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Sharp China: Li Keqiang and the Mourning Playbook; Wang Yi in DC and Xi to APEC; Gavin Newsom Goes to China; Rahm Emanuel and Resource Extraction

Sharp China: Li Keqiang and the Mourning Playbook; Wang Yi in DC and Xi to APEC; Gavin Newsom Goes to China; Rahm Emanuel and Resource Extraction

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Show notes:

On today’s show Bill and Andrew begin with the passing of Li Keqiang, the grief that swept China over the weekend, and the various party protocols that were set in motion to control the mourning process this week. From there: Another Politburo meeting comes and goes with no news about a third plenum to devise new economic policy, the modest progress and persistent structural challenges animating the US-China relationship in 2023, and the MSS turns its eyes to meteorology. At the end: Extended thoughts on Gavin Newsom’s trip to China, a look at the strategic advantages China brings to the global market for a select group of commodities, the Foreign Ministry complains about Rahm Emanuel’s approach to diplomacy, and Yao Ming makes an appearance for the NBA’s opening week. 

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