Friday open thread-Three questions and a little Kim

I will be in and out throughout the morning.

Three questions that I am interested in, but feel free to weigh in with anything:

  1. What is the logical conclusion for the push for accountability for China and an independent investigation of the start of the virus?;

  2. From yesterday’s newsletter: This newsletter has mentioned before that the idea of “deducting” damages/reparations from the PRC’s US Treasury holdings was an idea that was bubbling up in some dark corners, so it should not be a surprise. How should we expect the PRC to react to this kind of talk [even if the White House is in full denial mode]? There are already an increasing number of voices warning of the risks of a “financial war” with the US, and this likely will only make them look prescient. Might Beijing start selling down their UST holdings to reduce their risk? But if they did where would they invest the proceeds?

  3. What are the best three books for someone who wants a good overview of the PRC and the CCP?

Last week’s thread discussed North Korea and the status of Kim Jong Un. The latest I am hearing is that he is fine, he went to his compound by the sea in Wonsan because he is worried about getting Covid-19, that he made the move after meeting with officials in Pyongyang, some of whom came down with fevers. In this version ILD head Song Tao did not go to North Korea, there was no PRC medical team sent to aid Kim but there were some doctors who went to deliver 20,000 test kits, and that because North Korea shut its borders so quickly the virus has not really spread in the country. The DPRK is a black box, consider this another rumor, but figured I should mention it given we discussed Kim last Friday.