Henan floods; Next phase of population planning; Wendy Sherman going to China; Evergrande

Thanks for your patience and apologies again for no newsletter yesterday; everything is fine. I hope you enjoyed the excerpt of Rush Doshi’s new book, we are still working on the exact time for the book club event, but it will be at least a month from now so I hope many of you will have time to read the book and join the discussion.

Today’s Essential Eight items:

  1. Henan floods

  2. Next phase of population planning

  3. US-China - Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman is going to Tianjin

  4. Using Fort Detrick to push back on Tedros and the WHO

  5. More fears about Evergrande, the grande grey rhino

  6. Xinjiang

  7. More on Xi Thought

  8. Bribes in the health care system

Thanks for reading.

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