the blue collar voters of Wuhan and Chongqing.

  • Robert William Savoy

    lol – nice

  • SteamedHams

    The red in Tibet is from self-immolation 

  • multifinlayson


  • MrChopstik

    I’m pretty sure that you mean that the US Democratic Party can only fantasize. Your map is the wrong color. It should be blue. After all, the idea of a state-dominated economic system goes to the other side of the US political spectrum.

  • biopower

    agree with mrchopstik, bill bishop showing his petty US partisanship with the GOP reference.