Friday Open thread

I will be in and out throughout the morning. Please be civil.

Three questions that I am interested in, but feel free to weigh in with anything:

  1. What do you think of US deputy national security advisor Matt Pottinger’s May 4th speech? The transcript is here, the video is here on Youtube:

And here are some interesting thoughts on it from Rita Bai Yunyi, Chief Correspondent of the Global Times:

  1. The recent PRC attacks on US Secretary of State Pompeo, primarily for his promotion of the hypothesis that the virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, have been remarkable. Pompeo seems to be walking those back a bit, as the evidence is not conclusive and key allies appear to have not signed on, but the damage is done. Who is likely to come out of this looking worse? See Thursday’s newsletter Pompeo pulling back on lab allegations?; 7 day NPC; Archaeologists declare proof of 5000 years of civilization and China Media Project’s Pompeo, “Public Enemy” for some background.

  2. Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of the US bombing of the PRC embassy in Belgrade. Given the intensifying US-China tensions, what would happen today if there were a similar incident, or one like the 2001 “Hainan Island Incident” in which a PLAN fighter collided with a US EP-3E plane, resulting in the death of the PRC pilot and the emergency landing on Hainan of the US plane?