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Sharp China: Missiles Filled with Water, Not Fuel; Foreign Affairs Work Conference; Liu Jianchao in New York and DC; US-China Updates

Sharp China: Missiles Filled with Water, Not Fuel; Foreign Affairs Work Conference; Liu Jianchao in New York and DC; US-China Updates


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Show notes:

On today's show Andrew and Bill begin with a note about this weekend’s elections in Taiwan before turning back to the upheaval in the PLA. Topics include: Bloomberg's reporting on a US intelligence assessment, realism on PRC capabilities, the history of PLA corruption, and recent reporting about China's nuclear ambitions. From there: Reactions to the foreign affairs work conference in late December, why Beijing sees opportunities around the world, and thoughts on Liu Jianchao's visit to the US and his future as a possible successor to Qin Gang. At the end: Xi reconnects with old friends in Iowa, balloon updates will continue forever, a listener provides more context on a December Fox News report, and a Christmas present offers a path forward for the National Zoo.

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Dall-E’s rendering of a DF-4 missile fueled with water:

A DF-4 missile, depicted in a unique way by showing it filled with water. The missile should have a long, cylindrical shape, typical of ballistic missiles, with fins and a pointed nose. It should be portrayed either with a transparent or a cutaway view, allowing the water inside to be visible. This creates an imaginative and intriguing depiction of a missile, blending the usual military design with an unexpected element of being filled with water.

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