Regarding: “ Geng also urged U.S. officials that have been wantonly attacked China during this time to stop. "Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire," Geng cited an ancient Chinese idiom.” The quote is from The Analects of Confucius and the vernacular: 己所不欲 勿施于人. Peng Dehuai pointed out that Mao Zedong altered Confucius’ remark to read: What you don’t want others to do to you, do to them (己所不欲 施于人)!

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OK. I habe no doubt that anti-chinese sentiment would rise and rise, but is it good though? People seem to have short or selective memories. What Pompeo says now...isnt that what China said back in Jan/Feb when the world was awash with semi-officially endorsed chernoble/Wuhan Lab conspiracy theories? And I for one do remember the celebratory tones of all the daily reports in at least european media at the time, and the bizarre new highs being made in developed markets day in day out.

And doesnt the 'chicom f-up ruining the world' narrative ring hollow when rich informed free Europe threw away a 2.5 months essentially virus free  lead in the 3.5 weeks after chicom had arrested the Chinese outbreak? And we dont have Chicom's excuse of facing something new and the Chinese New Year.  Jesus. What this whole thing has revealed is really how ugly humanity is and its inability to pull together and empathise across national and race boundaries, even to the detriment of self interest.


Contrast the proactive actions to protect captial and imaginary financial wealth against the passive belated reluctant response to protect lives by our neolibral betters who govern us... Too right the Market is not buying the BS...otherwise the visual of market roofing it again while death toll rises and hospitals fill would be too embarrassing, even for me, a big benefitiary of the 10-year neoliberal policies of austerity for the poor and free money for the rich.

In many ways this virus is a godsend as it disguises the inevitable collapse of the elitist orgiastic financial bubble of the last 6 years, keeps the plebs too busy staying alive, and gives them a clear scapegoat to hate (chicom), instead of the real bane of their lives (the rigged form of corportist capitalism, the antithesis of AdamS's free market capitalism).

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