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Sharp China: Hollerin’ About Yellen; Gallium and Germanium Warnings; Understanding PRC Domestic Challenges; The Barbie Movie Banned in Vietnam

Sharp China: Hollerin’ About Yellen; Gallium and Germanium Warnings; Understanding PRC Domestic Challenges; The Barbie Movie Banned in Vietnam

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On today's show Andrew and Bill begin with reactions to Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen's trip to China, including thoughts on what might be the next evolution in the decoupling discourse, various social media controversies that were unrelated to the substance of her meetings, and the optics of cabinet officials traveling to Beijing without many of their Chinese counterparts reciprocating. Then: New PRC regulations for the export of gallium and germanium, and why last week's announcement may do more damage to the PRC than its rivals. From there: The DOJ indicts Gal Luft, Executive Director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, while PRC Foreign Minister Qin Gang is reportedly ill and has not appeared publicly in more than two weeks. At the end: A listener seeks clarification on the domestic challenges facing China and the CPC, the State Department issues a new travel alert for mainland China, and Vietnamese authorities throw Barbie into the middle of a fight in the South China Sea.

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