No reprieve for Huawei; Protracted war; PRC buying Ukrainian military tech

Xi does rare earths and the Long March monument in Jiangxi; Huawei; 70th anniversary activities

Target Huawei; No new trade talks scheduled?; Canadian hostages formally arrested

Target Huawei; No new trade talks scheduled?; Canadian hostages formally arrested; Facebook

Xi: Various civilizations are not destined to clash; Weak economic data; Rare earths; US-China

Long trade war; Calibrated nationalist propaganda; Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations

Hard line on US-China trade; New Party education campaign; Wang Yang talks tough on Taiwan

Lighthizer-Liu dinner; Urban Party building; China stressing US-UK relationship

Trade talks; National public security conference; CBS’ China-pandering censorship

Liu He still coming to DC; 20 years since US bombed Belgrade embassy; MSS got NSA hacking tools

Tweet-bombing the trade war; RRR cut; Urban-rural development plan

May 4 and patriotism; Clash of civilizations?; Huawei

Hong Kong PRC; Peace-loving PLAN; BRI Forum; Death literature

Newsletter schedule update

Policy signals for the economy; Propaganda work; Studying May 4th; BRI; PLAN anniversary

Maybe May for trade deal; Visa denials; Wang Yang on religion; PRC firms and the global Internet

Xi inspects Chongqing; GDP; Taiwan

Trade deal talk; Hacking; US visa troubles for PRC scholars; Racist AI

US-China trade; Pension problems; Human brain genes in monkeys

Dalai Lama; China bulls; Debt issues; Trouble at JD


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