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Xi-Biden Momentum; Calls to Condemn Hamas; The Chip Lobby Fights the Export Controls; Apple and Kyrie Irving

Xi-Biden Momentum; Calls to Condemn Hamas; The Chip Lobby Fights the Export Controls; Apple and Kyrie Irving

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Show notes:

On today's show Andrew and Bill begin with a meeting between Xi Jinping and a congressional delegation led by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the latest indication that Xi and the PRC are working toward a trip to APEC in November and a likely meeting with President Biden. From there: Reports of updates to the semiconductor export controls in advance of a Xi visit, Senator Schumer asks Xi and Wang Yi for a swift condemnation of Hamas terror attacks, and whether PRC messaging in the Middle East will deviate from the playbook we saw Russia and Ukraine. Then: The introduction of Xi Jinping Thought on Culture, an analyst's look at the evolution of semiconductor export controls, and why Nvidia reportedly sought to have the aforementioned analyst "sidelined" as policymakers continue to calibrate new restrictions for U.S. exports. At the end: Tim Cook's takes on manufacturing expertise in China, a competing theory as to how that expertise was honed, and Kyrie Irving becomes a global ambassador for ANTA apparel.

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