Sitemap - 2022 - Sinocism

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #38: Reopening; CEWC strikes a more pragmatic tone

"Coronavirus cold 新冠感冒"; Weak economy and signals of support; More US tech controls; PRC-India

“Victory will ultimately belong to the heroic Chinese people!”; CEWC; Consumption plan; YMTC; 县委大院

A Head-Spinning Reopening, Questions for Musk, The Latest on the Chip Ban, New Realities for Chinese Big Tech

Cases rising; CEWC postponed?; Kabul hotel attack; Chips

Cases surging; WTO; US-China meeting; People's Leader; Jimmy Lai

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #37

Xi in Saudi Arabia; Foxconn and reopening; People's Leader 人民领袖; US-China

More optimizing on the road to reopening; Politburo on economy; Bad trade data; Xi in Saudi Arabia

New Narrative on Covid, Jiang Zemin, Relationships in the Pacific, mRNA Vaccines as a Red Herring

Reopening; Jiang Zemin; Xi to Saudi Arabia; TikTok

Reopening; Shifting the Covid messaging; Jiang Zemin; CEWC; Saudi Arabia

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #36: Protests; Re-opening; Jiang Zemin

China’s Political Discourse October 2022: The Dust Settles on the 20th National Congress of the CCP

Rocky road to re-opening; Downplaying Omicron; Jiang Zemin, Xi meets Michel; Zhao Lijian

Jiang Zemin; Covid messaging shift; Protests aftermath; Real estate; Saudi Arabia

A Weekend of Protests Across China: What We Know and What Might Come Next

Covid; PCR testing troubles; Protests and cracking down; Huawei

Protests; Covid; Xi's diplomacy; National security; Real estate support; Hong Kong law

More Covid cases in more cities; Foxconn violent protests highlight Apple's China risks; RRR; Marijuana murders

Cases and lockdowns; Birth rate; US-China meetings; More regulatory pressure for tech firms; Apple Daily

Covid case surge tests "optimizations"; Xi returns to Beijing; Chen Wenqing goes to Yan'an; TikTok's US troubles

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #35: Covid policy; Xi's week of diplomacy; Ukraine

Biden Meets Xi in Bali and the PRC Calculus on Ukraine

Covid policy; Xi at APEC; "Naive" Trudeau; US-China students; WoW

Biden-Xi meeting; Covid controls; Xi at the G-20; Ukraine

Biden-Xi meeting; Surging cases test of optimized Covid measures; Real estate rescue

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #34: 20 measures the start of the road to reopening?; Xi-Biden meeting

Diplomacy Day, Apple in China, Ghost Cities, Analyzing America's Taiwan Response

Standing Committee on “optimizing Covid-19 response”; Biden-Xi to meet Monday; Weak loan data

Covid surging in Guangzhou; Biden confirm's Xi meeting; COP27; RIP Bao Tong

Xi takes the CMC on an inspection; Covid in Guangzhou; China School of National Security

Long road to reopening; Cases rising in Guangzhou and Beijing; Li Qiang speech; Weak trade data; Taiwan

Covid policy; 20th Party Congress; New podcasts; Sinocism Chat

Sinocism Podcast #5: 20th Party Congress and US-China Relations with Chris Johnson

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #33: Covid controls; Scholz visit; Biden-Xi meeting

Preview: The State of Dynamic Zero-COVID and Reactions to that ProPublica Report

The State of Dynamic Zero-COVID and Reactions to that ProPublica Report

Covid tweaking; PRC-Tanzania; Worries about state-run canteens; US-China

More Covid policy rumors; Xi and Sharif; Scholz; Ding Xuexiang in People's Daily

Rumors of change in Covid policies; Lockdowns; Two Establishes 两个确立 vs. Two Upholds 两个维护

China’s Political Discourse September 2022: We are all on that bus

Xi's message to the PRC's youth; Busy week of foreign visitors; Covid lockdowns

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #32 and announcing the Sharp China podcast

A New Standing Committee and Mystery Surrounding Hu Jintao

Early Takeaways from Party Congress and Implications of the Chip Ban

Xi takes the new Standing Committee to Yan'an

Party Constitution; Two upholds; Politburo; Covid; Taiwan

20th Party Congress; Economic data; Stocks; US indictments and Huawei

20th Party Congress concludes; New Central Committee; Party constitution revisions; Hu Jintao

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #31: Party Congress

People’s Leader 人民领袖 ; Diplomacy in the New Era; “CCP Inc.” in Europe; Taiwan

Regulating wealth accumulation; Data opacity; Covid; Manchester

Party Congress; Period of Strategic Opportunity; Taiwan; EU-China

20th Party Congress; Chinese Modernization; Chip controls; UK consulate beatdown

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #30: Party Congress, Semiconductor controls

Party Congress; No shift in dynamic zero-Covid; Beijing protest; Chips

Plenum communique and Party Congress chatter; Response to US semiconductor decoupling; Another defense of dynamic zero-Covid

No wavering from dynamic zero-Covid; US citizens and the new tech controls; Xi and history

Covid cases rising as People's Daily calls for patience with Dynamic zero-Covid policy; The Navigator; US tech controls

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #30: National Day Holiday

National Day Holiday; Common Prosperity; RMB intervention; Xizang

China’s Political Discourse August 2022: Pelosi’s “Sneaky Visit” to Taiwan

Xi's next appearance; Navigation needs a helmsman; RMB; Stabilizing the economy; South Pacific

Xi reappears; More tax and fee relief; Patriotic films; Ding Jiaxi

Rumors; 20th Party prep; Revitalization Library《复兴文库》; Wang Yi at UNGA; RMB; TikTok

About those rumors of a "coup"

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #29: Smashing the Sun Lijun clique; 20th Party Congress; Wang Yi on US-PRC relations

Wang Yi at the UN; Fu Zhenghua sentenced; Nvidia China sales

Military reform; Frustrated EU businesses; UN; Drought

Wang Yi meetings at UN and with Kissinger and US executives; Another Xi book; Two establishes

Quarantine bus tragedy; Xi at the SCO; Biden on Taiwan; Real estate

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #28: Xi in Central Asia; TikTok; RMB

Xi meets Putin, other leaders; Tibet outbreak; National security; Drought

Xi in Central Asia; Li Zhanshu on Ukraine; National defense education

Xi heading to the SCO summit; Beijing outbreak; Taiwan; Fosun

Xi leaving the country, may meet Putin; Li Keqiang chairs another meeting on stabilizing the economy

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #27: Politburo meeting to prepare for the 20th Party Congress

Covid controls tightening through October; New measures to stimulate employment and demand; Li Zhanshu in Russia; Biden still undecided about tariffs

Xi to meet Putin; Two establishes; RMB; Weak trade data

20th Party Congress; History; Propaganda; New system for core tech breakthroughs

China’s Political Discourse July 2022: Setting the Tone for the 20th National Congress

Drought; More reports a US-PRC audit deal is close; Taiwan; Solomon Islands; Real Estate

Heat and drought; More economic policy support; New Xi book; Party's foreign work

Drought; Power; Huawei warning; Common prosperity; Wang Yang meets Catholic leaders

Rate cuts and real estate; Heat, drought and power; Taiwan; Jimmy Lai

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #27: Xi's inspection tour; Drought and power; Real Estate

Xi in Liaoning; Power outages; Taiwan-US trade talks; Hong Kong guilty pleas

Xi in Liaoning; Heat, drought and power shortages; Culture plan; UN on Xinjiang forced labor

Li Keqiang goes to Guangdong; Putin on Pelosi's visit; Drought and heat; Helmsman 舵手

Beidaihe; Rate cuts and bad economic data; Sun Chunlan visits Hainan; Common prosperity

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #26: Beidaihe; Hu Chunhua; Taiwan

Xi going to Saudi Arabia?; Taiwan events delay US decision on PRC tariffs; Civil society

Exercises around Taiwan conclude as PRC issues new white paper; Xi and the 20th Party Congress; Chips mess

Taiwan; Trade data; Outflows; Outbreaks in Hainan, Xinjiang and Tibet

Pelosi in Taiwan; PRC reactions

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #26: Pelosi and Taiwan; Xi-Biden call; Beidaihe vacation

Xi-Biden call; Politburo meeting; Taiwan; Chip corruption

China’s Political Discourse June 2022: Cave Dialogues and Potshots Against the Premier

Workshop sets tone for 20th Party Congress; Biden-Xi call Thursday; Taiwan

Taiwan; Xi meets Indonesia President; Research on pandemic origins; Heat wave and 三伏天

Taiwan and Pelosi; Vaccinations; Real estate bailout; Xi Thought on Diplomacy

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #25: Should Pelosi visit Taiwan? What happens at Beidaihe?

Pelosi and Taiwan; Outbreak; Didi decision; Xi and civilization

Biden and Xi to talk soon; Taiwan; SMIC and BIS

Pelosi to Taiwan; Mortgage mess; 4.8% 2022 GDP growth?; Food crisis fight; EU-PRC

Outbreaks; Mortgage strikes; Fund flows; Chips; EU-PRC

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #24: GDP, Xi in Xinjiang; Xi on the study of Chinese civilization

Xi visits Xinjiang; Mortgage payment mess; Australian coal; US-PRC audit deal

Lanzhou locking down; 200 million flexibly employed; Publicizing naval encounters

Shanghai outbreak; People's Leader Xi; Work relief program to bolster employment; Tencent and Sun Lijun

Ba.5 in Shanghai; Henan bank protests; Reactions to Abe's death; US-PRC talks

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #23

Qu Qingshan on why Xi is needed for many more years; More infrastructure stimulus also needed; H-20 strategic bomber

Outbreaks; US-China; UK-US warning on PRC threats; GSI; TikTok

BA.5 in the mainland; US-China officials talking, some tariffs may go away; Another Xi book; Hong Kong

Xi reiterates dynamic zero-Covid is correct, calls for technology self-reliance and “development independence”; Spiritual Americans

China’s Political Discourse May 2022: Stabilizing the Economic “Big Board”

Tweaking dynamic zero-Covid; G7, Nato and the "sewage of the Cold War"; Gaokao

Shanghai declares victory; Xi going to Hong Kong, New Minister of Public Security; PGII and GDI; Praise for Xi

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #22

Xi's BRICS speech; NATO summit anger; Zhejiang; Hong Kong; Spy tales

Xi's BRICS speech; Reform commission discusses data and payments; State Council boosts auto industry

Another Xi book; Li Keqiang talks grain and power; Tangshan; Hong Kong

Politburo study session on corruption; New book on Xi Jinping Economic Thought; TikTok and US data

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #21: Politburo meeting; Praise for Xi's handling of the economy; Fujian aircraft carrier

Dynamic zero-Covid is a "policy of greater benevolence 大仁政"; Health code as control tool; Lobbying for rail lines

Xi has a birthday chat with Putin; Xi on human rights; State Council calls for more support for private sector; Wang Yang talks Common Prosperity

Beijing's outbreak from Heaven; US-China meetings; Tangshan gang crackdown; Henan health code manipulation; Aliens

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #20

Xi discusses the economy and reassuring people during his Sichuan tour; New outbreaks in Shanghai and Beijing; Ant IPO

Xi on a Sichuan inspection tour; Wang Yi in Central Asia; Propaganda personnel moves

Another Xi book; Beijing shows dynamic zero-Covid can work; Xinjiang disinformation; Gaokao

Beijing opening back up; Xi and his power; State Department on Taiwan

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #19: Xi's power; 1989

Praise for achievements in the “battle to defend Shanghai”; Dynamic zero-Covid a “magic weapon”; Liu Jianchao replaces Song Tao; Cheng Lei

Shanghai reopening; Implementing economic stabilization measures; New Zealand angers the PRC; Renewable energy plan

Shanghai reopening; South Pacific pushback; “Two Establishes” as the primary “matter of national importance 国之大者”; John Lee in Beijing

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #18: Blinken speech on China; Economy; Leadership

China’s Political Discourse April 2022: Struggling Against the Epidemic in “Magic City”

Blinken on US-China policy; Struggling economy; Testing bills due; South Pacific

Teleconference on stabilizing the economy; South Pacific; Taiwan

Beijing outbreak pressure increasing; Follow in Xi’s footsteps on the way to the 20th Party Congress; Xinjiang, US-China audit deal prospects

Sun Chunlan guides Beijing outbreak work; More economic support; “领袖 Leader“; Biden and strategic ambiguity over Taiwan

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #18: Rumors; Biden in Asia

Xi rumors; Xi speaks to BRICS FMs; Li Keqiang in Yunnan; Canada bans Huawei and ZTE from 5G

Shanghai closer to declaring “victory”; Another capital crime; Tencent slows; Yang and Sullivan chat

Shanghai says no more community spread; Beijing outbreak still not under control; CPPCC meeting with tech firms

Shanghai slowly reopening; More Beijing tests; Economy cratering as Covid and politics in command; No rest for old cadres

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #17

Beijing lockdown rumors; Outbound travel restrictions; Real estate debt mess; Xi and the Youth League

Shanghai outbreak data improving; More economic support; Is Xi under pressure?; Arrests in Hong Kong

"Persistence is victory"; Another study predicts mass death if Covid controls removed; Xi's speech to the Youth League; Xi-Macron chat

Tightening restrictions in Shanghai; Beijing's outbreak; Xi and Scholz chat; John Lee and Article 23

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #16: Standing Committee meeting and dynamic zero-Covid

Standing Committee doubles down on "dynamic zero-Covid" and calls for struggle against doubters

Politburo on capital; Mass testing; Beijing outbreak; Blinken speech on US-China; Jack Ma

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #15: Politburo meeting; Worried execs; 劝进表

Infrastructure; GDP target; National security; Outbreaks; 20th Party Congress; Pakistan attack

China’s Political Discourse March 2022: Outbreaks; MU5735 Tragedy and the Intrusion of Grief

Shanghai still struggling; Beijing next?; Xi visits Renmin University; Voices of April (四月之声)

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #14

Shanghai struggle; Global Security Initiative 全球安全倡议; Markets need cash and confidence

Shanghai turning the corner?; Planting season, Coal and Nuclear power; Austin-Wei finally chat; Solomon Islands

Shanghai; National Security; Europe; Positive energy for the economy; CNKI

Shanghai outbreak; Xi has "set the tone for all 一锤定音"; GDP; MBS takes Xi's call

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #13

Shanghai; Changchun finally opening back up; Xi on space; Ant and the CCDI; NFTs

Shanghai; Xi makes clear dynamic zero-COVID not going away; Decoupling talk; Translation struggles

Shanghai outbreak trends improving; Xi in Hainan; Economic support

Shanghai; Li Keqiang worried about the economy; Propping up stock market; South Pacific

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #12: Shanghai; Xi and zero-Covid; Pelosi; Common Prosperity

Shanghai; Pelosi to Taiwan; Common Prosperity; NATO and the Asia-Pacific

Shanghai outbreak; Economic worries; John Lee 李家超 for Hong Kong CE; EU-China

Shanghai and Jilin outbreaks; Real estate loosening; Nuclear forces; AUKUS

Shanghai outbreak; Historical nihilism; EU-China; Steps toward US-China audit deal

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #11: Outbreaks; Economy; EU-China

China’s Political Discourse February 2022: The Chained Woman

Shanghai outbreak; Standing committee meets; EU-China summit; Key risks for cities

Shanghai outbreak worsens; Growing concerns about economy; Wang Yi meets Lavrov; USTR on China

Shanghai outbreak; Capital outflows; EU-China; US to blame for Ukraine crisis; Birth rates

Shanghai partial lock down; PLA Daily on America and Ukraine; Portfolio investment outflows; Plane crash; Solomon Islands

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #10: Xi-Biden call; Standing Committee on the outbreak; Liu He comments; China stocks

Liu He signals desire for stability; Outbreaks; MSS in the US; Ukraine

Outbreaks spread; US-China meeting; Economic data; More pain for Internet firms; Xinhua attacks Chinese working for Western media

Outbreaks worsen; Yang-Sullivan meeting; Weak loan data; Internet stocks crash

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #9: Two Meetings 两会; Omicron outbreak; Nickel; Ukraine

Two meetings coming to a close; Ukraine; SOHO China fire sale; Nickel market still broken

Two meetings; US warning to PRC over Russia sanctions; "Empire of lies"; Omicron on the mainland

Xi Jinping chats with French and German leaders; Two meetings; PRC firm blows up nickel market

Two meetings; Around 5.5% growth target; Xi on food security and ethnic unity; Ukraine crisis

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #8: Ukraine; Two Meetings 两会

Ukraine crisis; Two meetings; Hong Kong; Fengqiao Experience

Ukraine crisis; Hong Kong; Spring 2023 may be the target for relaxing Covid controls

China’s Political Discourse January 2022: In-Depth Study and Implementation and the "Two Establishes 两个确立"

PRC-Ukraine foreign ministers talk; Hong Kong lockdown coming; Taiwan; Real estate

Ukraine crisis; Hong Kong outbreak; 50th anniversary of Shanghai Communiqué

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #7: Xi and Putin chat about Ukraine; Politburo meeting; Hong Kong outbreak

Ukraine crisis; Hong Kong; Coal; BRI; Capital and power

Foreign Ministry blames US for Ukraine tensions; Hong Kong outbreak; "Two Establishes"; Xuzhou case

Ukraine; Hong Kong outbreak; Regulatory crackdown; Capital; Rural affairs

Ukraine crisis; Olympics over; Ant group and regulatory jitters, Plan for the elderly

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #6

Hong Kong; Ukraine; Common Prosperity; Standing Committee members reappear

Hong Kong outbreak; Xi and Macron discuss Ukraine; Xuzhou case; “Great Wall of data protectionism”

Li Keqiang promises more economic support; CAC head on constructing Internet civilization; PRC-Ukraine; TikTok

The core is a "magic weapon"; Hong Kong; Tough job market; Indo-Pacific strategy

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #5; PRC-Russia; Hong Kong; PRC-China trade; Resistance is futile?; Quad statement

Mainland help likely on the way for Hong Kong; More support for real estate; US-China; New podcast

Sinocism Podcast #4: The Economist's David Rennie on online nationalism, discourse power, reporting from China, US-China relations

US-China trade deal; Hong Kong outbreak; New form of human civilization; Olympics

Hong Kong outbreak; Capital; Real Estate; Common Prosperity; Olympics

New era of international relations according to PRC and Russia; Olympics; Year of the Tiger Predictions

China watching in the ‘New Era’: A guide

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #4: Happy New Year and predictions for the Year of the Tiger

Xi in Shanxi; Blinken-Wang chat; Holiday war films; Anti-monopoly

China’s Political Discourse December 2021: China’s Democracy

Capital crime in Zhejiang; Disorderly expansion of capital; Hong Kong spies; Lithuania

Xi meets IOC head; Beijing cases increase; Politburo study session; Where is Zhao Leji?

Covid and the Olympics; Politburo; Ukraine; Energy and Emissions; Sun Lijun

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #3: How might the PRC react to a Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Corruption investigators coming for platform monopolies?; Contract tracing highlights need for Common Prosperity

Outbreaks; Regulating Internet platforms; US-China; Developers get cash

More cases in Beijing; CCDI Plenum; Le Yucheng speech; Monetary easing

Omicron in the mail; Rate cut and GDP data; Stalled population growth; Corruption; Davos

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #2

Shanghai outbreak; Sun Lijun case; Uk influence warning; PRC-France

Outbreaks; Water security; Big plans for digital economy; Yan Xuetong

Outbreaks; Xi Jinping talks to provincial and ministerial-level officials; GCC meetings in China

Omicron; Wrong kind of party in Hong Kong; Population worries; Kazakhstan

Weekly Open Thread 2022 #1: Outbreaks; National security; Kazakhstan; Tencent sales

Outbreaks; High-quality national security and high-quality development; Real estate blues

Xi'an outbreak coming under control?; Kazakhstan turmoil; Li Keqiang stressed about the economy; 2022 propaganda agenda

Outbreak; Olympics; 20th Party Congress; Algorithms; Nuclear weapons

Xi'an outbreak; Xi on history; Democratic life meeting; Hong Kong