Open thread

Hi everyone, today’s thread is for subscribers only. Some questions to consider, but please add your own:

  1. How can PRC policymakers counteract the collapse in global demand as the pandemic spreads globally, and has anyone quantified the impact of the global economic drop on the PRC economy?;

  2. Could net new foreign direct investment into the PRC drop to near zero for months, given the global economic issues, and what would the impact be? How many executives want to spend 14 days in self-paid quarantine before doing due diligence on a project?;

  3. Given the growing economic challenges for the PRC economy, should we expect increasingly tough “stability maintenance” measures?;

  4. Given the rise in imported cases into China as official data say local cases are now 0, is there a chance the PRC will shut its borders and keep them closed for weeks/months, as more and more countries around the world seem to be doing?

  5. If you believe the PRC bears primary responsibility for the spread of this global pandemic given the initial coverup and missteps, how do governments hold the PRC accountable without stoking anti-Chinese and broader anti-Asian sentiment?;

  6. In addition to I think 13 US reporters expelled this week, the PRC authorities also forced several of the PRC citizens in several foreign news bureaus to resign. Those PRC reporters are not allowed to be “reporters”, but they play absolutely critical roles for most foreign correspondents, at significant personal risk. These additional moves by the PRC authorities appear to have the aim of effectively gutting at least in the near-term the work of these media in the PRC. How should the US respond?

  7. As the CCP ramps up it global campaign to tell its version of the outbreak and response, should Twitter, Facebook and Youtube push back on disinformation disseminated by PRC officials and media, such as Zhao Lijian and his “It might be the US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan” tweet for example?