Friday open thread

I will be in and out throughout the morning.

Three questions that I am interested in, but feel free to weigh in with anything:

  1. What are some of the concrete measures the leadership will enact to guarantee the “6 ensures” - ensure employment 保居民就业; ensure basic livelihood 保基本民生; ensure market entities 保市场主体; ensure food and energy security 保粮食能源安全; ensure stability of the supply chain 保产业链供应链稳定; ensure functioning of grassroots institutions 保基层运转 (确保基层政府保基本民生、保工资、保运转)?;

  2. How can the US Presidential candidates talk about the PRC and criticize each other’s PRC policies without inflaming racism?;

  3. The rumors are flying on the Chinese Internet about Kim Jung Un, down to details like the North Korean doctor inserting the stent screwed up because his hands were shaking so badly, and that the PRC medical team arrived “8 minutes too late”. So far there is no confirmation Kim is dead or incapacitated, and there have been crazy rumors about the Kims many times over the years. But in the event that this time they are mostly correct, what would his demise mean for the PRC?