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Sharp China Free Episode: Politico’s Rendering of a Xi ‘Purge’; Finance with Chinese Characteristics; Moody’s Works from Home; Secretary Raimondo Warns Chip Companies

Sharp China Free Episode: Politico’s Rendering of a Xi ‘Purge’; Finance with Chinese Characteristics; Moody’s Works from Home; Secretary Raimondo Warns Chip Companies

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Show notes:

On today’s show Andrew and Bill begin by parsing the claims contained in a controversial piece from Politico, including thoughts on the spectrum of rumors surrounding this year’s disappearing cabinet members, the smaller-than-ever circle of true insiders in Xi’s China, and certain details of present-day CPC politics and that are beyond dispute. From there: Several stories in and around the finance sector, where there have been more warnings against relaying bad news, there is still no third plenum announcement, the Central Financial Work Commission has provided new guidance, and Moody’s is taking precautions for its local employees. At the end: Checking in with Secretary Gina Raimondo, Nvidia’s Jensen Huang, the House of Representatives, and Huawei's role in the PRC chip constellation.  

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