Jun 21 • 12M

Blinken in Beijing; Modest Progress and Unresolved Core Tensions; Too Many Tarmac Takes; More Cuba and Less Balloon


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Bill Bishop
Andrew Sharp
Understanding China and how China impacts the world. Hosted by Andrew Sharp and Bill Bishop.
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On today's show Andrew and Bill talk through Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's trip to Beijing. First: The voices that convinced Biden to push for an improved relationship, what “back to Bali” actually entails, and reactions to the meetings between Blinken and PRC counterparts Qin Gang and Wang Yi. From there: The Biden Administration wants to close the book on the spy balloon, Xi's public comments concerning US competition vs. what the PRC likely believes internally, Xi's meeting with Blinken, and a sea of takes on seating arrangements, lotus flowers, runway red carpets, and Taiwan independence. At the end: A new report on the PLA's ambitions in Cuba, waiting for a fentanyl working group and more flights between the US and China, and two pieces of media recommended for all listeners. 

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Blinken's Beijing meetings; Byebye spy balloon; Li Qiang in Germany; CYL Congress; Waiting for stimulus -- Sinocism

Li Q…

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