Hong Kong protests as "terrorism"; RMB & the start of “financial war”?; China Development Bank scandal

Propaganda rage about HK and the US gets personal; Australian MP compares PRC to Nazi Germany; DNA collection

Hong Kong meeting in Shenzhen; New normal for RMB; Protests on foreign campuses

RMB moves; Hong Kong warnings; US farmers suffering; China unhappy about Kashmir

Renminbi drops and trade war escalates; General strike in Hong Kong as Carrie Lam makes thing worse

Excerpt from "The Great Successor: The Divinely Perfect Destiny of Brilliant Comrade Kim Jong Un" by Anna Fifield

President Trump announces new tariffs on imports from China

Hong Kong; China buys US soybeans; ASEAN meetings; Measures to boost Consumption

US-China talks; PLA birthday; Politics in command; Taiwan travel restrictions; Nezha

Politburo meeting; US-China trade talks; "Beautiful Xinjiang" report; PRC students and overseas protests

Hong Kong, US-China; Li Peng; PRC money in Australia

Hong Kong; US-China trade; Propaganda vitriol for second open letter; China Intranet; Mekong River

Yi Gang interview; US-China talks in Shanghai; Defense white paper; Hong Kong

Li Peng dies; US "black hands" in Hong Kong; UAE crown prince in China; Is Guo Wengui a PRC spy?

Violence in Hong Kong; Shanghai's STAR surges; Huawei and North Korea; Xinjiang white paper

Excerpt from "Xi Jinping: The Backlash" by Richard McGregor

Huawei and trade talks; Hong Kong; Trump hears about Xinjiang; Local governments need revenue

Supply chain financing mess; US-China tech; WTO victory for China; Beidaihe

Google and China allegations; Xi writes a letter to writers and artists; WeChat censorship; Ji Sizun

Hong Kong protests; GDP data; Taiwan arms sales sanctions; Xinjiang; Party construction


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