G-20 and COP26; Messaging for the 6th plenum; Conserving food; Counterespionage cases

Thanks everyone who participated in last Friday’s weekly thread. I am pleased it is still going strong even after we launched the Sinocism Discord server. The Discord community is quite active - almost 900 people have joined so far, a lot more than I expected. Here is the link to join if you have not yet done so and would like to join. You all are collectively some of the smartest people in the world on China, we all benefit from an active community, and selfishly I get to learn a lot from all of you, so thanks.

Today’s Essential Eight items:

  1. Xi’s messages to the G-20 and COP26

  2. Messaging for the 6th plenum

  3. Outbreak

  4. Food saving action plan comes out as prices surge

  5. US-China

  6. More policy and financial support for exporting cultural products and services

  7. 7th anniversary of counterespionage law

  8. Covid origins


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