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A New Blinken Visit?; US-China Drama in Singapore; The Post-Covid Stimulus Calculus; Travel to the PRC in 2023

A New Blinken Visit?; US-China Drama in Singapore; The Post-Covid Stimulus Calculus; Travel to the PRC in 2023


On today's show Andrew and Bill begin with reports that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken may visit China sometime "in the coming weeks." Topics include: The State Department's preliminary trip this past weekend, benefits of continued communication, risks of communication as a reward in itself, and why it's important that Blinken visit before others in the cabinet. Then: The Shangri-La Dialogue and the PRC's controversial tactics in the South China Sea, and reactions to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan articulating the One China Policy and why the U.S. remains committed to it. From there: Desertification and China's attempts to curb it, a question about economic stimulus, and a listener's follow-up to last week's Microsoft conversation. At the end: Traveling to China, CPC membership, and a new drilling project that caught the world's attention.

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