Open thread with seven questions

I am hoping you all can talk amongst yourselves and not just ask me questions. I will be lurking and may jump in but collectively you all know so much more about China. To kick it off I have seven questions about which I would love to hear your thoughts, but please feel free to add your own:

  1. The US responded to the expulsion of three Wall Street Journal reporters by effectively expelling 60 employees of four state/party outlets. China says it will respond. If China kicks out more reports how should the US respond, and how does this tit-for-tat cycle end?

  2. How successful will China be with its new narrative that China may not the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus?

  3. Will China decide to ban travelers from the US if there is a surge in cases in America?

  4. If you were advising Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders what would you tell them to keep from Trump’s approach to China, and what would you advise them to change?

  5. I have been saying that it is likely Xi will figure out how to use the epidemic to his and the Party’s advantage, as have others (see Coronavirus crisis will ultimately strengthen Xi Jinping and Chinese Communist Party despite economic turmoil for example), but what are some scenarios that might render that assumption incorrect, and how might forces inside the Party and the elite successfully push back against Xi?

  6. What are some of the longer term effects from the virus outbreak that the stability maintenance system will have to deal with in Hubei and especially Wuhan?

  7. How should foreign countries concerned about CCP propaganda, information controls and possible political interference deal with WeChat inside their borders? 

And what ever else you want to discuss, respectfully please. Thanks-Bill