Sitemap - 2021 - Sinocism

China’s Political Discourse November 2021: A New Resolution on History

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #43

Peaceful China; Farewell, Hu Xijin; Golden shares

Xi and Putin chat about their new world order; Lithuania; Didi’s deepening doodoo

Xi talks literature and art; Primary products and foreign dependencies; Population

Central Economic Work Conference; Capital; Coal; Zhejiang Outbreak

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #42: Central Economic Work Conference; Prevent the barbaric expansion of capital; SMIC restrictions

Party procreation targets?; Evergrande; Hypersonics; WTO; EU starting to cast aside illusions?

VIEs; Red Mansion; Olympics boycott; Resisting erroneous Western thoughts

Politburo study session on rule of law; New book of Xi's discourses on human rights; Macau; Haze fan

Politburo and the economy; Xi Jinping Economic Thought; Democracy; TikTok

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #41: Didi decoupling; China-Laos railway; Macau crackdown

Peaceful China; 2022 GDP; Summit For Democracy getting a reaction; IOC and Peng Shuai

20th Party Congress; VIEs; PRC students in US; SOEchat; Marching orders for US Business; Macau

Xi resolved the crisis in the PLA; Arrest of Alvin Chau "may just be a start"; Common Prosperity; MI6 head on China

Covid; Fall of Macau junket king; China-Africa; Smarter municipal social governance

China’s Political Discourse October 2021: New Restrictions for the Media

Celebrities need more civilizing; Media forums and disinformation; Peng Shuai; US-China

Third BRI symposium; PboC signals some easing?; Peng Shuai; Lithuania; Birth rate

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #40: Historical resolution; US-China, Science and Technology

Politburo reminds us that everything is national security; US-China prisoner swap; 自我革命 Self-revolution

Historical resolution; Great Thought 伟大思想; US-China; Peng Shuai

Biden-Xi talk; Full text of the historical resolution

Biden-Xi call; Plenum spirit and the “Two Establishes 两个确立“; Coal and COP26; Data protection

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #39: 6th Plenum; US-China

6th Plenum Communique and historical resolution

People’s Leader and the Plenum; US-China climate action declaration; H-20; Coal; Real estate

国之大者 matter(s) of national importance; Real estate; Biden-Xi

6th Plenum and praise for Xi; Outbreak, Guan Yi on Covid; US-China; Esports

Announcing the new Sinocism podcast and the first three episodes

Sinocism Podcast #3: Chen Long on China's economy, Evergrande, Common Prosperity and the 6th Plenum

Sinocism Podcast #2: Joanna Chiu on her new book China Unbound

Sinocism Podcast #1: Chris Johnson on US-China relations, Xi Jinping and the 6th Plenum

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #38: 6th Plenum; US-China; Outbreak; Podcast; Voting

6th Plenum; Xi promises more opening; Outbreak, Contest of civilizations; Discourse struggle; Vegetable prices

Outbreak worsening; Hoarding and Taiwan war rumors; Pentagon on the PLA; Real estate; Coal

6th Plenum signaling; #metoo-Zhang Gaoli accused; Messaging messes and jittery nerves

G-20 and COP26; Messaging for the 6th plenum; Conserving food; Counterespionage cases

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #37

Chinese-style modernization and ideological and systems competition; Taiwan; Outbreak; PLA AI

"See one, catch one" outbreak control; Coal price controls and gas shortages; Taiwan; GDI; Pax Hack

Xi on weapons development and building Sci-tech strength; Positive spin for Liu-Yellen call; Carbon action plan

Property tax pilots; Outbreak; Carbon roadmap; 50 years at the UN; Taiwan

China’s Political Discourse September 2021: Meng Wanzhou Returns Home; “Common Prosperity” is in Our Genes

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #36: Hypersonics; Biden on Taiwan; Alibaba; Delta; Podcast

Yuan Peng on rising East, declining West; Another weapons test; Li Yundi destroys career; NBA China troubles

Positive energy for the economy; Xizang; Official news sources; Historical resolution; US-China

Politburo study session on the digital economy; property tax still too hard; Mearsheimer on US-China

6th Plenum and a new historical resolution; New nuclear arms race?; “People’s war” against US spies; Education reform

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #35; Real estate; Common Prosperity; Space

Democracy and institutional competition; Tweaking carbon peaking?; LinkedIn delinks

Xi and Merkel have a parting video chat; Power; New WHO origins panel; Football failures

Xi at the COP15; Power pricing; EU-Xi call; Law enforcement coming for crypto; Le Yucheng on US-China relations

Power; Taiwan and the unstable "status quo"; Standardization plan; Real estate stress; Weak Xi?

More coal, price reforms targeted to ease power crunch; US-China; Taiwan

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #34; Power; USTR on China; Quarantine center

Martyr’s Day and National Day; Sun Lijun; US-China mil-mil; Power mess

Politburo study session on biosecurity management; Power mess will not be easy to fix; Evergrande; SenseTime; 46 spirits

Central conference on talent-related work; Power mess; Evergrande; US-China relations improving?

China’s Political Discourse August 2021: Learning to Live with The Virus

Meng Wanzhou and the two Michaels return home; Power problems; Evergrande; HNA

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #33; Huawei CFO may have a deal; Evergrande; Power crunch; HNA arrests; Crypto crackdown; Quad

Evergrande; People's Leader Xi in the fields; Grassroots social governance; US-China

Xi’s speech to the UN; Power problems; US-China; Evergrande; Marxist Institutes

Evergrande; Mixed signals on regulatory crackdown; AUKUS; Xi on space

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #32

Xi’s Shaanxi tour; National Games; US-China; Asia arms race

Xi's family history tour; Evergrande the grande grey rhino; Civilizing cyberspace

Xi-Biden call aftermath; Xi-Merkel call; Fujian outbreak; Evergrande mess; Real estate

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #31: Biden-Xi Call

Taliban courting China; What is going on?; More pain for games; Climate talks

People’s Daily commentary and the “Red Reset”; More regulatory fun for games; Unapproved tutoring must stop

People's Daily tries to explain regulatory moves; Australia guilty of “economic coercion”; Gaming regulation; Real estate

“Unwavering support” for private sector; Liquidation of Next Digital; Debating a "profound revolution"; Whitney Duan surfaces

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #30

Xi Thought Q&A on “universal values”; Jitters over Common Prosperity & “profound transformation”; Entertainment rectification

Xi Party School speech; John Kerry and Wang Yi have a video chat; 6th Plenum; Spavor and Kovrig

6th Plenum; New book on doing business with Wen Jiabao’s Family; Rent control; AmChams in China

Official media hype a chilling WeChat post; Central Conference on Ethnic Affairs; Afghanistan

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #29: Entertainers punished; Draft rules for algorithms; The rich and Common Prosperity

Business dealings of Hangzhou Party Secretary’s family; Common Prosperity messaging; Zhao Wei

China’s Political Discourse July 2021: Floods in Henan; Matter of national importance 国之大者; Tedros

Xi in Hebei; Xi and Putin talk; Xi Thought Q&A; Huawei

Questions and Answers on the Study of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era

Xi in Hebei; PBoC on Common Prosperity; Xi Thought in schools; Entertainment industry needs rectification

Hangzhou, Zhejiang corruption cases; Common Prosperity; Zhang Wenhong; Hong Kong

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #28: Common Prosperity 共同富裕

Common Prosperity and income redistribution; End approaching for Evergrande?; Tibet; Biden on Taiwan

Common Prosperity 共同富裕; Battle against financial risk continues; Afghanistan; Hong Kong

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #27: Private Economy in the New Era; Afghanistan; Taiwan; WHO

Outbreak; China-Russia; Taiwan and the "Summit for Democracy"; Cheng Lei; Patriotic entrepreneurs

Latest outbreak; Canadians sentenced; Virus origins; Rule of law government plan

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #26

Latest outbreak spreading, may force more lockdowns; Ambassador Qin Gang; Attacking the WHO

Delta outbreaks; Damage control over tutoring industry destruction; Taliban in Tianjin

More struggles for investors; Nuclear weapons; US-China; Real Estate; Population

Xi Jinping Thought and US-China relations; Rectifying the tutoring industry; Foreign journalists; Fort Detrick frenzy

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #25

China says no to the WHO; Henan floods; Xi visits Tibet; Didi; Real estate

Henan floods; Next phase of population planning; Wendy Sherman going to China; Evergrande

Excerpt from The Long Game: China’s Grand Strategy to Displace American Order by Rush Doshi

No newsletter today

Coalition of condemnation; Response to WHO; Power outages; Common prosperity

China’s Political Discourse June 2021: Prelude to the Centennial

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #24: US-China meeting on or off?; DiDi mess; Pakistan attack; Hong Kong

GDP; WHO chief keeps lab leak hypothesis alive; New plan for Pudong; PRC Booster shots

Vetting patriots in Hong Kong; Carbon trading; Vaccinations; Xinjiang

Economic data not relaxing policymakers; US pressure over Hong Kong and Xinjiang; Oversight of leading officials

Watching the Number Ones: The Centre’s ‘Opinion’ on Overseeing the Party’s Powerful

Improving ideological and political work; Xi Jinping Thought student reader; Modernizing grassroots governance; Data review

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #23: Kissinger; Didi; Afghanistan; RRR

Excerpt from China's Civilian Army: The Making of Wolf Warrior Diplomacy by Peter Martin

Another Xi Jinping Thought center; Didi’s deepening doodoo; PBoC warning on stable coins

Xi Jinping Economic Thought; VIEs and US IPOs; LGBTQI+ groups and national security; Kurt Campbell

Data, cybersecurity, and a desire to keep IPOs closer to home; Xi’s July 1 speech; EU-China

July 1; Highlights from the big show; Hong Kong judiciary next; Blockchain

Party's Party; People's Leader Xi; China-Russia; War on crypto just starting

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #22

Hong Kong; Friends and enemies; History; Dong Jingwei; BRI; Xinjiang

Apple Daily closes; Zhang Weiwei on telling “Chinese political stories”; Ft. Detrick and Zhao Lijian; Commodities

Border restrictions likely for another year; Farewell, Cui Tiankai; Lancet and origin investigation conflicts

New Museum for Chinese Communist Party; Crypto crackdown; Political correctness with Chinese characteristics ; Defector rumors

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #21

Crushing Apple Daily; Tiangong; Liu He and technology; “Sun Flower” Moutai

Lu Shaye talks “wolf warriors” and public opinion struggle; Lying down; US-EU-China; Space mission

China’s Political Discourse May 2021: From “Involution” to “Lying Down” 

Xi on history; "The US is sick"; Winter just starting for tutoring firms?

Gas explosion; G-7; Zhang Weiwei advocating changes to PRC Internet policy; Taishan

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #20; New anti-sanctions and data laws; G-7; Inflation; Common prosperity

Zhejiang designated “demonstration zone for common prosperity”; Anti-foreign sanctions now in effect; Another US-China call

Xi’s Qinghai inspection; Qinghai cracks down on crypto mining; Vaccines and reopening; Inflation

Jingoistic attacks on public intellectuals; Blockchain aspirations; WSJ in crosshairs; US supply chain task force

Socialism and China have not disappointed each other; Gaokao; Countering foreign sanctions; US senators visit Taiwan

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #19; Discourse power; New restricted list for US investments in PRC firms; 1989

"One-way appreciation expectations of the RMB are not sustainable"; US amends, expands blacklist of PRC firms; Tesla; Water

Liu He-Janet Yellen chat; Counterattacking the lab leak hypothesis; Global discourse power

Increasing global discourse power; Fighting RMB speculation; Three child policy; "Lying flat 躺平"

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #18; Pandemic origins; Nuclear arms race?; Iron ore; Crypto

PBoC on the RMB; Leading Group on Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality; US-PRC talks

Biden calls for further inquiry into origin of pandemic; EU-US dialogue on China; Eating disorders

Propaganda and Education activities for the 100th Anniversary; Inner Mongolia's crypto crackdown; Financial support for rural vitalization; John Cena apologizes

Financial Stability and Development Committee on Bitcoin and financial risks; RIP Yuan Longping; "Lying flat-ism 躺平主义"

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #17

Communist Party Member, People’s Leader Xi Jinping; ByteDance CEO stepping down; Carbon emissions surge

Cracking heads over commodity prices; New vaccine; Xi and Putin; Taiwan

Apple’s China compromises; Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Progress; Iron ore

Red genes and red footprints; Red planet; New cases drives vaccination surge; Wang Yi at the UN

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #16: Census; Hong Kong; Data

China’s Political Discourse for April 2021: Nuclear Wastewater

Central Asia; Xinjiang; Semiconductors and nationalism; Census; Alibaba

Xi inspecting Henan; Premier worried about jobs; PBoC on inflation; Hu Chunhua; Archaeology

Census shows population growth near zero; Xinhua’s US spending; Rural revitalization and Party building; Tesla

Xi’s letter to the Journal of Chinese Humanities《文史哲》; Competing views of “multilateralism”; Potemkin saplings

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #15; How to punish Australia; G-7; Biden China strategy

Politburo; New Development Stage; Running out of ways to punish Australia; G-7

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #14: How dangerous is Taiwan?; Meituan; Systems contest

Ping-Pong Diplomacy Era is over; Space station; Cheng Lei; Population not yet shrinking; Internet regulation

Meituan's mess; Political inspections for universities; Zhao Lijian goes after Japan

Ant investigation; Xi in Guangxi; Australia is sick

Xi visits Long March battle memorial; Xi commissions new warships; National Security and counter-espionage

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #13

Xi on climate; More Party leadership for universities; National Security; Property tax

China’s Political Discourse: March 2021: Xinjiang Cotton

Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law; Tesla's problems; Huarong shows limits of the battle on financial risks

Xi's new world order for the New Era; Cui Tiankai gets to go home; Tesla's China problem

Xi visits Tsinghua; National Security; Le Yucheng interview; Edgar Snow for the new era

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #12: Suga-Biden; Hong Kong and National Security Education; GDP

National Security, Debt; Radioactive wastewater; Biden-Suga meeting

Tech rectification continues; Fukushima water release; Vocational education; BRI

Vaccines; Party’s party planning; Ant and Alibaba; Manufacturing outrage campaigns

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #11: Human rights; Taiwan, Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law

Cheng Lei case; More US export controls, Covid-19 origins; Financial risk

PLA ideological and political education; Xi calls Merkel; Taiwan; Demography

Wang Yi warns Japan; Normal PRC international travel next year; Xinjiang; Poverty alleviation

Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law and a Socialist rule of law culture; Financial risk; Xinjiang

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #10: Gratitude; Narrative control; Xinjiang and social media

Hong Kong convictions; 20th anniversary of Hainan Island incident; Semiconductors

Xi on studying Party history; Reaction to WHO report; Two journalists leave for Taiwan; Arm and Huawei

WHO report; Hong Kong election system fixed; Taiwan; Useful foreigners

WHO-China report on coronavirus origins; Wang Yi in the Middle East; Hong Kong

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #9: Sanctions; Cotton; Patriotism and MNCs

Xi in Fujian; Xinjiang cotton mess; Yuan Peng on PRC-EU relations

Human rights criticism; China-Russia vision for the world; PRC doubles down with EU; H&M China business at risk

Sanctions; Russia-China; US-China meeting; Vaccines come with a dose of Xi

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #8: Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy and the New Era of US-China Relations

CICIR’s Yuan Peng on the US-China relationship; PRC on human rights in the US; Trials of the two Michaels

Alaska meeting; EU sanctions; Dates set for Kovrig and Spavor trials; WHO-China report

US rallying the allies; S&T self reliance; Party history propaganda

China’s Political Discourse: February 2021: Staying Put for New Year

Xi on becoming world's major scientific center and innovation “highland”, Platform economy and carbon neutrality; CCTV consumer day; Myanmar

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #7: Two Sessions; Hong Kong; US-China; 国之大者

Two sessions over; Hong Kong electoral changes; US-China meeting; Two Michaels to go on trial; Quad

Two Sessions and the "国之大者 the big national priority"; China sending top diplomats to Alaska; TikTok

Xi meets military delegation; UK ambassador criticized; China not scrapping GDP targets; Stock market

Two Sessions; Hong Kong; Hacking; "Public opinion war" and friendly foreign reporters

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #7: Two Sessions; Hong Kong

CPPCC opens; Hong Kong electoral reform; Xi and the "strong enemy 强敌"; WHO investigation

Dare to Face the "Strong Enemy 强敌": How Xi Jinping Has Made the PLA Talk about the United States

Two sessions; Chips; US interim national strategic guidance; Australia-China

Guo Shuqing on bubbles and risks; Hong Kong; January 2021 China Political Discourse report; SMIC

China’s Political Discourse: January 2021: A Wartime State

Social security; Two Meetings; Hong Kong; Tech "choke points"; Xi again on struggle 斗争

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #6: Two Meetings; GDP; Politburo meeting

Ceremony for poverty alleviation; Xi chats up Macron; US prevails in diplomatic rearguard action; Xie Zhenhua

Poverty alleviation; Declining marriage rate; Hong Kong; US-China

Xi and poverty alleviation; Party history study campaign; Clash of civilizations; Bytedance

Low carbon economy; WHO investigation; Wang Yi tells US to right the wrongs in US-China relations; Hong Kong

China's Political Discourse in 2020: China Media Project

Party history study campaign; Details from June India-China clash; WHO investigation

New Year's banquet; Biden-Xi call imminent?; WHO investigation; "Evil wolves"; Happy Year of the Ox

WHO rules out lab leak; Xi attends China-CEEC summit; 2020 births fell 15%

Anti-monopoly rules; 2020 births decline; Cheng Lei arrested; Blinken-Yang call; Clubhouse blocked

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #5

CGTN loses UK license; 2021 priorities for the security services; WHO investigation; Corporate debt

China – A Look Ahead to 2021 and Beyond

Xi in Guizhou; Xinjiang; WHO; Ant; 1 billion Internet users

Yang Jiechi's speech; Local officials told to behave in upcoming elections; Population growth

Yang Jiechi to speak on US-China relations; WHO in Wuhan; NEA criticized; "High-standard market system"

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #4

Lunar New Year travel; Techno-nationalism and Biden's China policy; Politburo meeting; WHO

Xi sends his regards to sanctioned Hong Kong officials; Fintech regulation and Ant restructuring; Gansu vineyard scandal; Food inflation

Global south; US-China tech and financial linkages; Poverty alleviation as hit TV show; Hong Kong

Xi at Davos; Party thinker on breaking US stranglehold on technology; CCDI Plenum may make finance execs nervous

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #3

Outbreaks will ruin Spring Festival for many; Analysis of new Party regulations; Sanctions target DC's "revolving door 旋转门"

Vaccine struggle; PRC sanctions former Trump officials; Jack Ma reappears; Xinjiang

Analysis of the revised Regulations on the Rights of Party Members: New-Era Obligations in the Name of Rights?

Call for WHO to investigate US goes viral; US declares genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang; end of the Trump Era in US-China relations

Outbreaks; GDP; WHO investigation; Vaccine narrative struggle; "East rising and West declining 东升西降"

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #2

Xi and Starbucks; Hebei outbreak; More US sanctions; Record trade surplus

Outbreak; United States Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific; Tesla; PBoC signals

Outbreak around Beijing; WHO investigation; "Is America collapsing?"; Like a flowing river

Hebei outbreak; Political and legal affairs conference; Taiwan; WHO

Weekly Open Thread 2021 #1

"The most beautiful sight"; Hebei Outbreak; Standing Committee Meeting; Hong Kong

Hong Kong; Hebei outbreak; Propaganda meeting; Chaos in DC

Death sentence for a corrupt official; Jack Ma; WHO's China visa problem; United Front

Sounding confident going into 2021; Politics in command; BRI not dead; 2021 foreign policy priorities; Tesla China