Sitemap - 2019 - Sinocism

Improving the environment for the private economy; Central rural work conference; Positive online ecosystem

Xi in Macau; Trade deal details public after signing; Operation Wocao 我操

Xi in Macau; Debt; Surveillance; Tech and financial "wars"; Political football

US-China trade ; New aircraft carrier; Wang Yi in Europe; GPS spoofing

US-China trade deal; Arsenal's turn in the dog house; Wang Yi speech

Hopes rise for trade deal; CEWC concludes; Goodies for Macau as Xi to visit

Zhang Xiaoming on Hong Kong; Exporting the China model; US-China

Trade talks extension speculation; Central Economic Work Conference underway?; Michael Kovrig

Politburo meeting; The "Fengqiao Experience" and modernizing governance; Technology decoupling

Trade deal tease; Xinjiang; Intensifying overseas online propaganda work

Trade deal signaling; Uighur Act of 2019; Huawei; PRC diplomats need "fighting spirit"

Trade talks interruptus; Cold War II?; Zhao Lijian

Yi Gang dampens hopes for stimulus; People’s Leader Xi; China-Russia gas; PRC Diplomats taking their case to Twitter

Hong Kong, Weak economic data; Pork; TikTok

Hong Kong; Re-evaluating religious classics; Coal; More trade deal teasing

Hong Kong votes; More Xinjiang documents; Alleged spy in Australia

Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act Histrionics; Plan to deal with aging population

Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act; Simon Cheng says he was tortured; Small rate cuts; Sacklers selling Opioids to China

Hong Kong; Ding Xuexiang on central, unified leadership; Trump threatens more tariffs; Another research scandal

Hong Kong; Xinjiang papers; Xi on Marxism; Still no US-China trade deal

Hong Kong; Still no US-China phase one deal; Weak economic data

Hong Kong; Patriotic education in the New Era; Still no phase one trade deal

Hong Kong; Xi to Greece and Brazil; New 5 year Party member education plan

China says US agrees to remove some tariffs; Fentanyl case; TikTok a sideshow compared to WeChat

Trump-Xi meet may be in December; Financial Stability and Development Commission meeting

Plenum decision; China wants US tariffs removed; Xi's CIIE speech; More TikTok disclosures

Xi inspects Shanghai, meets Carrie Lam; China International Import Expo; ASEAN Summit

Fourth Plenum; 5G launches; Shanghai shuts online P2P lending; Pompeo's series of speeches on China

Chile suspends APEC; UN Support for China's Xinjiang policy; Fourth Plenum

Phase One deal timing; Belgian Confucius Institute head espionage allegations; Citizen morality construction

Fourth Plenum convenes; US-China trade progress; Xi and the blockchain; UK truck victims not Chinese?

Fourth Plenum; China pushing for all tariffs to be removed before phase one deal?; Business environment

Lam to go?; China's "proper place in the world"; No US visa for PRC space official

No newsletter today

Economy; Fourth Plenum; NBA’s China problem may get worse

NBA Commissioner speaks; US reciprocity for PRC diplomats; Maps are a minefield

Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act; Huawei; TikTok's DC lobbying; Does Beijing want 2 terms for Trump?

China aligns deal messaging with the US; LeBron James and the NBA's China mess; Pig problems

Progress in US-China trade talks; NBA may get a reprieve; New report on China “engineering global consent”

Trump to meet Liu He; NBA game not canceled; Taiwan National Day

Hopes rise for small trade deal; NBA; Visas and Xinjiang; Central-local tax distribution changes

US-China trade talks; New entity list additions; NBA will not apologize to China

The NBA's poisoned China chalice

Trade talks; NBA's poisoned China chalice

National Day celebrations; Missiles galore; Hong Kong violence; US tour guide charged as MSS spy

National Day celebrations; Hong Kong; US-China trade talks

“The road we have taken”; Carrie Lam PR efforts; US-China; ARM still licensing to Huawei

New Beijing airport; China in the world; trade deal "soon"?; China’s defense-industrial ecosystem

Trump calls out China in UN speech; Politburo calls for more patriotic education; PBoC says no rate cuts

Trade talks; National Day preparations; Party to help private firms by sending in officials

Excerpt from "China's New Red Guards: The Return of Radicalism and the Rebirth of Mao Zedong" by Jude Blanchette

Trade talks; People's Daily and PropagandAI; Major changes unseen in a century

Xi’s Henan inspection tour; US-China struggle at the UN; National Day preparations

Trade talks; US DoJ announces two new China-related cases; Sports industry gets more policy support

More bad economic data; US-China talks; Another Xi inspection tour and speech

Excerpt from "The Transpacific Experiment" by Matt Sheehan

Hopes of progress in US-China trade talks; Xi retraces Mao’s 1949 footsteps, visits the Fragrant Hills 香山; Controversy over Australian MP’s China ties

China tariff exemptions not a concession; Internet censorship to tighten; Huawei

More foreign capital wanted; Pigs stressing the Party; George Soros sounds another warning about China

Hong Kong; RRR cuts and more bad data; Pork problems; Yang Jiechi on great power diplomacy

October US-Trade talks; Hu Chunhua talks pigs; Beijing buying away another Taiwan ally; Fake meat

Hong Kong concession too little too late?; Revised Party accountability regulations

Risks and struggle; Fentanyl and trade; FTZ blues; Local governments short of cash; Pork price rationing starts in Nanning

Fourth Plenum set; Hong Kong; US-China; New Party propaganda and rural work regulations

US-China; Hong Kong troop rotation; "People's Leader" politics

Preparing for October 1; Weekend HK protests; CCTV mocks Trump over phone call claim

New measures to stimulate consumption; Phone calls; More "People's Leader", Yang Hengjun

People's Leader Xi; US-China trade; Hong Kong; Fentanyl; Scientific entanglement

Hong Kong protests as "terrorism"; RMB & the start of “financial war”?; China Development Bank scandal

Propaganda rage about HK and the US gets personal; Australian MP compares PRC to Nazi Germany; DNA collection

Hong Kong meeting in Shenzhen; New normal for RMB; Protests on foreign campuses

RMB moves; Hong Kong warnings; US farmers suffering; China unhappy about Kashmir

Renminbi drops and trade war escalates; General strike in Hong Kong as Carrie Lam makes things worse

Excerpt from "The Great Successor: The Divinely Perfect Destiny of Brilliant Comrade Kim Jong Un" by Anna Fifield

President Trump announces new tariffs on imports from China

Hong Kong; China buys US soybeans; ASEAN meetings; Measures to boost Consumption

US-China talks; PLA birthday; Politics in command; Taiwan travel restrictions; Nezha

Politburo meeting; US-China trade talks; "Beautiful Xinjiang" report; PRC students and overseas protests

Hong Kong, US-China; Li Peng; PRC money in Australia

Hong Kong; US-China trade; Propaganda vitriol for second open letter; China Intranet; Mekong River

Yi Gang interview; US-China talks in Shanghai; Defense white paper; Hong Kong

Li Peng dies; US "black hands" in Hong Kong; UAE crown prince in China; Is Guo Wengui a PRC spy?

Violence in Hong Kong; Shanghai's STAR surges; Huawei and North Korea; Xinjiang white paper

Excerpt from "Xi Jinping: The Backlash" by Richard McGregor

Huawei and trade talks; Hong Kong; Trump hears about Xinjiang; Local governments need revenue

Supply chain financing mess; US-China tech; WTO victory for China; Beidaihe

Google and China allegations; Xi writes a letter to writers and artists; WeChat censorship; Ji Sizun

Hong Kong protests; GDP data; Taiwan arms sales sanctions; Xinjiang; Party construction

Sinocism Weekly: US-China; Party construction; Taiwan; Hong Kong

Where are China's ag buys?; President Tsai’s US stopovers; US tech coupling with PRC surveillance; PRC-Ireland

Zhong Shan joins US-China trade call; Massive Camsing fraud unfolding; Hong Kong; Xinjiang

Xi loves Party construction; Hong Kong; US-China talks; PRC cryptocurrency

Xi convenes another big meeting; Hong Kong protests; Education reforms; ASF worse than reported; Open letter

Hong Kong; Open letter from US China watchers; Billionaire child molester; Boss Yao Ming

Hong Kong; US-China; Erdogan tells Xi what he wants to hear about Xinjiang; Li Keqiang talks more opening

Hong Kong; US-China trade talks; Slight reprieve for Huawei

G20; Reports of a trade truce; AMD's back door for China; More support for SMEs

Politburo meeting; Trump-Xi meeting; Financial stress; North Korea

Xi arrives in North Korea; Premier Li meets with foreign CEOs; Hypersonic arms race

Huawei as trade bargaining chip; Taoran Notes not optimistic about a deal; Xi's North Korea trip

Xi takes a call from Trump; Xi Thought study program; Carrie Lam apology may not be enough

Hong Kong; Xi going to North Korea; US-China trade and more propaganda attacks

A win for Hong Kong; Xi going to North Korea; US-China trade and more propaganda attacks

Hong Kong; Lujiazui Finance Forum; Social credit system for business

Hong Kong protests; Protracted tech war 持久科技战;Xi goes to Central Asia

Hong Kong boiling; Rare earths survey; US Crackdown on foreign talent programs; Guo Wengui

Hong Kong protests; Trump again says Huawei may be part of trade deal; Xi Thought study book

Xi in Russia; Nationalism in the trade war is good; Arms sales to Taiwan

China-Russia "Comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era"; Rare earths; US-China

Pence China speech; Wang Qishan getting involved in US talks?; Xi's Russia trip; June 4

Trade white paper; Unreliable entity list; Staying true to our founding mission campaign; June 4

Ask me anything chat at 12PM EST today

Economic terrorism; More on rare earths and don’t say I didn’t warn you; Shangri-La Dialogue

Rare earths: Don’t say I didn’t warn you; Overall leverage ratio rising; Worried HK judges

Rare earths; US-Taiwan; Tomorrow Group bank seized; Peking U crackdown

Fighting while embracing; Huawei; Black Mirror meets blacklist

"Economic bullying"; More additions to the Entity List?; Huawei's week gets worse; German asylum for HK fugitives

No reprieve for Huawei; Protracted war; PRC buying Ukrainian military tech

Xi does rare earths and the Long March monument in Jiangxi; Huawei; 70th anniversary activities

Target Huawei; No new trade talks scheduled?; Canadian hostages formally arrested

Target Huawei; No new trade talks scheduled?; Canadian hostages formally arrested; Facebook

Xi: Various civilizations are not destined to clash; Weak economic data; Rare earths; US-China

Long trade war; Calibrated nationalist propaganda; Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations

Hard line on US-China trade; New Party education campaign; Wang Yang talks tough on Taiwan

Lighthizer-Liu dinner; Urban Party building; China stressing US-UK relationship

Trade talks; National public security conference; CBS’ China-pandering censorship

Liu He still coming to DC; 20 years since US bombed Belgrade embassy; MSS got NSA hacking tools

Tweet-bombing the trade war; RRR cut; Urban-rural development plan

May 4 and patriotism; Clash of civilizations?; Huawei

Hong Kong PRC; Peace-loving PLAN; BRI Forum; Death literature

Newsletter schedule update

Policy signals for the economy; Propaganda work; Studying May 4th; BRI; PLAN anniversary

Maybe May for trade deal; Visa denials; Wang Yang on religion; PRC firms and the global Internet

Xi inspects Chongqing; GDP; Taiwan

Trade deal talk; Hacking; US visa troubles for PRC scholars; Racist AI

US-China trade; Pension problems; Human brain genes in monkeys

Dalai Lama; China bulls; Debt issues; Trouble at JD

EU-China; Hong Kong guilty verdict; China in the Pacific, "Mar-a-Hari"

More love for private business; Hukou relaxation; G7; Chen Quanguo; CCP interference in Australia

US-China trade speculation; Europe awakening?; More depressing Xinjiang reports; China Climate Change Blue Book

Trade talks; Positive energy and the economy; Policy implementation; BRI; Altaba exiting Alibaba

Publication of Xi's 2013 speech not related to US-China trade talks?; Taiwan; China’s current account surplus

Liu He to DC; Decent economic data; Xi and the final victory of socialism; Taiwan

Xi on governance deficits; Tibet white paper; Xu Zhangrun; Huawei; Meng Hongwei

Xi ends Europe trip; Lighthizer on trade talks; Committee on the Present Danger: China; Xu Zhangrun

China Development Forum; Xi in Europe; Great-power competition

Harvard President in China; Xi heading to Europe; Political correctness CCP-style

Reform commission meets; More on Xi's teacher symposium; Italy and the BRI

Xi signals tighter information controls; Xi going to Europe; Xinjiang white paper

March trade deal in doubt; Human rights; Economic data; Indian anger; Boeing

No March trade deal?; Human rights; Economic data; Indian anger; Boeing

EU and China; Two meetings almost done; Xi's strength

No drama NPC; Beijing's water crisis; US-China talks

Shaanxi mining case and private business; Italy and BRI; Huawei and “Manchurian chips”

Huawei's lawsuit; A shares; US-China trade; Dalai Lama interview

NPC; Trade talks; Sinicizing religion; China and Europe

NPC work report; Period of historic opportunities; Huawei

Two meetings; Huawei's legal offensive; US-China trade, A shares

Trade deal progress; Politburo reports to Xi; Demographics; Confucius Institutes

Enhancing political work; African Swine Flu; Google's China sales

Trade deal politics; Huawei's communications offensive; AmCham survey; Electric vehicles

Trade talks extended; Animal spirits back in the stock market; Modernizing education

Trade talk rumors; Huawei; Li Keqiang and PBoC discord?; CCDI report; Party in the grassroots

March 1 not a "magical date"; UK report on CCP interference; Squeezing Kiwis; S&T innovation

Ren Zhengfei quotes Mao in Huawei's PR offensive; Political deviancy and policy implementation

Trade talks; Huawei's UK lifeline; Terror attack stresses Sino-Indian relationship; Xi on Party and law

Extension of US-China talks?; More policy support for private enterprises; Wrong kind of Marxists

Corrected: Valentine's Day trade talks; Red app; Huawei and the "tech Cold War"; Bond blues

Valentine's Day trade talks; Red app; Huawei and the "tech Cold War"; Bond blues

Trade talks; RMB; Family planning; Naughty New Zealand; Roderick MacFarquhar

Xi to Mar-a-Lago?; Liu He stops by trade talks; Lowering Q1 GDP expectations

Lunar New Year week roundup; Trade talks; Huawei; CGTN America; Xi and a riot shield

Trump and Xi to meet; Restrictions on PRC scholars coming to America; Huawei

Trump and Xi to meet; Restrictions on PRC scholars coming to America; Huawei; Ai Weiwei

US-China trade talks begin; Apple and Alibaba earnings; BRI; Political security and hostile foreign forces

Bad day for Huawei; Liu He in DC

Politburo study session signals tighter information controls; Canada-China; SOE reform

Risk seminar concludes; China's Venezuela mess; Apple-Qualcomm dispute continues; Bing is back

Chinese-Australian writer Yang Hengjun detained, China at Davos; BRI; Xi's Beijing

US to request Meng Wanzhou extradition; More on the seminar about risks

GDP; Big Beijing meeting but not the Plenum; Marxist student activists "confess"

"Stealth easing" and "targeted" stimuli; Huawei smackdowns; Karl Marx emojis

Engineers of the Soul: Ideology in Xi Jinping's China by John Garnaut

US reports on the PLA and China’s expanding global footprint; "Political security"; Economy

More stimulus; Shaanxi tiger falls; Canada-China relations

Death sentence for a Canadian; Another vaccine scandal; CCDI plenum; More bad data

Few details on US-China trade progress; Xi may visit North Korea; More bad economic data

US-China talks end; Shaanxi Corruption focus; CCDI plenum; 4th Plenum rumors

US-China talks extended; Kim Jong Un in Beijing; Stimulus; Cleaner Air, Huawei

Trade talks in Beijing; CCDI Plenum; Sinicizing Islam; Grassroots officials; BRI

Self-reliance; Apple's sad China story; Dark side of the moon

Interview with James Mann on engagement and US-China relations