China Readings for March 25th

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  • Chongqing to drop “red” TV – China Media Project – The China Times (华夏时报) reported today that Chongqing Satellite TV, which suspended commercial advertising one year ago as part of Bo Xilai’s populist campaign of red culture, will re-introduce advertising on April 2. [Read our coverage of this issue last year here and here].

    On March 15, the same day Bo Xilai’s removal as Chongqing’s top leader was announced, a brief advertisement for a liquor brand was broadcast following the 30-minute official local newscast, “Chongqing Central News Daily” (重庆新闻联播). This commercial, the first appearing on Chongqing Satellite TV since the station’s “red” makeover a year ago, drove speculation that a change was in the offing. But an official about turn on advertising or “red” programming was never confirmed by the station.

  • 记者爆料:薄瓜瓜至今没音信 其英国保姆在重庆死亡 – – rumors are flying//

    稍后,南方周末调查记者褚朝新在微博中透露:2月15日凌晨5点,与王丽娟单线联系的号码上收到一条短信,大意是:英国人尼尔伍德在渝被害,王丽娟(王立军)破案剑指薄夫人,于是被休假、入美领馆。今日@杨海鹏在上海 发类似微博:死者:瓜瓜的保姆。国籍:英国。地点:重庆。处理人:王丽娟。死因:不让王查。 尸体未保留,直接火化。无法证实,求辟谣。

    另外,薄熙来落马后,他和现任妻子谷开来的儿子薄瓜瓜已经多日没有音信,杨海鹏在微博中透露“谷的贪腐问题,已经在副省级以上官员中通报”。 网上有消息提供者说,从3月14日晚薄熙来被免去职务,并有传言谷开来已经被中央有关方面隔离调查后,薄瓜瓜就再也没有在哈佛大学肯尼迪政府学院的课堂出现过。


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