Jan 12 • 12M

Reciprocal Travel Restrictions; Wolf Warrior Diplomacy; Made in China 2025; Traveling to Xi's China as an American


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Bill Bishop
Understanding China and how China impacts the world. Hosted by Andrew Sharp and Bill Bishop.
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On today's show Andrew and Bill begin by talking through the latest news on the reopening, including reciprocal travel restrictions imposed on South Korea and Japan, Paxlovid price disputes, and continued uncertainty about case counts. From there: Xie Feng as the likely replacement for Qin Gang in D.C., Zhao Lijan's demotion, the possible demise of wolf warriorism, and the scope of Made in China 2025 and the responses (or lack thereof) from Western companies. At the end: Foxconn's unique status in China, a Formula1 reality check, and extended thoughts from Bill after a listener asks whether he feels safe traveling to China. 

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Cases peaking?; Retaliation against travel measures; CCDI Plenum; Alibaba and Ant are out of the storm; US-China -- Sinocism 

Reopening to the world; CCDI Plenum; Tech rectification over? Zhao Lijian -- Sinocism

China clashes with its neighbors after reopening to the world as Covid surges -- NBC News

China retaliates against trav…

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