China Readings for 2011-01-13

  • Yueqing/Qian Yunhui-Death in China: Crushing dissent or tragic accident? | McClatchy #
  • Irony Is Good! | Foreign Policy How Mao killed Chinese humor … and how Internet slowly bringing it back again #
  • Ted deSwart Consulting guy who consulted on the dongguan mall #
  • Dongguan Ghost Mall Haunts China's Property Boom – Video – Bloomberg #
  • China agrees to buy Canadian seal meat – Yahoo! News #
  • More Troubles For China Green Agriculture As SEC Launches Inquiry Into Fraud Claims | zero hedge #
  • Rand simulation/wargame“Chinese Air Force Could Overwhelm Opponents” incl US | USNI Blog #
  • Netizens React: Stealth Fighter Test Flight – China Real Time Report – WSJ #
  • Information Dissemination: My Thoughts On Gates China Trip – Exactly Like That #
  • Deconstructing John Pomfret's Article on Gates' China Visit And The J-20 Flight | Sinocism #
  • Hu’s China, Whose Army? – smart conclusion by @GadyEpstein – Beijing Dispatch – Forbes #
  • Did Xi Jinping attend J-20 test flight? c comment re MingPao so much 4 west "experts" PLA-civilian schism meme ? #
  • German Dioxon Tainted-Food Scandal Widens as China Halts Pork Imports – Bloomberg #
  • 06-President Hu Greeted by Host of Indignities @ White House FLG nutter, ROC anthem. Hope Obama does better than Bush #
  • Politics and the internet: Caught in the net | The Economist #
  • USCC new report-National Security Implications of Investments & Products from PRC in Telecommunications Sector #
  • U.S. Ex-Im Bank Tests New Financing Model in Challenge to China – #
  • See your J-20, raise you development of ambitious high-speed weapons? USAF Revives Blackswift Hypersonic-Like Plan #
  • RT 4 diff time zone-Hu Knew About The J-20 Test Flight? | Sinocism #
  • Chinese military tests fighter jet ahead of Hu's meeting w Gates Pomfret very sure PLA challenging "own president" #
  • intellectual property theft The Real Problem With China-New York Times #
  • Chinese 103-Year-Old Wall Street Emigrant Sees End of Communism – Bloomberg Zhou Youguang sept 2009 #
  • China’s Chongqing Plans Tax for Used Homes, CCTV Says – Bloomberg Including existing homes is “quite a surprise,” #
  • Happy 106th Birthday To Zhou Youguang ??? Father of Pinyin | Sinocism #
  • All outlets of the Nirvana Gym have shut down ???????? ??????_????_??? #
  • ???????????106???(??)_????_??? #

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