Sep 13 • 12M

Sharp China: Biden and Xi Updates; Lies, Spies and Agatha Christie; Interference Allegations in the UK and Canada; Apple’s Latest Marketing Challenge


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Bill Bishop
Understanding China and how China impacts the world. Hosted by Andrew Sharp and Bill Bishop.

Show notes:

On today’s show Andrew and Bill begin with Xi Jinping's visit to Heilongjiang during the G-20 Summit, President Biden's comments on containment and the likelihood of a Taiwan invasion, and why news that Wang Yi will skip the UN General Assembly next week does not necessarily tell us anything about Xi's plans for APEC in November. From there: Rahm Emanuel highlights a disinformation campaign centered on the Maui Wildfires and the disappearance of Defense Minister Li Shangfu, rumors continue to swirl about investigations of party leadership and members of the PLA, and there are reasons to be skeptical of a report that Xi was reprimanded by party elders at Beidaihe. At the end: Espionage arrests in the UK and an interference inquiry in Canada, Apple tries to avoid getting caught in the middle of the US-China rivalry, big decisions loom at the BIS, and a word about pronunciation. 

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