PRC-South Korea Rapprochement; Xi Leads PBSC Field Trip To Shanghai; Insider Trading Scandal At Canyon Bridge-Sinocism-10.31.17

As Sinocism predicted in the 10.25 newsletter, Xi loyalists Huang Kunming 黄坤明 and Ding Xuexiang 丁薛祥 have been named Minister of Propaganda and head of the Central Committee General Office, respectively-Xi Jinping’s allies named as head of propaganda, chief of staff as president tightens grip on power | South China Morning Post.

It is still unclear who will run the Policy Research Office and how the vice premier slots will be filled. Yang Jiechi 杨洁篪, Liu He 刘鹤, Sun Chunlan 孙春兰, and Hu Chunhua 胡春华 all make sense for vice premierships, but for all to get one the Party would have to add a slot. By my count the Politburo members still without publicized new jobs are Wang Chen 王晨, Liu He, Sun Chunlan, Yang Jiechi, Yang Xiaodu 杨晓渡, Hu Chunhua.

Xi is putting loyalists in key positions outside of the Politburo Standing Committee and in effect ring-fencing some of the PBSC members who may not be original members of Team Xi. That coupled with Xi Thought in the Party Constitution and it looks like many observers who were focused on whether or not Xi would run the table at the PBSC missed that in fact he was redoing the whole dining room….

The Essential Eight

1. Is Xi Engineering A PRC-South Korea Rapprochement To Limit US Options With North Korea?

Comment: This newsletter has suggested a few times over the last several weeks that Xi might find some sort of face-saving solution over THAAD to allow Beijing to back away from its hysterical reaction and rebuild ties with South Korea, with a goal towards driving a wedge between Seoul and Washington over North Korea. The story I heard was that the initial briefing to Xi about THAAD dramatically overstated its capabilities, leading Xi to overreact and then the entire system to overreact with him.

President Moon has historically been more of a "peacenik" when it comes to Pyongyang, if Xi can move China past THAAD then expect that Beijing will have more leverage to craft some sort of peaceful, temporary resolution to the North Korea crisis, unless the US decides to use force unilaterally? And just in time for Trump's visit to the region...

North Korea has avoided provocative actions for a month. Is that a normal lull, or has Beijing been working on something with Kim? A Xi-led peaceful resolution to the North Korea issue would be a huge win for China and its global vision laid out in the work report to the 19th Party Congress.

China, South Korea Agree to Shelve Thaad Missile Shield Spat - Bloomberg:

The nations agreed to restore bilateral relations to a “normal development path swiftly,” South Korea’s foreign ministry said in a statement. Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to meet South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam next month, Nam Gwan-pyo, a South Korean national security official, told reporters separately.

China values ROK pledges on THAAD deployment: FM spokesperson - Xinhua:

ROK Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha told lawmakers Monday that the ROK was not considering any additional THAAD deployment.

Kang said the country would not participate in the U.S.-led missile defense networks.

She also stressed that trilateral security cooperation between Seoul, Washington and Tokyo would not extend to a military alliance

Parties show mixed reactions to Seoul-Beijing agreement to improve ties - Korea Herald:

The ruling Democratic Party, however, welcomed the agreement as a "very timely" step, raising the prospects of enhanced cooperation in seeking a peaceful resolution to North Korea's escalating nuclear standoff.

Seoul sends positive signal on THAAD - Global Times:

The THAAD issue also reminds China that an unstable peripheral environment may give external forces opportunities to interfere with regional affairs and jeopardize China's strategic security. The construction of a peaceful and stable peripheral environment is a task for China that deserves relentless efforts.

2. Trump China Trip Prep

U.S. business group worries Trump unprepared for commercial talks with China - Reuters:

Little advance work has been done for the visit, said William Zarit, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China. He was referring to meetings by working level officials to negotiate outcomes on commercial issues for Trump’s meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

“From what I understand, there really hasn’t been much of that for this visit, which makes us a bit concerned that there may not be much discussion on the structural issues,” Zarit told reporters in Beijing

Chinese ambassador responds to Trump’s trade complaints: ‘Look in the mirror’ - The Washington Post

Ambassador Cui Tiankai's comments during a briefing with reporters came as President Trump prepares to leave Washington at week's end for a 12-day swing through five Asian nations, including China, during which the main topics are expected to be confronting North Korea and discussions on U.S. trade relations in the region.

Cui emphasized that Chinese President Xi Jinping, fresh off his consolidation of power at China's 19th Communist Party Congress, is preparing to welcome Trump with a lavish reception, including a military honor guard and formal banquet. The ambassador said the aim is to honor Trump on his first visit to China since taking office with a “state visit-plus” that aims to replicate Trump's two-day summit with Xi at Mar-a-Lago in south Florida in April.

中国驻美国大使崔天凯:特朗普访华将是“国事访问+”_澎湃国际_澎湃新闻-The Paper-Chinese reporting on Cui's comments

U.S. Scolds China for Distorting Market Ahead of Trump's Asia Trip - Bloomberg:

The state’s pervasive role in markets and involvement in the private sector causes “fundamental distortions” in China’s economy, the U.S. Commerce Department said Monday in a memo (PDF) following a review of China’s market status. The department performed the review in connection with its investigation into imports of aluminum foil from China.

Xi laid down his cards, now its Trump’s turn to play his hand in Asia - The Washington Post:

Xi set out a vision of a political system directly opposed to Western values of democracy and free speech, values that Chinese communist party media mockingly declared had only brought chaos, confusion and decline to the West....

“This must be a wake-up for the Trump administration and officials in Washington,” said Paul Haenle, director of the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center in Beijing and a former China director in the National Security Council for presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. “On his visit to Asia, Trump should push back forcefully against the narrative that U.S. leadership on the global stage and in Asia is receding.”

3. US Continues To Cede Climate Leadership To China

China to take centre stage at Bonn climate talks amid vacuum left by Trump - FT $$:

“To deal with differences in the negotiation process, China will propose its ‘bridge building plan’ at the upcoming summit,” said Xie Zhenhua, China’s climate policy representative, told reporters at a state press conference.

Despite previous contributions from the US in combating climate change, “after the establishment of the new government, the announcement to withdraw from the Paris Agreement definitely impacted the international community’s confidence to deal with climate change,” said Mr Xie.

China urges Trump not to withdraw from climate change pact | South China Morning Post:

“We hope the US will come back to the big family of the Paris agreement … and make positive contributions to our home Earth,” Xie said at a press conference in Beijing. “Whatever happens, China will implement the Paris agreement and fulfil 100 per cent of its commitments.”

4. New Rules To Strengthen Internet Control; Cyberpolicy At the 19th Party Congress

Comment: A nice reminder in case anyone still harbored fantasies about General Secretary Xi liberalizing once he had "consolidated power"..

Chinese Internet Regulators Target Social Media Use - WSJ:

In a statement Monday ( 国家互联网信息办公室公布《互联网新闻信息服务新技术新应用安全评估管理规定》), the Cyberspace Administration of China said messaging apps and other new forms of information dissemination can be used to engage in illegal behavior. The administration said that operators of such platforms will soon be required to conduct extensive reviews to ensure they aren’t used to spread illegal content...

In a separate announcement ( 国家互联网信息办公室公布《互联网新闻信息服务单位内容管理从业人员管理办法》), the regulator introduced new rules governing “internet content managers”—code for online censors—that require them to undergo 40 hours of government training over a period of three years to ensure that they are promoting socialist values. Both policies go into force on Dec. 1.

Measures on the Management of Personnel Engaged in Content Management at Internet News Information Service Units - China Law Translate translation of the new measure

专家解读:网信办新规细化了网络新闻从业人员管理流程-千龙网·中国首都网 Comment: An expert explains the new CAC rules on personnel working in online media

Cyber Policy and the 19th Party Congress | CSIS - Samm Sacks Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Program:

Key leadership changes and policy statements from the Congress make clear that the development of information and communications technology (ICT) has become a political priority as Xi enters his second term....

the speech calls for accelerating the “deep integration of the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence with the real economy.” It calls for building a “science and technology superpower, quality superpower, aerospace superpower, cyber superpower” and “intensifying cooperation in frontier areas such as digital economy, AI, nanotechnology, and quantum computing, and advancing the development of big data, cloud computing, and smart cities so as to turn them into a digital silk road of the 21st century.”

5. Foreign Executives Meet With Xi at Tsinghua Advisory Board Meeting

Comment: Xi was saying what they want to hear, though if they are listening carefully they may understand it is not really what they want...whoever thought up this advisory board is a genius

Opening up of China means win-win cooperation for world: President Xi - Xinhua:

While ensuring China's sovereignty, security and development interests, the country will remain committed to reform and opening up and adopt a mutually-beneficial and higher-quality approach to opening up, the president said.

"As a beneficiary of and contributor to economic globalization, China's development is the opportunity for the world. China's opening up is not a zero-sum game but win-win cooperation," Xi said.

As a Chinese saying goes, our friendship remains despite a failed deal.China will not set unfair clauses or take advantage of others, Xi said, adding that China will actively take part in the reform and construction of the global governance system, and promote the establishment of a community of shared future for mankind.

Comment: "reform and construction of the global governance system"...Isn't that system already "constructed"?



6. "Don't Forget Our Original Aspirations"-Xi Takes Politburo To Shanghai And Jiaxing Sites of First Party Congress Meeting

习近平在瞻仰中共一大会址时强调 铭记党的奋斗历程 时刻不忘初心 担当党的崇高使命 矢志永远奋斗-The top 15:45 of the 1031 CCTV Evening News on the visit, will be interesting to parse thorugh that the trip is really signalling. Shanghai-related stocks all jumped Tuesday afternoon. At about minute 4 in the report Xi leads the Standing Committee Members in saying the oath of membership to the Communist Party.

Newly-elected CPC leaders visit revolutionary historical site - Xinhua:

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, and the other six members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on Tuesday visited the site where the first CPC National Congress was held in 1921.

LOOK: Xi Jinping visit turns central Shanghai into heavily policed ghost town: Shanghaiist:

Photos have been circulating today on Chinese social media which show central Shanghai looking like a spooky ghost town with no signs of automobiles or human life.

7. Canyon Bridge Partners Founder Charged With Insider Trading

Comment: How will the funds Beijing's masters feel about Mr. Chow's alleged involvement in an insider trading scheme around the Lattice Semiconductor bid? China's "going out" and overseas influence strategies are ripe for abuse and profiteering.

China-backed buyout fund founder charged in U.S. insider trading case - Reuters:

The charges against Benjamin Chow represent a major blow to the buyout firm he created just last year, Canyon Bridge Capital Partners, with capital from China Reform Holdings, a Chinese state-back fund. Chow denies wrongdoing, his attorney said...

The charges against Benjamin Chow represent a major blow to the buyout firm he created just last year, Canyon Bridge Capital Partners, with capital from China Reform Holdings, a Chinese state-back fund. Chow denies wrongdoing, his attorney said.

A separate indictment by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in February against that former colleague of Chow identified him as Michael Yin, a former Hong Kong-based private equity executive who had become a hedge fund manager.

Go Deeper: The PDF of the indictment has some great details. How did they get text messages from inside China? One of both of the parties using a Hong Kong or US phone? Or did Beijing help?

8. Google And Foreign Investors Hot on AI In China

Google Has a New Plan for China (and It's Not About Search) - Bloomberg:

Google’s ingress is centered around artificial intelligence. The internet giant is actively promoting TensorFlow, software that makes it easier to build AI systems, as a way to forge business ties in the world’s largest online market, according to people familiar with the company’s plans. It’s a wide pitch targeting China’s academics and tech titans. At the same time, Google parent Alphabet Inc. is adding more personnel to scour Chinese companies for potential AI investments, these people said...

Early interest helps Google in China, but Baidu introduced its own AI toolkit, called PaddlePaddle, last year. The spread of Baidu’s tools among developers has outpaced Google’s this year, according to one person familiar with Google’s internal figures. Baidu declined to comment.

Comment: Google may not have a meaningful business inside China anymore makes over a billion dollars a year selling ads to Chinese firms advertising outside of China. I believe Facebook makes almost as much doing the same thing.

China, Russia Put Millions in This Startup to Recognize Your Face - Bloomberg:

Megvii Inc., a Chinese developer of facial-recognition technology, has raised about $460 million from investors including billionaire Jack Ma’s Ant Financial and one of China’s largest state-backed venture funds, according to a person familiar with the matter...

Existing investor Foxconn Technology Group also took part in the current fundraising, the person said. Its other earlier investors include CCB International Holdings Ltd., Qiming Venture Partners and Sinovation Ventures

Comment: Quite the brief video of Megvii's capabilities, posted to Twitter here. Will the US LPs in funds funding China's surveillance state need to start worrying about PR blowback?

Business, Economy, Finance And Trade

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Makes Another Appearance in China - WSJ Mr. Xi said he hoped that the U.S. executives would “develop more mutually beneficial cooperation with the Chinese side, and present China in an objective and rounded way to the world.”

There Are Things China Pessimists Just Can’t See - Bloomberg China International Capital Corp. on Monday helpfully detailed a few points that Bass and others may have missed. “At the beginning of 2016, there were widespread concerns circulating in the market about an imminent credit bubble bursting, substantial renminbi devaluation, and a severe slowdown in economic activity,” CICC’s Hong Liang wrote in a research note. “Despite the prevalence of these concerns, they have proven to be misplaced.”

现代化国企经济体系蓝图将现 混改料迎更大突破_中证网 China Securities Journal says the blueprint of a modern state owned enterprise economic system is becoming clear

第三批混改试点将启 44家上市国企因“重大事项”停牌-新闻-上海证券报·中国证券网 《证券日报》记者根据同花顺统计得知,目前A股市场共有1054家国有企业,其中地市国资控股企业287家、央企国资控股企业371家、省属国资控股企业386家以及10家其他国有企业。值得注意的是,截至10月30日,共有56家国有企业处于停牌状态,其中12家为临时停牌,44家因重大事项停牌。

China to publish unified GDP data in fraud crackdown: statistics bureau - Reuters “The problem of discrepancy between regional and national GDP data has significantly improved, but (the gap) is still large,” Li said in an interview with China Information News that was published on the statistics bureau’s website on Monday.

China Factory PMI Falls From Five-Year High on Pollution Cleanup - Bloomberg The manufacturing purchasing managers index fell to 51.6 in Oct., vs. 52 forecast in Bloomberg survey, and five-year high of 52.4 in Sept. The non-manufacturing PMI stood at 54.3 vs. 55.4 in previous month

Another China Company Defaults on Bond Payment as Borrowing Costs Jump - Bloomberg Dandong Port Group Co. failed to repay part of notes investors sold back to the issuer Monday, according to a statement on the Chinamoney website that cited the firm’s “big debt burden.” The privately held company is based in Dandong, an industrial city bordering North Korea that has been an area of focus amid United Nations sanctions against Kim Jong Un’s regime.

LeEco IPO Review Officials Under Investigation - Caixin Global Two of the seven-member panel at the China Securities Regulatory Commission that reviewed and approved of LeEco’s 7.3 billion-yuan initial public offering plan in 2010 are now being investigated by judicial authorities, Caixin has learned. A third person, who was on the CSRC’s panel that reviewed other firms' IPOs but did not vote on LeEco's listing, is also being investigated for allegedly “offering assistance” to facilitate the IPO, sources said.

Zhou Xuedong Rejoins Central Bank’s Financial Stability Bureau as Its Chief - Caixin Global Zhou Xuedong, former deputy head of the Financial Stability Bureau at the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), has been made head of the bureau that is now playing a bigger role in reducing risk in the sprawling financial system, several sources told Caixin.

Politics, Law And Ideology

The Chinese Communist Party’s Use of Homophonous Pen Names: An Open-Source Open Secret - David Gitter and Leah Fang This article examines the evolving commentary system in the People’s Republic of China that utilizes homophonous pen names to transmit official Chinese Communist Party (CCP) views and assesses the system’s utility as a credible information source for foreign analysts.

Ex-graft czar Wang may become China's next vice president- Nikkei Asian Review Comment: All of a sudden lots of people are saying this. Wang is an expert barbarian handler, would be good as VP with international portfolio //  Wang Qishan, the Chinese anti-corruption chief who left the Communist Party's ruling body at this month's party congress, will likely be appointed vice president next year at President Xi Jinping's request, Hong Kong's Sing Tao Daily newspaper reported Monday.

中央纪委官网有变化 10月30日,政知道(微信ID:upolitics)发现,官网又展开了新的专题《十九大党章公开课》,由视频和文字解说组成,主讲人是中央候补委员、中央党校校委委员、教务部主任、教授谢春涛。//Comment: a look at the changes to the CCDI website under Zhao Leji

【十九大党章公开课】第一讲:中国共产党章程的历史沿革_中纪委视频页面_央视网( Central Committee Alternate member, Central Party School School Committee member doing an open course through the CCDI website on the new Party Constitution

李忠杰:党章的修改是时代前进的需要_新华访谈_新华网 Li Zhongjie, deputy director of the Party History Research Office, talks with Xinhua about the amendments to the Party Constitution

Chinese citizens who 'disrespect' national anthem may face up to 3 years in prison | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP Under the new measures “punishment ranges from removal of political rights and public surveillance to criminal detention and imprisonment of up to three years”, said the Xinhua state news agency.

Super anti-graft agency pilot schemes extended across China | South China Morning Post Xinhua cited a document from party’s General Office as saying the commissions will be authorised to combat corruption and investigate legal violations linked to public services. “[The reform] is significant in improving the supervisory system with Chinese characteristics and in strengthening self-supervision of the party and the state,” the report said.

Communist Party Reshuffle Moves Corruption Troubleshooters to Key Posts - Caixin Global Li Xi, who was sent to the northeastern province of Liaoning to contain fallout from a massive vote-buying scandal in 2015, was appointed by the party’s Central Committee as party secretary of Guangdong province..Yu Weiguo, who replaced Su Shulin, disgraced former governor of the eastern province of Fujian in November 2015, was named party secretary of Fujian...Wang Dongfeng, who was appointed Tianjin mayor in September 2016 after the removal of his predecessor, Huang Xingguo, was made party secretary of the northern province of Hebei.

“毛泽东号”司机长宣讲十九大精神:践行兴路强国的铁路精神-千龙网·中国首都网 10月30日正值“毛泽东号”命名71周年,作为“毛泽东号”司机长的刘钰峰行程排得满满当当。上午刚刚参加丰台机务段组织的十九大精神宣讲后,他又匆匆赶往“毛泽东号”班组党支部,为班组成员进行十九大精神宣讲。

Huang Kunming promises massive studying of CPC congress spirit - Xinhua Huang, also member of the Political Bureau of the 19th CPC Central Committee, made the remarks at a teleconference on studying the essence of the congress, which concluded in Beijing last week. Huang stressed that the publicity, ideological and cultural departments should take the study and implementation of the spirit as its prime political task, focusing on the study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.

Foreign and Military Affairs

China has practiced bombing runs targeting Guam, US says - Defense News The officials described the escalatory behaviors by China in a briefing they provided to reporters traveling with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford.

Beijing seen poised for fresh South China Sea assertiveness - Reuters With global attention focused on North Korea and Beijing engrossed in its Party Congress, tensions in the South China Sea have slipped from the headlines in recent months. But with none of the underlying disputes resolved and new images reviewed by Reuters showing China continuing to develop facilities on North and Tree islands in the contested Paracel islands, experts say the vital trade route remains a global flashpoint.

China warns against attempts to contain Beijing before Trump visit - Reuters “I don’t think it will really serve the interests of these countries if their aim is to sort of contain China ... I don’t think anybody would be able to contain China,” he said.

Top military officials pledge loyalty to CPC, Xi - Xinhua Top Chinese military officials Monday said the People's Liberation Army (PLA) must follow the command of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, the Central Military Commission, and its chairman Xi Jinping "at any time and in any circumstance." - 十九届中央军委进行第一次集体学习 深入学习贯彻党的十九大精神  "确保绝对忠诚、绝对纯洁、绝对可靠,任何时候任何情况下坚决听从党中央、中央军委和习主席指挥"

Xi vows to promote healthy, stable development of China-Vietnam ties - Xinhua Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, made the remarks during a meeting with Hoang Binh Quan, special envoy of Nguyen Phu Trong, general secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee. Hoang is also head of the Commission for External Relations of the CPV Central Committee.

Delegation introduces Xinjiang to US - China Daily "If you haven't been to Xinjiang, you have no idea how big China is," said Zuo Feng, deputy director of the human rights bureau at the state council information office. "It's better to see it once than to hear about it a thousand times." During a discussion hosted by the US East Coast Chinese Association Federation, Zuo said that the delegation aims to promote understanding of Xinjiang, especially among scholars in the US.

China to test reusable space launch vehicles in 2020 - People's Daily Online “The launch of our reusable space vehicles will take place in 2020, after which more tests and experiments will be carried out. The space vehicles are designed to be reused for over 20 times, reducing transportation costs by 90 percent,” Chen Hongbo, director of the research center at the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, told the Science and Technology Daily.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to visit India in December, reports say | South China Morning Post He will meet his Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj and top leaders on the sidelines of the annual meeting of foreign ministers from Russia, India and China (RIC), Indian media reported on Monday, in what will be the first high-level talks between Beijing and New Delhi since the start of President Xi Jinping’s second term.

Don't let Brexit acrimony aid China, Alexander Downer warns the UK and EU - Sydney Morning Herald Alexander Downer, Australia's High Commissioner to Britain, has warned the EU that it must take into account the role Britain can play in upholding the Western rules-based global order, saying it is in no-one's interests for the talks to break down in acrimony.

China tests new spy drones in near space ‘death zone’ | South China Morning Post High-altitude unmanned vehicles tasked with military intelligence gathering can fit inside a shoebox and cost just a few hundred yuan

腾讯新闻-中国航空涡扇发动机再曝新型号 一举赶超世界最先进水平 Comment: video report claiming china's new turbofan jet engine is a break through to world class level

Hong Kong, Macao

Beijing’s top diplomat in Hong Kong tells foreign envoys to respect China’s sovereignty | South China Morning Post Xie Feng briefed officials from 56 consulates in the city – more than 90 per cent of the total – after this month’s 19th Communist Party congress, where President Xi Jinping presented his blueprint for the path China would take over the next five years. The envoys were reportedly given direction on the “spirit” of the congress, which concluded last week.


Tsai visits Pearl Harbor memorial in Honolulu - Taipei Times The president, accompanied by her entourage, on Saturday afternoon left on a short boat ride for the USS Arizona Memorial, which is built over the remains of the battleship sunk in Pearl Harbor in World War II. Earlier in the day, Tsai took part in a lunch that was attended by about 200 overseas Taiwanese.

Taiwan to boost defense spending, U.S. concerned over possible military imbalance: official media - Reuters Tsai made the comments in response to U.S. concerns about a possible military imbalance in the Taiwan Strait expressed by Ambassador James Moriarty during a meeting. Tsai did not elaborate on when the increased defense spending would start.

Tech And Media

Pharrell Williams to Appear at 11.11 Countdown Gala | Alibaba on Monday announced that award-winning producer and songwriter Pharrell Williams would attend this year’s 11.11 Countdown Gala Celebration, making Williams the first A-list international star the Chinese tech giant has confirmed for this year’s show.

特稿 | 一个省报记者站站长的亿元传奇_政经频道_财新网 无论过去还是今后,65岁的马顺龙都是中国新闻界的一位传奇人物。 // Comment: Quite the story from Caixin about a corrupt journalist in Gansu

My conversation with Zhang Yiming, founder of Toutiao - TechNode Many of us at GGV have known Toutiao’s founder—the 34-year-old Zhang Yiming—for years. He is a hungry and ambitious serial entrepreneur who clearly wants to go global and has been winning in multiple markets, including Japan and Southeast Asia. During GGV’s Evolving Lifestyle conference on Oct 10 in Beijing, I interviewed Yiming on stage. Below is the conversation

Society, Art, Sports, Culture And History

The Long List of Chinese Ghosts and Ghouls | Radii China Comment: Happy Halloween! China Has Plenty of Ghosts Speaking of ghosts, have any readers stayed at the Aman Summer Palace? I have not spent the night there, it has a strange fee after dark and I have heard several stories of people having strange encounters in the hotel, whose compound used to house imperial concubines I believe //  China has a rich history of ghosts and spirits — as many as 1,520 have been compiled. To celebrate the global love of ghosties and ghoulies, here is a collection 33 ghosts I talked about over this year’s Ghost Month, to give you a flavor of Chinese ghosts and an idea of just how wide a range there is.

Energy, Environment, Science And Health

Full Steam Ahead on China's Nuclear Power Ambitions - MacroPolo The main issue these days has to do with people—that is, will China have enough properly trained management and technical personnel to operate and maintain the vast number of plants expected to come online over the next few years? The last thing the government wants is having a bunch of Chinese “Homer Simpsons” operating nuclear power plants. And a reported cover-up of a technical failure at a Guangdong nuclear plant in 2015 highlights how personnel shortages could compromise safety.

China to create gigantic DNA database - Xinhua A super-sized DNA sequencing platform will be built in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, in order to create a genetic information database for ethnic Chinese, according to the provincial health authority.

Agriculture And Rural Issues

Chinese lawmakers consider to extend pilot program of rural land use - Xinhua Approved in February 2015, the pilot program involves reforms to the way how rural land is expropriated, easing of restrictions on rural construction land trading, and reforms to the administration of rural residential plots, and will run until Dec. 31, 2017. The draft stipulates extending the pilot program for one year until Dec. 31, 2018, to learn from experience and lay a solid foundation for further legal amendments.

《土地承包法》大修:承包期再延30年 进城落户农民无须交地_政经频道_财新网 农地所有权、承包权、经营权“三权分置”的产权安排纳入法律,权能设置体现了对农户和经营者权利的平等保护;删除了承包方全家迁入设区的市、转为非农业户口后应交回承包地的规定 // Comment: Caixin on the coming revisions to the land contract system law


App Teaches Teachers to Interact With Autistic Children - Sixth Tone Ingcare, an online education platform focusing on children with autism, has received millions of dollars in funding from investors, The Beijing News reported Tuesday, underscoring the lack of resources for parents and teachers.