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Seven China Themes For 2018

Xi Chairs Politburo Democratic Life Meeting; Second Plenum Set For January With Amending Constitution On The Agenda; Beijing Evading Oil Sanctions On North Korea?; Leniency For Those Who Confess, Severity For Those Who Resist 坦白从宽抗拒从严

Central Economic Work Conference To Pull Back From Deleveraging?; Trump NSS Calls End To "China Fantasy"; Xinjiang As Panopticon 2.0; CCP Influence Operations; Young Pioneers and "Great Leader" Xi

Moon Meets Xi; Another Deadly Beijing Fire, Gas Shortages Spreading; "Learn From Wang Jie" Returning? ; A Letter From Liu Xia

President Moon Arrives In Beijing; Tillerson Discloses Contingency Discussions With Beijing Over North Korea "Instability"; Nanjing Massacre Commemoration, Xi Inspection Tour In Jiangsu; Google Opens China AI Lab

South Korean President Moon Goes To Beijing; Beijing Government Has Had A Rough Couple Of Weeks; Record Land Sales in 2017; Dalian Still Has "Pernicious Influence" of Bo Xilai

Vice-Premier Liu He? Big Data, Big Frenzy; Coal Returns To Beijing; WeChat As WeWatch; Foreign Influence Operations

Coal is back this winter; Human Rights; IMF Report, Counter-espionage law; Buy An Endangered Bird On Taobao - Sinocism-12.07.17

Zheng Zeguang "Firefighting" In DC; 2018 The New 1984?; Australia "like a piece of chewing gum sticking to the sole of a Chinese shoe"; Counter-Espionage Law - Sinocism 12.06.17

Xi Thought Leading Into The New Era, Wuzhen Win; China Scrum Down Under; Gas Shortage. #MeToo Not In China - Sinocism 12.05.17

Cyber Homage In Wuzhen; Grassroots Governance; GDP Target Not Going Away - Sinocism 12.04.17

North Korea Winning?; Jack Ma Praises Xi's Corruption Crackdown; CASS Head On The Great Struggle To Achieve The Great Rejuvenation--Sinocism 11.30.17

North Korea Missile Test ; Beijing Officials Fired And Investigated; Reds Under Australian Beds; A Panda Stud--Sinocism 11.29.17

General Zhang Yang Hangs Himself; Beijing Migrant Cleansing Continues; Egypt Using Chinese Drones To Avenge Sinai Attack?--Sinocism 11.28.17

Beijing For Beijingers; Micro-lending Crackdown To Intensify; Snowflake Soccer Team; Faraday Future Mess--Sinocism 11.27.17

Stormy "New Vistas" In US-Sino Relations; North Korea Sanctions; Micro-lender Smackdown Expanding; Zhou Xiaochuan On Financial Risk; "Marriage Material" - Sinocism 11.22.17

Founding Cyber Czar Under Investigation; China Energy Indictments; Jiang Tianyong Sentenced--Sinocism 11.21.17

Trump Harder Line On China; Conflicting Cult Signals; Core Socialist Values Campaign - Sinocism 11.20.17

DC Aligning For Tougher China Policy? ; Steve Bannon On China; Internet Freedom And The Wuzhen Conference; Bike Share Blowout - Sinocism 11.16.17

Xi Sends Envoy To Pyongyang; VOA China Mess; Is China Really Leading On The Climate?; US Passport Cheaper Than Beijing Hukou--Sinocism 11.15.17

The "Quad"; "Great Leader 伟大领袖" Xi Jinping; Bitcoin Cash Pump And Dump--Sinocism 11.14.17

Wang Yang Talks Reform And Opening; Zhao Leji Talks Party; Micro-lending, Big Risks?; Single's Day Home Run--Sinocism 11.13.17

Xi-Trump Bromance Temporarily Rekindled; Facebook and Party Media; Daycare Abuse Scandal - Sinocism 11.9.17

Trump In Beijing Day One; Holy Xi Tree; Tencent Likes Snap--Sinocism 11.8.2017

"Peking Duck Summit"; Wang Qishan In People's Daily, New Head of United Front, Wang Huning As Xi's Brain; Deleveraging with Chinese Characteristics-Sinocism 11.07.17

Trump China Prep; Supervisory Commission Expansion; PLA Loyalty To Xi; Singles Day; Spies Among Us-Sinocism 11.06.17

Trump And A "Free and Open Indo-Pacific", Xi Keeps Promoting Allies And Breaking Norms; Pandas As Geopolitical Fur Balls--Sinocism Weekly 11.04.17

Reform Scorecard, North Korea, Propaganda Teams, Party Everywhere But Not A Fun One, Zuckerberg And Xi--Sinocism-11.02.17

More on Xi's Shanghai Field Trip, "State Visit+" For Trump, Fake News Tracker

PRC-South Korea Rapprochement; Xi Leads PBSC Field Trip To Shanghai; Insider Trading Scandal At Canyon Bridge-Sinocism-10.31.17

Li Qiang Gets Shanghai, Revised Party Constitution Released, "The Centralized, Unified Leadership Of The Central Committee With Comrade Xi Jinping As The Core" - Sinocism 10.30.17

First Politburo Meeting Increases Centralization; Team Xi Takes More Provincial Top Jobs; Trump China Visit--Sinocism Weekly 10.28.17

US-China Relations, Party Congress, GDP Target Scrapped-Sinocism 10.26.17

Xi's Party, Xi's Politburo. Meet the 19th Party Congress Leadership

UPDATED: Xi Thought Enters The Party Constitution; Wang Qishan Will Not Be On 19th PBSC

19th Party Congress Speculation Near An End; Trump Wanted To Deport Guo Wengui While PRC Agents Ran Amok In NYC

Welcome To The Xi Era--Sinocism Weekly 10.21.17

Welcome To The Xi Era; Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era--Sinocism-10.19.17

A letter to readers

19th Party Congress Work Report, Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era--Sinocism 10.18.17

Xi's Personnel Moves; Control Over Markets; Xinhua Praises Chinese Democracy; Trump's Asia Itinerary--Sinocism 10.17.17

One Congress Ends, Another Begins; Zhou Xiaochuan Speaks Again; Telling The China Story Well Sinocism-10.16.17

Sun Zhengcai, Guo Wengui, Expanding Period Of Strategic Opportunity-Sinocism 10.4.17

Entrepreneurship With CCP Characteristics; New 20 Year Plan For Beijing; Speculators Love Supply-side Structural Reform-Sinocism-09.27.17

Dream Of Rejuvenation; Cyber Superpower And Censorship Go Together; Interpol Goes To Beijing-Sinocism-09.26.17

Xi Remakes Communist Youth League; Politically Correct Universities; Wang Qishan Has Bannon To Tea-Sinocism-09.25.17

More North Korea Sanctions; Overseas Influence Work; Hidden Debt And A Downgrade-Sinocism-09.21.17

The Sinocism China Newsletter 09.20.17

19th Party Prep; North Korea's "Rocket Man"; Beijing Fighting Winter Smog; Tibetan Mastiff Oversupply