Announcing the new Sinocism podcast and the first three episodes

I wanted to let you know that Sinocism has launched a podcast. It is free and my initial plan is to produce 2-3 new episodes per month.

The first three episodes are conversations with Chris Johnson on Xi and the 6th Plenum, Joanna Chiu on her new book “China Unbound” and Chen Long on the economy and the 6th Plenum.

You can listen to them by clicking on the intros below, or by visiting the new podcast site.

You can also find the podcast on Apple Podcasts here and Spotify here, or you can add it to most podcast apps/players using this link to the RSS feed.

A transcript is available for each podcast.

Sinocism Podcast #1: Chris Johnson on US-China relations, Xi Jinping and the 6th Plenum
Listen now (37 min) | Episode Notes: Today, we're going to talk about US-China relations, the upcoming Sixth Plenum , Xi Jinping, and what we might expect for the next year heading into the 2022 20th Party Congress among other topics. I'm really pleased that our first guest for the Sinocism Podcast is Chris Johnson, CEO of Consultancy China strategies Group, senior fellow at the Center for Strategic International Studies and former senior China analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency…
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Sinocism Podcast #2: Joanna Chiu on her new book China Unbound
Listen now (46 min) | Episode Notes: Today's guest is Joanna Chiu, a long-time journalist covering China from both inside and outside the country, co-founder and chair of the editorial collective 'NüVoices 女性之音', and the author of the new book "China Unbound." She now covers Canada-China issues for the Toronto Star. Joanna, welcome to the podcast…
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Sinocism Podcast #3: Chen Long on China's economy, Evergrande, Common Prosperity and the 6th Plenum
Listen now (37 min) | Episode Notes: Today's guest is Chen Long, co-founder and partner of Plenum, a research firm covering Chinese economy and politics. Prior to that, he was a China economist at Gavekal Dragonomics. Chen Long is a Beijinger, and graduated from Peking University. Welcome to the podcast. It's great to have you…
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Thanks for reading, and listening.