Martyr’s Day and National Day; Sun Lijun; US-China mil-mil; Power mess

China is heading off on holiday again as the vacation for the October 1 National Day runs 10.1-10.7. We will have the weekly discussion tomorrow but unless something big is going on I will probably then not be back in your inboxes until the middle of next week.

So far there has been no public announcement of a month-end Politburo meeting, just of the study session. Usually they announce there was a Politburo meeting one day and then that there was a study session the next. Not sure what to make of this, if anything.

Today’s Essential Eight items:

  1. Martyr’s Day and National Day

  2. More details on Sun Lijun’s downfall

  3. US-China mil-mil

  4. Power mess

  5. Weak economic data

  6. Evergrande

  7. Beijing 2022 Olympic plans

  8. Academics on what may be going in China

Thanks for reading.

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