Netease Weibo On Kim Jong Il’s Death And The Importance Of Losing Weight

Netease is known for its aggressive editorial department and it has extended that style to its microblog service–Netease Weibo.

On a day of serious propaganda around the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, Netease has set up a special topic page on his passing with the title “从金正日之死看减肥重要性  Kim Jong Il’s Death Shows The Importance Of Losing Weight”.

In a none too subtle dig at China’s expanding government, the subtitle is ”政府机构与人的身体一样,都不能过于臃肿 Government Organizations and People’s Bodies Are The Same, Neither Can Be Excessively Fat.” [臃肿 means both fat and specifically “overstaffed”.]

Screenshot below, as this page may not last too long:













[UPDATE: The page has been deleted, replaced by this:

















Another lesson in the importance of grabbing screenshots of interesting content on the Chinese Internet. I wonder if any Netease employees will be disciplined over this. END UPDATE]

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