Feb 16 • 9M

The Balloon Frenzy Floats Along; Anti-US Propaganda; Xi and the Hardening of the CPC System; ChatGPT in China


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Bill Bishop
Understanding China and how China impacts the world. Hosted by Andrew Sharp and Bill Bishop.
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On today's show Bill and Andrew begin with the continuing reactions to the balloon controversy, including rumors of a Blinken-Wang Yi meeting in Munich, last weekend’s new foreign object sightings, China’s story of a flying object outside Qingdao, and reports that U.S. officials believe that the initial balloon did, in fact, fly off course. Then: Surveying the anti-American propaganda circulating among state media this week, the CCP’s new favorite journalist, and the efficacy of China's propaganda efforts worldwide. From there: A word about history books, the present-day plight of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, and a listener asks for a roadmap of what a (highly unlikely) regime change might look like if Xi or the CCP are ever to be unseated. At the end: What does a chatbot look like in the PRC of the future, and what kind of impact has ChatGPT had in China for the past few months? 

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Xi meets Iran Presi…

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