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Sharp China: A 5% GDP Growth Target; Evolving Two Sessions Symbolism; US to Investigate Connected Vehicles; New TikTok Legislation

Sharp China: A 5% GDP Growth Target; Evolving Two Sessions Symbolism; US to Investigate Connected Vehicles; New TikTok Legislation


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Show Notes:

On today's show Andrew and Bill begin with takeaways from the Two Sessions, including the work report from Premier Li Qiang, what to make of the 5% GDP growth target for 2024, the cancellation of Li's press conference, Xi Jinping’s visit to the Jiangsu breakout session and his message on new productive forces and economic development, and the evolution of the Two Sessions in recent years. From there: The latest exchange between the Philippines and the PRC in the South China Sea, the Biden White House announces an investigation into Chinese EVs, and there’s a bipartisan bill in the House that will renew the TikTok conversation in D.C.

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TikTok may have more to worry about this time. Tweeting misinformation about the draft bill will not help the company:

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