Aug 1, 2018Liked by Bill Bishop

Totally agree with you re Xi rumour. I think the problem with Chinese Opposition, if we can dignify it with that term, is that they mistake fantasy and gossip for real analysis and action. It is rather pathetic. In their heart of heart they expect America to do their job for them!

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Aug 2, 2018Liked by Bill Bishop

Just a quick comment on the PLA video...I found the theme of the PLA at the line between peace and war quite familiar. Most professional militaries play on those types of themes in their recruitment campaigns.

It is very well done and there has been a noticeable uptick in the quality of PLA videos over the past few years. I wonder who actually creates and produces them.

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I have not gotten any updates since this email on August 2 even though my credit card has been charged for a second month.

Is there an issue? I would like to continue to get the blog, but I would also like credit for not receiving it for the past 12 days.


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