More bad economic data; US-China talks; Another Xi inspection tour and speech

Excerpt from "The Transpacific Experiment" by Matt Sheehan

Hopes of progress in US-China trade talks; Xi retraces Mao’s 1949 footsteps, visits the Fragrant Hills 香山; Controversy over Australian MP’s China ties

China tariff exemptions not a concession; Internet censorship to tighten; Huawei

More foreign capital wanted; Pigs stressing the Party; George Soros sounds another warning about China

Hong Kong; RRR cuts and more bad data; Pork problems; Yang Jiechi on great power diplomacy

October US-Trade talks; Hu Chunhua talks pigs; Beijing buying away another Taiwan ally; Fake meat

Hong Kong concession too little too late?; Revised Party accountability regulations

Risks and struggle; Fentanyl and trade; FTZ blues; Local governments short of cash; Pork price rationing starts in Nanning

Fourth Plenum set; Hong Kong; US-China; New Party propaganda and rural work regulations

US-China; Hong Kong troop rotation; "People's Leader" politics

Preparing for October 1; Weekend HK protests; CCTV mocks Trump over phone call claim

New measures to stimulate consumption; Phone calls; More "People's Leader", Yang Hengjun

People's Leader Xi; US-China trade; Hong Kong; Fentanyl; Scientific entanglement

Hong Kong protests as "terrorism"; RMB & the start of “financial war”?; China Development Bank scandal

Propaganda rage about HK and the US gets personal; Australian MP compares PRC to Nazi Germany; DNA collection

Hong Kong meeting in Shenzhen; New normal for RMB; Protests on foreign campuses

RMB moves; Hong Kong warnings; US farmers suffering; China unhappy about Kashmir

Renminbi drops and trade war escalates; General strike in Hong Kong as Carrie Lam makes thing worse

Excerpt from "The Great Successor: The Divinely Perfect Destiny of Brilliant Comrade Kim Jong Un" by Anna Fifield


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