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Sharp China: A Xi-Biden Phone Call; Yellen and PRC Exports; Continued Tension with the Philippines; Tesla and 3 Body Problem

Sharp China: A Xi-Biden Phone Call; Yellen and PRC Exports; Continued Tension with the Philippines; Tesla and 3 Body Problem


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Show Notes:

On today's show Andrew and Bill begin with takeaways from Tuesday’s phone call between President Biden and President Xi, including the PRC rhetoric surrounding US trade and tech policies, and messages to both domestic audiences and allies. From there: Janet Yellen’s visit to China and her evolving stance on PRC exports, the March Politburo meeting comes and goes without plenum news, Xi meets with U.S. business leaders, and Harvard’s Graham Allison emerges as a potential Henry Kissinger successor. At the end: Escalating rhetoric and the latest confrontation between the PRC and the Philippines, Tesla’s latest sales numbers and structural challenges in the PRC, and the debut of 3 Body Problem on Netflix. 

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