Weekly Open Thread 2021 #20; New anti-sanctions and data laws; G-7; Inflation; Common prosperity

Happy Friday! Here are some questions to consider but as always feel free to discuss whatever you would like.

What do the new countering foreign sanctions and data security laws mean for businesses? How effective will the sanctions law be at blunting foreign sanctions?

How much substance around China-related issues should we expect from the G-7?;

In yesterday’s newsletter I commented about “China to build Zhejiang into demonstration zone for common prosperity - Xinhua” that “Xi means it when he talks about Socialism." That got some pushback from several readers, as the PRC economy does not look very Socialist. My point is not that it is now, but that Xi wants it to be, and that if that is the case we should think about what other economic and social “reforms” he may try to push through;

What should we expect from the Zhejiang “demonstration zone for common prosperity”?;

How can China fully reopen its borders if it insists on zero cases? I originally thought the borders would only really start opening back up after the 2022 Beijing Olympics, but now I think it may take much longer. And if it does, does Xi see that as problem or a benefit?;

Are the US and European economic policy responses to the pandemic the cause of inflation in China, as some top voices are suggesting? ;

To what else should we paying more attention?

Coolest picture of the week, a Mars Rover selfie:

This weekend through Monday is the Dragon Boat Festival in China. There will be a newsletter Monday, though things may be a bit slow.


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