Sitemap - 2020 - Sinocism

The five fundamentals; National security; Power shortages; RIP Ezra Vogel

Friday open thread: Central Economic Work Conference; SMIC entity listing; EU deal; Zoom China indictment?

PRC vaccinations; EU-China investment deal close; "Worshipping America" and "Kneeling to America"

Coal and winter heating; Complaints about the iron-ore price; US-China

Qiushi reprints Xi’s 2017 Davos speech; Australia dresses up as a victim; Xinjiang cotton; Think tanks

National security, Anti-monopoly work; New disease control agency

Sinocism open thread; Politburo meeting; Bloomberg PRC journalist detained; Best China books of 2020

Two years for the two Michaels; Sanctioned official speaks at AmCham China dinner; Debt

Chen Yixin explains Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law; Debt problems could lead to a cold winter for some; Hong Kong

Central Economic Work Conference; More pressure on Ant and Big Tech; Chengdu cases

Frozen imports and COVID-19; PLA conference; Hong Kong arrests and US sanctions; Le Yucheng’s speech

Sinocism weekly discussion; Australia-China, Meng Wanzhou; Hong Kong; Archaeology

Xi declares victory over poverty; Steel production surges; Real estate; Australia-China

Biden wants a united front; Hong Kong jail sentences; Xianzi’s 弦子 day in court; Danke mess

Australia-China; Covid-19 a year on; Privacy; “I can, you can not”

Australia-China; Politburo meeting; Xi on archaeology; Massive hydropower project in Tibet

Sinocism weekly discussion

Xi congratulates Biden; Xi chairs meeting on PLA training; More questions about the origins of SARS-CoV-2

Model Workers; Outreach to EU leaders; Debt; Fu Ying OpEd; PLA training

Small outbreaks, foreign origin; Poverty alleviation officially achieved; Religion with CCP characteristics; US-China

Sinocism weekly discussion; Xi Thought on Rule of Law; Credit markets; Australia-China

Xi’s APEC speech; Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law; The Art of the Wolf Warrior; Credit stress

China’s list of grievances against Australia; Bond market stress; Digital RMB

Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law; Hong Kong; Central Policy Research Office; Australia is to blame

Xi in Jiangsu; Trump's final China surge; Debt market tremors; COVID-19 and frozen food imports; New PLA guideline

Sinocism weekly discussion; Credit markets stress; Does Xi see Jack Ma as a "patriotic entrepreneur"?

Xi's Pudong speech; Peaceful China and the knife handle; Did Xi kill the Ant IPO?; Hong Kong

Peaceful China; Hong Kong, PRC; TikTok, Ant Group, SCO declaration

Anti-monopoly rules coming for Internet platforms; SCO meeting; Xi’s latest book; Deep sea exploration

Frozen imports and Covid-19; Foreign trade under the dual circulation strategy; Hong Kong; US-China

Sinocism weekly discussion: Ant; US-China; Australia; 5th Plenum

Jack Ma’s mess; Australia China risk; China bans some foreigners; Heartbreaking human trafficking story

No Sinocism today

The Party steps on Ant; US election; Plenum documents; China punishes Australia

Xi’s April speech; Ant Financial gets a regulatory reminder; Census begins

Sinocism open discussion; Fifth Plenum

Fifth Plenum communique; Small reprieve for Huawei; US-China; RIP Cecilia Chiang

Fifth Plenum; "Fox Hunt" in New Jersey; Indo-Pacific; Hong Kong

Reported US asylum attempt in Hong Kong; MSS big on struggle; US arms sales to Taiwan; Green finance

Fifth Plenum; Wooing foreign financiers; Kashgar outbreak

Open Thread; Korean War ceremony

Standing committee meeting; Taiwan; Poverty alleviation; Xi Jinping hagiography

Korean War commemoration meeting Friday; "Development interests" in the National Defense Law; Imbalances and the RMB

Military-civilian solidarity; Central Committee work regulations; Sweden says no to Chinese 5G; Quantum boom

70th anniversary of PLA entry into Korean War; Politburo studies quantum tech; Detention threat for Americans

Friday open discussion: Shenzhen and Xi's southern tour; Taiwan; 5th Plenum

A warning for Taiwan; Xinjiang; NBA’s China troubles may be over soon

Xi's Shenzhen speech; Canada-China relations; US warns about CCP influence in education; Huawei

Xi again calls for self-reliance 自力更生; Xi inspects Marine Corps; Decent economic data

Xi goes South; Shenzhen 40th anniversary; Taiwan spies; Korean War; Qingdao outbreak; Central Committee regulations

National Day; Pew research on views toward China and Xi; Wang Qishan; Taiwan

Open Discussion

Holiday week; Taiwan; US-China; Huawei may be getting revenge on Google; Wolf warriors

Politburo study session on archaeology; Korean War anniversary; Reaper drones; India-China

Xinjiang work Conference; 5th Plenum; Frozen food imports and the virus; TikTok, SMIC and Nvidia

Friday open discussion: Evergrande; UN; 5th Plenum

Xinjiang detention facilities; New “strategic emerging industries" plan; Evergrande, Xi's green pledges

Xi at the UN; “Post-American” Era?; TikTok deal looks unlikely; More foreigners allowed back in

Xi and Trump at the UN; 18 years for Ren Zhiqiang; Mass labor in Tibet

Taiwan; Party embrace of private enterprises; Liu He and indigenous innovation; Xi Un speech; TikTok

Friday open discussion

Xi in Hunan; Xinjiang; TikTok; United Front; Fish and pangolins

Xi weighs in on United Front work and the private economy; Bytedance, Oracle and Trump ; Taiwan; RMB; Shen Zhihua

Cadres told to improve United Front work with private business; TikTok; Tibet work

Xi on SciTech; Possible TikTok deal; EU-China summit; Inner Mongolia; Leaked database

Friday open discussion: 9/11 and China; Chen Yixin and "Three major wars 三大战"; People's Leader

New Xi book; India-China border tensions; US cancels visas, People’s Daily rejects OpEd from US Ambassador

Dual circulation needs better logistics; India-China border tensions worsen; Ren Zhiqiang; Financial War

COVID-19 victory awards; Warning shots at the China-India border; Australian journalists flee; Disney's Mulan mess

Friday open discussion-Xi's 5 "never-allows"; Inner Mongolia

Xi stresses carrying forward great spirit of resisting aggression; Wang Qishan makes an appearance; Inner Mongolia

US "strategic ambiguity" over Taiwan; China-India; 75th anniversary of end of WW II; Inner Mongolia

India-China border tensions; TikTok; National security state; Pentagon report on PLA; Back to school

Taiwan; India-China border tensions; Ideological and political work in education; TikTok deal

Friday open discussion-Xi and the security services; Dual circulation; US-China

Xinjiang; Xi’s instruction to the police; WHO investigation; Hong Kong; TikTok

MSS goes with "People's Leader 人民领袖"; Dual circulation; US South China Sanctions; Missile tests; TikTok

US-China trade deal progress; Refuting Pompeo; Food security; Huawei

Ambassador Cui’s speech on US-China relations; ChiNext reforms; TikTok; Xi highlights themes for 14th five-year plan

Friday open thread

Floods; Dual circulation; The correct choice of history and the people

Xi Economic Thought and the Dual Circulation Theory; US Democratic Party platform on China; Belarus

Xi goes to Anhui; Shanghai police chief in trouble; Next phase of political and legal affairs rectification

Death blow for Huawei?; Getting back to normal after Beidaihe; Xi on Marxist political economy

Friday open thread: WeChat; Financial war; Xi Jinping Economic Thought

Propaganda chief on the essence of Xi Thought; Beidaihe; More talk of US-China "financial war"

Xi wants to end food waste; Le Yucheng interview; Tech war; Building a safe China

Hong Kong; Beidaihe; "Factual vaccine"; Protracted war

Friday open thread; US-China relations; WeChat; TikTok

Friday open thread: Hong Kong; Beidaihe; Arm China

Politburo meeting, 5th Plenum, protracted war; Hong Kong election; RIP Lee Teng-hui

Zuckerberg's 180 on China; MoFA says TikTok is a Chinese Company; Semiconductor chokehold

Hong Kong professor fired; Reports Legco election to be delayed; Attacks on US official Miles Yu as a “traitor to China 汉奸”

New Era of US-China Relations; Xi's Jilin inspection; Xi Thought; Ren Zhiqiang

Friday open thread

US shuts a PRC consulate; More on Xi's meeting with executives; Xi in Jilin

Xi chairs symposium with business leaders; “Xi Thought” coming?; TikTok

Flooding worsens; New research center for Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy; Redistribution of Xiao Jianhua’s empire

Friday open thread: What do you think of a possible US visa ban on CCP members and relatives?

Economic data; Xi courts foreign CEOs; US warning to CEOs lobbying for Beijing; US may ban CCP members and TikTok

Hong Kong; Sanctions and visa restrictions; Huawei; Mask bubble pops; TikTok

Threats over Hong Kong primary; Huawei loses the UK; South China Sea; Xu Zhangrun

Worst flooding in decades; New US position on China’s South China Sea claims; Politics and Law system

Friday open thread

US sanctions over Xinjiang; Wang Yi speech on US-China relations; TikTok; 709 lawyer crackdown

Rectification in the politics and legal affairs system; Xi and Putin talk; TikTok; Wang Wei 王維

One country, one Internet?; TikTok; Gaokao; Floods in China; US FBI head on China

HK national security law; Political security; Korean War commemorative medals; Blowing a new bull market

Friday open thread

Hong Kong; Party turns 99; Xinjiang sanctions coming?

Hong Kong National Security Law is in effect; CCP turns 99; Gaokao

HK national security law; Population control in Xinjiang; India bans TikTok and other PRC apps

Six questions and the Friday open thread

What the National People's Congress tells us about the challenges facing China

Flooding; CICIR head on the pandemic and the international situation; India-China really deescalating? ; Hong Kong

Beijing outbreak; India-China deescalating?; China's Australia problem; RIP Li Zhensheng

Hong Kong National Security Law by July 1?; Beijing outbreak; EU-China summit; Xinjiang

Friday open thread

Trump tweets about "complete decoupling"; Beijing outbreak appears under control; Wang Jisi’s grim view of US-China relations

PRC says clash all India's fault as gruesome details emerge; Beijing outbreak; Xi announces some African debt relief; Fu Ying on US-China

Mass casualties in China-India border fight; Beijing outbreak; Enemies of the people in HK; China-Africa summit on solidarity against COVID-19

Outbreak in Beijing; Xi's Marxist birthday gift; Pompeo and Yang Jiechi to meet?; Sun Tzu

Friday open thread: Zoom and information decoupling

Zoom's China censorship; Hong Kong; Government work report tasks; Semiconductor subsidies; Arm's China mess

Xi's Ningxia inspection tour; Arm China mess; Telling the Covid-19 story

Hong Kong; United Front; HSBC's troubles; Eight Parliament Alliance; Disinformation

Official COVID-19 white paper; Stall economy pushback; ideological and political curriculum; Huawei and the UK

Friday Open Thread

Xi-EU summit delayed ; Facebook to label CCP propaganda; Political grumblings; June 4

More economic support; HK national security law this month?; More setbacks for Huawei; June 4

WHO frustrated by China’s early response; Hong Kong; Propaganda field day over US unrest

Hong Kong; Is China cutting back on US ag purchases?; US unrest is manna for CCP propaganda; Xi on moderately prosperous goal

President Trump's "China Carnage" statement; US response to Hong Kong law; Friday Open Thread

NPC ends; Hong Kong; US-China; TikTok and Zynn, UK China policy

US says Hong Kong no longer has high degree of autonomy; Meng Wanzhou case to continue; India-China border tensions

Hong Kong; US-China; India-China border tensions; Hangzhou official confirms drinking baijiu is unhealthy

Friday open thread

National security law for Hong Kong; Mocking Trump; Two Sessions begin

President Tsai's inauguration; People's Leader Xi; Two sessions starting; One helmet, one road

Two sessions; Controlling core technologies; Socialist market economy in the New Era

Reform guideline; Hong Kong; Squeezing Huawei; World Health Assembly

Friday open thread

Another Politburo Standing Committee Meeting; More fiscal support coming; US-China

Trump on China: "You’d save $500 billion if you cut off the whole relationship"

US-China trade deal on the brink?; More signs of economic policy support

Xi in Shanxi; Taiwan and the WHO; New NBA China head; China's beef with Australia

PBoC no longer avoiding "flood-like stimulus"?; New cases in Wuhan; US-China trade deal; Journalist tit-for-tat continues

Friday Open thread

Pompeo pulling back on lab allegations?; 7 day NPC; Archaeologists declare proof of 5000 years of civilization

Another standing committee meeting; "Political virus" in Hong Kong; Premier Li says "policy response is appropriate"

Trade war, tech war, financial war, cold war...Real war?; Five Eyes split over virus origin?; Hong Kong

Friday open thread-Three questions and a little Kim

Accountability and reparations; Virus origins; More propaganda attacks on Pompeo; BRI debt relief

Meetings in May; "Major strategic results" in pandemic fight; Xi talks off the cuff; More attacks on Pompeo and the US

"Political virus"; Australia-China tensions; Anger at Pompeo; 900m China Internet users; Two meetings

No cases in Wuhan; 20%+ unemployment?; Oil mess; Tech execs behaving badly

Friday open thread

Xi’s visit to Shaanxi; "6 stabilities" and "6 ensures"; Virus origin

Harbin outbreak; Oil traders blow up; Online struggle sessions

Ensuring employment and the health of SMEs; Americans' views of China increasingly negative; Hong Kong

Politburo meeting and the "6 ensures"; Hong Kong crackdown; Wuhan Lab; South China Sea

Open thread

Virus origin; Japan making a "shift away from China" policy?; Open letters

National security education day; WHO; 6 days in January; China in the US election; Reform guideline

“Supply-side structural reform” to expand domestic demand; Better treatment for Africans in Guangzhou; Lin Songtian gets a new job

Q1 GDP this week; Guangzhou's treatment of Africans causes diplomatic mess; Mekong dams and downstream drought

Community workers and modernizing municipal social governance; Hukou reforms; Dogs for companionship not for eating

Standing Committee meeting signals concerns; Report claims US intel warning of outbreak in November; Loyalty to Xi

Wuhan reopens; Ren Zhiqiang officially under investigation; Open letters; Taiwan as a model

Qingming Festival-no newsletter today

Friday open thread

Help for PRC students overseas; US-China truce?; Luckin blows up; Discourse power and propaganda struggle

More economic policy support; Xi in Zhejiang; Tencent gets a UN contract

PMI data; Gaokao delayed; Aggressive diplomacy and disinformation; Ren Zhiqiang

Politburo meeting signals economic support, Xi visits Zhejiang

G-20; Long line at Wuhan funeral home; China shutting its doors to prevent imported cases

Hubei liberated; Hope for G-20 cooperation; "Coronavirus diplomacy"; Ugly TikTok moderation policies

A split over Zhao Lijian and his claims, or a shift in messaging?; Xi busy with foreign outreach; Asymptomatic cases

Open thread

Li Wenliang investigation; No new cases in Hubei per official data; Xi and Putin chat

More on the origin of the virus; Standing committee meeting; Hong Kong

US-China relations near breaking point?; More US journalists expelled; Response to disinformation about the origin of the virus

Economic data; More cases outside China now; Pompeo and Yang Jiechi chat as tensions over virus origin claims increase

"It might be the US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan"; China as the global force helping fight the epidemic; US-China relations approaching the brink?

No Newsletter today

People's Leader Xi visits Wuhan; Propaganda struggle

Outbreak coming under control; Rumors Xi may visit Wuhan; Gratitude education mess; Xi says no respite in war on poverty

Open thread with seven questions

Massive stimulus?; Sun Chunlan heckled; Lessons from Taiwan

Another standing committee meeting; Propaganda narratives; Political meetings go online

China worried about imported cases; PLA vaccine?; China threatens retaliation over US media restrictions; Viral censorship

People's Leader Xi makes another Beijing inspection; Official outbreak data's positive trend; US responds to WSJ expulsions;

Beijing cases; China CDC questions; Propaganda and censorship

Open thread with six kickoff questions

Another standing committee meeting; Infected woman drives from Wuhan to Beijing; More evidence of coverups in Wuhan; Q1 GDP growth 0?

Cautious optimism; Propaganda and censorship; Gui Minhai; Will the US expel PRC journalists?

Xi holds meeting with 170,000 cadres; More policy support for medical workers; "Wolf warrior" diplomat Zhao Lijian's new job

Open discussion on Sinocism starts now

Another change in official calculations; Beijing cases; People's Leader Xi

Official data on outbreak continues trending positive; Xi urges more support for frontline medical workers; WSJ reporters expelled

Propaganda positive energy and the push to restart the economy; Medical personnel martyrs

Xi's standing committee speech; Is the CCP close to declaring "victory"?; US-China tech war doesn't stop for a virus

Spike in new cases; Hubei leadership changes; New Huawei indictment

Standing committee meeting; Wuhan politics; Huawei smoking gun?

Virus peak near?; Positive propaganda energy as emphasis on restarting economy increases; Xu Zhangrun's new essay

Xi goes out in Beijing; US indicts 4 PLA soldiers in Equifax hack

Reports of the death Dr. Li Wenliang spark outrage; Internet media crackdown

Xi "reappears"; Rush to implement concentrated treatment and quarantine in Wuhan

"People's War" on the virus; Expanding quarantine efforts

Another standing committee meeting on the outbreak; Economic impact

Wuhan virus; Travel bans; Economic impact; What was known in December?

"Devil" virus; Huawei's good week

Wuhan virus; US-China; Huawei and the UK

Wuhan effectively quarantined; People's Leader, Huawei; Dark side of the moon

Wuhan virus spreads; Xi in Yunnan; Local governments under revenue pressure

Wuhan virus; Xi visits Myanmar and then Yunnan; Luo Huining writes about national security and Hong Kong in People's Daily

Ask me anything chat at Sinocism

Pig of a deal?; Worrying developments with the Wuhan coronavirus; Belt and Road Initiative in 2019

Trade deal; Tech decoupling; CCDI Plenum; Worries about the Wuhan coronavirus

US-China trade deal; Pompeo on China and tech; 1 RMB note tractor driver dies

A win for President Tsai; US-China trade deal; CCDI plenum

Taiwan elections; Liu He coming to DC; Spring Festival travel starts Friday

Staying true to our founding mission campaign “largely completed”; Taiwan election; Baoshan Bank bailout

Tesla in China; Taiwan elections; US-China trade deal; Politically correct textbooks

People's Leader Xi; PBoC sets monetary policy expectations; Hong Kong; Trade deal