China Readings For 2011-06-03

  • [email protected]: Chinese Steel Supremo Rues Weak Position In Ore Negotiations (Chinese version)” #
  • [email protected]: PBOC+CBRC disagree on LGFV loans cause CBRC didn't count hiways, railroads, airport loans” #
  • China Statistics Bureau Official Steps Down on Suspicion of Leaking Data – Bloomberg #
  • F.B.I. to Investigate Gmail Attacks Said to Come From China – #
  • huang yasheng has book out in chinese: "Just How Unique is the China Mdel" 黄亚生:“中国模式”到底有多独特?-黄亚生的搜狐博客 #
  • Chinese Jin-SSBNs Getting Ready? » FAS Strategic Security Blog #
  • A Blind Beijing Beggar and His Erhu | Danwei 2.0 #
  • Model Workers 2011 | Danwei 2.0 #
  • About the new Danwei | Danwei 2.0 glad that @danwei is back #
  • Beijing-Shanghai Bullet Train Targets Fed-Up Flyers – Bloomberg #
  • Former Xinhua Finance Chief Loretta Fredy Bush Pleads Not Guilty to Fraud – Bloomberg early China fraudster #
  • China Local-Government Debt Risk Needs ‘Attention,’ Bank of China Says – Bloomberg #
  • China Lending-Binge Hangover Looms as Wen Spurs Construction – Bloomberg #
  • Facebook: Safeguard Users Before Entering China Market | Human Rights Watch $fbook $bidu #
  • sounds like some securities firms bribed mid- low-level bureaucrats for early look at data 政府官员泄露经济数据被处理 #china #
  • pboc, bureau of statistics officials disciplined, may be charged over data leaks 政府官员泄露经济数据被处理 #china $macro #
  • Caixin-央行曝地方政府贷款14万亿 额度大用途监督难】按照2010年末人民币贷款余额47.92万亿元匡算,截至去年末,平台贷款不超14.376万亿元。全国共有地方政府融资平台1万余家,县级(含县级市)平台约占70%。 #
  • Google, what exactly is the China connection for the phishing scare? | VentureBeat google needs 2 disclose more #
  • China Extends Hand and Fist to Protesters – #
  • China’s Boom Threatened by Enron-Style Tricks-Bloomberg Chanos send Pesek some more reports? #
  • Where the River Ends – By Christina Larson on the Yangtze in #China | Foreign Policy #
  • CIA Releases Film on Chinese Capture, Torture of Agents – ABC News #
  • Muddy Waters Initiating Coverage on TRE.TO, OTC:SNOFF – Strong Sell | Muddy Waters Research Sino Forest #
  • The man behind the Sino-Forest takedown – The Globe and Mail on Muddy Waters #
  • John Paulson Could Lose Up To $650 Million On Latest Alleged Chinese Fraud Sino-Forest #

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