Apr 26 • 1HR 5M

Sharp China Podcast: The Lu Snafu; A Broadened Espionage Act; China’s Own Regional Banking Crisis; A Beginner’s Guide to Taiwan Status Quo

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Bill Bishop
Understanding China and how China impacts the world. Hosted by Andrew Sharp and Bill Bishop.
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On today's show Andrew and Bill begin with the fallout from Ambassador Lu Shaye's remarks questioning the sovereign rights of former members of the Soviet Union. Where did that talking point come from? Will this complicate China's charm offensive in the EU? And where does Lu's mishap fit in the canon of PRC own-goals in recent history? From there: The arrest of journalist Dong Yuyu, various concerns surrounding the broadened language in the updated counterespionage rules expected to be passed by the Standing Committee this week, and Bill provides context on the rural banking crisis in Henan province. At the end: Janet Yellen's speech as a microcosm of muddled China messaging from the Biden administration, and a listener asks for more information on the Taiwan status quo.

Lu Shaye creates a mess in the EU; Covid; PLAN turns 74; Guizhou debt; Dong Yuyu -- Sinocism

Macron and VDL brief Biden on their PRC trips; Yellen's China speech; “农管“, agricultural administrative law enforcers; BYD -- …

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