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Sharp China: Xi Skips the G-20 as the MSS Puts APEC in Question; More Fallout from the Huawei FU; Rahm Emmanuel has Takes; Apple Needs VR Help

Sharp China: Xi Skips the G-20 as the MSS Puts APEC in Question; More Fallout from the Huawei FU; Rahm Emmanuel has Takes; Apple Needs VR Help


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Show notes:

On today’s show Andrew and Bill begin with the news that Xi Jinping will skip this weekend’s G-20 summit in India, a Ministry of State Security warning that the United States has work to do before any Biden-Xi summit later this year, and the ongoing questions surrounding the recent MSS foray into social media and US-China directives. Then: The international media learns more about Huawei’s Mate 60 Pro, what it could mean if reports are true that SMIC -- the largest semiconductor foundry company in mainland China -- assisted Huawei in making 7 nanometer chips, and the various considerations of the Biden Administration and other US legislators as they respond to this week’s Huawei fanfare. From there: Last week’s unusually candid comments from the US Ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emmanuel, and a report that Apple is looking to Chinese manufacturers for help with its Vision Pro ambitions. At the end: The Wall Street Journal’s report on Chinese nationals gate-crashing at U.S. military sites, whether China’s going to have its “Lehman moment,” a recommendation for Chinese media, and a word about Caixin.

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