Sinocism Podcast

A podcast from Bill Bishop, author of the Sinocism newsletter, in which we talk to experts from around the world to help us all get smarter about China. Topics discussed include politics, foreign relations, business, finance, culture, history and markets. Nearly 100,000 investors, policymakers, executives, analysts, diplomats, journalists, scholars and others read Sinocism for valuable insights into China.

Sinocism Podcast #5: 20th Party Congress and US-China Relations with Chris JohnsonListen now (60 min) | Episode Notes: A discussion recently concluded 20th Party Congress and what to expect ahead in US China relations. I'm pleased to…
Sinocism Podcast #4: The Economist's David Rennie on online nationalism, discourse power, reporting from China, US-China relationsListen now (55 min) | Episode Notes: Today's guest is David Rennie, the Beijing bureau chief for The Economist and author of the weekly Chaguan column…
Sinocism Podcast #3: Chen Long on China's economy, Evergrande, Common Prosperity and the 6th PlenumListen now (37 min) | Episode Notes: 2:20 - I think the economy is a little bit like ice and fire, for now. There are certain areas certainly doing…
Sinocism Podcast #2: Joanna Chiu on her new book China UnboundListen now | Episode Notes: Links: China Unbound on Amazon. Joanna Chiu’s website NüVoices 女性之音 Transcript: Bill: Hi everyone, today's guest is Joanna…
Sinocism Podcast #1: Chris Johnson on US-China relations, Xi Jinping and the 6th Plenum Listen now (37 min) | Episode Notes: Today, we're going to talk about US-China relations, the upcoming Sixth Plenum , Xi Jinping, and what we might…