Readings for 2010-04-29

  • Chocolatier School in France
  • Paulson Deal Had Been Rejected WSJ GSC rejected “Goldman’s request 2 select assets 4 debt deal” as 2 risky 4 investors
  • Why Trade Figures Do Not Prove China Is Rebalancing | not sure anyone thinks it is
  • Shopping Broadcaster Finds a Financial Channel_English_Caixin Hony, Citic and Sequoia China invested
  • Viral Video: Ouch!–Apple Gets Smacked Hard by Jon Stewart
  • Dozens of children stabbed in attack on Chinese nursery school-Telegraph bring back lingchi 4 crimes against children
  • recommend original chinese caixin story ??????? translated <50% older post on beijing sprawl
  • Beijing Tries Softer Urbanization_Caixin abridged translation of cover story on urbanization & relocation in Beijing
  • ?????4????:????????
  • Oil Leak in Gulf of Mexico May Be 5 Times Initial Estimate – NYTimes so much 4 more US offshore drilling
  • Goldman Sachs adds 2 ranks of lobbyists “dont think more secretaries of Treasury 2 come out of $gs 4 some time”
  • SpyTalk – Ex-CIA fugitive was subdued with Taser child porn, drugs, rape, exposed himself 2 neighbors. nice HR work
  • Nasa: Evidence of life on Mars | The Sun |News
  • China to Enforce New Encryption Rules – WTO–What Trade Organization?
  • U.S. Auto Dealers Crack Chinese Market –
  • El-Erian says Greece will default | Analysis & Opinion | have ur portfolio assume crash position?
  • The Sex Scandal That’s Rocking the Russian Opposition – By Julia Ioffe | Foreign Policy
  • CNN Foreign Correspondent Michael Ware Ditches CNN – Cnn – Gawker book, PTSD
  • Around China: Billionaire commits suicide Hou Yefu in Anhui province. must b better way than ingesting pesticide
  • Baidu Profit Jumps on Google’s Withdrawal From China (Update2) –
  • Why We Prefer Founding CEOs // ben’s blog
  • Harvard Law School 3L’s Racist Email Goes National « Above the Law
  • market likes Baidu earnings up $80+, over $700 after hours, stock splitting
  • Why reporters are down on Obama – Josh Gerstein and Patrick Gavin –
  • Barofsky Says Criminal Charges Possible in Alleged AIG Coverup – Bberg SIGTARP head guy Goldman should worry about

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