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Sharp China: Flooding Hits Beijing and Hebei Province; The PLA's Rocket Force Shakeup; US-China Updates; Unpacking the Beidaihe Mystique

Sharp China: Flooding Hits Beijing and Hebei Province; The PLA's Rocket Force Shakeup; US-China Updates; Unpacking the Beidaihe Mystique

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Show notes:

On today's Andrew and Bill begin with the heaviest rainfall in at least 140 years in Beijing this week. Topics include: Best wishes to all those affected by the floods, the astounding scale of these storms and resulting damage, citizens angry after local officials allegedly divert floods to protect Xiong’an, and the CPC playbook that will likely restrict information and hide the full extent of the tragedy. From there: Changes atop the PLA Rocket Force raise questions about espionage, the PLA nuclear program, and a years-long anti-corruption campaign under Xi Jinping that may not be over. From there: Follow-up to last week's Intel discussion, officials concerned about Chinese malware in America's military and civilian infrastructure, and a question about the American media and strategic alternatives to dialogue. At the end: The potential security pact between South Korea and Japan, the history and contemporary reality of the Beidaihe Meetings, and a reminder that the podcast will be off until the week of August 21st. 

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