Sitemap - 2018 - Sinocism

New round of US charges against Chinese state hackers; Bullets on the Belt & Road as "fine brushwork" begins

More on Xi's reform speech; China and the global order; PRC espionage in Europe

Xi's hard speech; Mixed signals before the reform celebration; PRC ambassador to Canada admits to hostage-taking

Reform and Opening Anniversary Party Week, Central Economic Work Conference; McKinsey parties in Xinjiang

Today’s Sinocism

US may impose tech restrictions and make cyber indictments; Bail for Huawei CFO; MSS detained Kovrig

Former Canadian diplomat detained in China; Liu He takes a call with US negotiators

Trade talks ongoing; China threatens Canada over Huawei CFO; Church crackdown

Huawei CFO arrested, expect trade talks to continue as US-China tech strains intensify

Trade talk; Reform anniversary; VOA and Guo Wengui; Google and Facebook China revenue

"Tariff Man" Trump appoints Lighthizer to lead talks with China; Xi's G-20 speech; Tax crackdown; IPR protections

A bueno deal for Xi and the markets

China excerpts from "Insane Mode: How Elon Musk’s Tesla Sparked an Electric Revolution to End the Age of Oil"

Report on CCP influence in US; G-20 and US-China; P2P purge; Shrinking online space

MSS dragged into Saudi feud; Team Trump signaling trade hope? ; Ningxia to learn from Xinjiang; Didi in deep doodoo

Trump downplays US-China deal chances; Condemnation for gene-editing babies; Xinjiang; Huawei gets a South Pacific win; Google China

Gene-edited baby; Comrade Jack Ma and Party Construction; Xi's nephew interned in DC; Taiwan elections

USTR says China has done nothing to address 301 investigation; Fiscal policy debate continues; "Xiplomacy" and the correct path for humanity

Liu He to Germany 11.25-28; APEC tales; Tax relief and bailout funds for private firms

APEC tensions; Trade deal speculation a waste of time; Digital dang'an

China responds to US trade demands; African Swine Fever; Reform and Opening History; Internet controls

VP Pence interview a bad sign for G20 deal; Campus crackdowns intensifying; Two US reports heighten focus on threats from China

US-China talks; Party over for self-media; Fengqiao Experience; Reform & Opening Exhibit

US-China dialogue; Liu He to DC?; Student activists detained; More policies to prop up private firms

"They got rid of China 25"; Kissinger to Beijing; New MPS vice minister; Military-civil fusion; Political vetting for Gaokao

No US midterm relief for China tariffs; Economic Iron Curtain and Hank Paulson's US-China cri de cœur; Xi inspects Shanghai; Wuzhen Internet conference; China has a new anti-ship missile

US-China Diplomatic and Security Dialogue this week; Wang Qishan speaks in Singapore; Xinjiang; More reassurances for private businesses; China and Iran sanctions

US-China talks this week

Yang Jiechi and Wei Fenghe in DC this week; Reform talk at import expo; Unirule economist banned from leaving China for reform celebration at Harvard; Video of US-China close encounter at sea; US Attorney General Jeff Session's China Initiative

Trump and Xi have a chat in advance of G20 meeting; Xi and the Party embrace private entrepreneurs; Fourth Plenum speculation and timing; RMB; EU pressures China to deliver on reform promises; PRC Internet management going global

Politburo signals more support for economy; Politburo study session on AI, self-reliance, seizing the commanding heights and winning the technology race; US indicts more MSS officers; Is China interfering in Sri Lanka's internal affairs?

Trump threatens next round of tariffs in December; RIP Jin Yong; US bans exports to Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co.; 12th National Women's Congress; Grumblings from unhappy elite?; More support for stock market and economy

Xi visits the troops in Guangdong; Cornell cancels programs with Renmin U over academic freedom issues; New report on PLA researchers using western universities; Party trying to put a floor under the stock market

Peking University gets a new leader

Xi's Southern tour; WSJ says Trump-Xi G20 meeting at risk; Chinese on the line when Schwarzman and Wynn call Trump?; Xinjiang collaboration and propaganda; Abe lands in Beijing;

Xi's inspection tour; Party love for private sector; Infrastructure spending; Where is the evidence of US election meddling?; Xinjiang "vocational" archipelago; Online game approvals

Xi again stresses self-reliance; Xinhua slams US charges of election interference; US INF withdrawal about China? ; Slow, steady and smoggy stimuli; American scientific fraud may hit China hard

Trump's China trade war at the "beginning of the beginning"

Trump wants to inflict more trade pain; Xi's southern tour and soothing words; Officials try to stabilize markets and instill confidence; Wang Qishan goes to Israel

19th Party Congress and Xi Thought one year on; US-China trade talks hit a "Great Wall"; US Treasury says RMB not manipulated; Controlled Cultural Revolution in Xinjiang; China's strange charm offensive towards Japan

US-China; PRC approach to European diplomacy; China and the developing world; HK media's Beijing lesson; Competitive neutrality; Political interference; US-China nuclear war risk

1st anniversary issue-New official spin for Xinjiang camps; Fang Fenghui sent to prosecutors; No Party in afterlife for Zhang Yang, Risky share-backed loans; Hidden debt; Google CEO's China googly eyes; Core technologies; Misunderstood SOEs

New official spin for Xinjiang camps; Fang Fenghui sent to prosecutors; No Party in afterlife for Zhang Yang, Risky share-backed loans; Hidden debt; Google CEO's China googly eyes; Core technologies; Misunderstood SOEs

Trump and Bolton talk tough on China; Cui Tiankai takes to Fox News; Yi Gang says China can handle trade war and will not engage in competitive devaluation; Crazy Rich Asians gets China release date

Trump and Xi to meet at the G20; US indicts MSS officer; 2018 GDP in the bag; Urbanization and consumption plans; More to come in TV/Film tax evasion scandal

US-China tariffs and tech investments; RMB value; Xinjiang re-education camps get legal papering; PRC reactions to US pressure; Apple's Tim Cook is in China as Bloomberg doubles down on hardware hack story

Conditions for Trump-Xi meeting at G-20; Stabilizing the economy and talking down trade war effects; IMF bailout of Pakistan would be tricky for China; Sino-Australian relations; Media censorship

China's Interpol chief detained; More stimulus measures; Pompeo in Beijing; Yan Lianke; Rural revitalization plan; Bloomberg's hardware hack story crumbling?

Taxman cometh for Fan Bingbing; US-China competition, Xi's Dongbei inspection tour

Xi supports SOEs and private firms, Self-reliance; Trump-Xi bromance broken?; Allegations of PRC meddling in US elections; quest for EV dominance; Xinjiang

Are you prepared for the New Era of US-China relations?

Xi emphasizes self-reliance 自力更生; Rural vitalization plan; Cadre cultural revolution and bourgeois liberalization; CCTV turns 60; Espionage and meddling

China the victim of trade "Bullyism"; New US arms sale to Taiwan; Quantum plans; Sino-Russian relations, Xi starts Heilongjiang tour in a wheat field; RMB management

Farmers Harvest Festival; Trump's "Anti-China plans"; White Paper on US-China trade dispute; New tariffs take effect as Liu He rejects US visit; PLA sanctions reaction; Hong Kong integration, Pope and Party

Too much foreign content in textbooks and on TV; Internet needs more controls; Tech innovation and taxes; Coffin confiscations; Deepening reform meeting

US-China; Xinhua & CGTN to register as foreign agents in US; Wishful thinking about Xi and the CCP; Alibaba's honey badger for chips; Deleveraging vs stimulus? ; Private capital for central SOEs

Tariffs all around; Political thought work needed in education; Fake data, HNA's strange transactions; New Era for "One Country, Two Systems"?; Crackdown on box office subsidies

Tariffed!; US supply chains in China threatened; Economists vent to Liu He; Media campaign against Taiwan espionage; Xu Zhiyong; "Comprehensive war on religion"; Sleepless in Sweden

US-China may have new round of talks; Did Ant Financial raid Equifax?; Maduro goes begging to Beijing; Provincial pork shortage from ASF; Propaganda in the New Era; Apple may have stepped in it

National SOE conference; Xi and Putin cook together; Abe to visit Beijing; India wobbly about the Quad; Fan Bingbing's disappearing act; Chinese scientist criticizes US NIH; Bitcoin futures bust

Propaganda organs preparing for protracted struggle with the US?; Xi goes to Russia; Religion restrictions extend online; Possible sanctions over Xinjiang; Maybe PRC's foreign infrastructure investment brings benefits too

Trump's tariffs tease; Li Zhanshu goes to Pyongyang; Xinjiang crackdown getting increasing global attention; Party crackdown on religion expands; China-Russia relations; Jack Ma is retiring next year

US-China tariffs; Stimulus measures; Food inflation; Huawei's chip advances; Online gaming policy; Education drives real estate; Beijing's Pacific bullying

US-China-North Korea ; Banks encouraged to load up on local government bonds; Student activists; Diplomatic bullying in Nauru; Foreign academics self-censoring

Forum on China-Africa Cooperation; Qiushi Journal takes on the US-China trade war, signals no structural concessions; MeToo stopped at the System's periphery; US universities self-censoring

More on Long Guoqiang's People's Daily piece; Trump tweets tweak China over trade and North Korea; Magnitsky sanctions for Chen Quanguo?; Analyzing PRC official media; Class divides

DRC official: US has "strategic containment" as goal of trade war; China hacked Clinton's email server?; Party throws congress for returned overseas Chinese; Chives state 韭州; Family planning policy not ending?

More indications US-China talks on hold; Recalibrating Belt and Road to better achieve the PRC's objectives; US can't get flu samples from China; Shaolin Temple shows its patriotism

Xi's PLA; Updated discipline rules for Party members; Much political and propaganda love for BRI's 5th anniversary; DiDi in deep DooDoo; Yuan support; Tencent's strategy

More on Xi and the propaganda and ideology conference; US-China talking as new tariffs take effect; Alibaba earnings; Australia gives Huawei the highway; PLA troops to Russia for war games

Xi declares propaganda decisions correct, propaganda cadres reliable; Porcine pandemic possible?; P2P Mess; Reset of relations with China; Big Data and governance

Trump sees a win in China trade fight; Wang Huning "Reappears"; El Salvador dumps Taiwan; "No one knows the size of overall local government liabilities"; Inspections for local officials not implementing policy

Xi back from Beidaihe; US-China; Hidden debt, infrastructure spending and stimulus; Art theft; Poverty alleviation guideline

Thoughts from my recent Beijing trip

Sinocism looking for paid interns

Notes from Beijing trip

Patriotism campaign for intellectuals; Xi's position; Politburo meeting and the economy; Google's secret China plans, Potty politics; US-China

Politburo meeting on economy and Party discipline; Politburo study session on PLA commercial activities; Indo-Pacific economic vision; "Adem yoq" everybody’s gone in Xinjiang; Pinduoduo's fakes; Official media hits Apple

Trade; BRI; US announces Indo-Pacific commercial vision; Li Zhanshu visits Jinjiang; Tax trouble for Fan Bingbing; Near-sighted, overweight, sleep-deprived kids

Beijing kills the Qualcomm-NXP deal; Explosion outside US embassy in Beijing; New cyber czar; Liu He now leads SOE reform group; Facebook's disappearing China company

China "vicious" in targeting US farmers; Beijing's Anaconda approach to Taiwan; "Maximum Pressure" on North Korea looks over; Xinjiang arrests soar; Facebook China; Esports; Faye Wong

Vaccine mess; US airlines changing Taiwan designation? RMB; Where are Wang Huning & Zhao Leji?; Xi Thought; Xi in Africa

Yet another vaccine scandal; US-China "cold war"?; "More vigorous" fiscal policy; Investors seem to like new WMP rules; Xi's trip to the Middle East and Africa; 定於一尊

Those rumors about Xi; US "lies" about IP theft; Fengqiao Experience; Ozone pollution soaring; More on fiscal vs. monetary policy; Think tanks; Idols

Disharmony between PBoC and Finance officials; CPPCC body declares ageing population a "national crisis"; Xinjiang crackdown expanding to other areas?; Real estate rules not working so well

Q2 economic data; China-EU Summit; Beidaihe rumor season starting; Overseas security agency coming?: The "Jinjiang experience" and the 40th anniversary of Reform & Opening; Rural E-commerce

Trade war response; Talking up the stock market; Party influence on overseas Chinese newspapers; Does your Air China pilot smoke in the cockpit?

New round of tariffs; Apple catches a car IP thief; Huawei sued over fake front companies; No room for a reformist think tank; "The People's Leader from the Yellow Earth"

Liu Xia freed to Germany; Don't expect Trump to "blink"; Merkel-Li lovefest; CSRC looks to be pressuring listed firms to help the stock market; Caijing on hidden local debt; New report on China's Internet

US-China Trade; Recalibrating the "tough battle" against financial risks; Air pollution crackdown review; Law and ideology; No safe place for Uyghurs; New Era "culture practice centers"

US-China trade war; More on the Xinjiang "re-education" camps; Xi Thought study groups; Democracy can be bad for Belt & Road Initiative projects; "Dying to Survive" blockbuster

HNA's chairman dies; US-China tariffs countdown; China promoting US-Europe splittism; RMB bounces, Xi wants a cadre self-revolution; No "excessive" deleveraging

Whither the RMB?; Trade war prep; More policies to fight pollution; CCP oath music video; PLA's "peace disease"; Wealth management firm chairman pulls a runner

US-China tariff week; CCP turns 97; Real estate blues; Party pressure on foreign university JV; North Korea; Recalibrating the BRI

Trump blinks over investment and export restrictions; Xi meets Mattis; Moral hazard meets corruption investigation hazard; TV/Film star tax fun, Social credit system going global?

Trump Administration discord over China policy; Xi says China will "punch back"; Sri Lanka's Belt & Road quagmire; No more period of strategic opportunity

Xi sees opportunity-"the world is undergoing the most profound and unprecedented changes in a century"; Trump Administration pushing US-China technology decoupling; Further institutionalizing the "tough battle" against pollution

Navarro's moment; PRC financial markets unsettled; Kim-Xi sweet talk; Constructing a healthy and vibrant new media content ecology

Trump threatens 200B more in tariffs; Kim Jong Un back in Beijing; US Senate wants to kill ZTE; Xiaomi cuts IPO valuation & postpones CDR; Income tax cut coming; Huayi Brothers may be in trouble

Tariff spiral; Xi climbs into a nuclear sub; Huawei's Australian troubles; National real estate registration database; Debates about engagement and illiberalism; Spiritual spine straightening; Truckers strike

ZTE saved; US diplomats evacuated; Electric China Dream, Gaokao; Xiaomi to be the first CDR?; "Triple-win" Belt and Road 

Facebook-Huawei frenzy; ZTE may have a deal; Tech firms keep insulting heroes and martyrs; Big funds await tech CDRs; Loan troubles for private firms

China angle to US tariffs on steel; Bumps and holes along the Belt & Road; Yuan globalization; Financial regulation; Giant salamanders

Weekend US-China trade talks fail; No harmony in Shangri-La; Putin state visit to China; Tax evasion in China's film industry

China's economy keeps chugging along; US-China trade; America's new Indo-Pacific Command; China tech trends still up and to the right; Stock market with Communist Party characteristics

US-China trade; US visa restrictions on PRC science and tech students; Hong Kong's "high degree of autonomy"; RRR cut coming?; China carbon emissions; Mattis talks to the press on the way to the Shangri-La Dialogue

Trade War Ceasefire Didn't Last Long; Xi's Speech On Building A Tech Superpower; Not Enough Partying In Universities; 5,000 Years Of Civilization; John Garnaut Has Hurt Beijing's Feelings

Trump-Kim Summit Off; US-China Trade, No RIMPAC For The PLAN; PLAN Marines To Subi Reef?; Taiwan Loses Another Country; RIP Flappy McFlapperson

Trump Backs Off Trade And ZTE Deals; US-DPRK Summit In Doubt; Congress Targets PRC Investments & Confucius Institutes; Australia Has Upset Beijing; More Support For Indigenous Chips; Central-Local Relations

ZTE Reprieve; US Criticism, Chinese Praise For Trade Deal; Tech Battle To Continue; 13th Five-year Plan For The Financial System; Politico-SCMP Deal

US-China Trade Truce; Xi Convenes Two Day Meeting On The Battle Against Pollution; Merkel Goes To China Again; Westlake University; South China Sea

Apprentice-like Infighting; US Leverage In Trade Talks; Xinjiang Re-education Camp Archipelago; Ant Financial Getting Too Big?; Facebook's China Billions; Risky Mekong Dam

China Trade Week, Trump-Kim Summit Doubts; China Has No Friends In The US Congress; Xinjiang, Housing; Tencent; LA Times Beijing Bureau Chief Suspended

China Trade Week; Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee Meets; Zhao Leji Reiterates CCDI's Political Disciplinarian Role; Political Re-education Camps In Xinjiang; Bloomberg's New China Forum

ZTE Reprieve; Liu He Coming To DC Tuesday; Growing Crackdown On Islam; New Aircraft Carrier; Ideology And The New Era; Liu Xia

Liu He's DC Trip A Sisyphean Task; Is Water the Achilles' Heel of China's Great Rejuvenation?; Dead Souls; Boosting Domestic Demand; Youth Credit System; Wenchuan

Espionage Charge Added To Jerry Lee Case; Social Credit 101; ZTE Out Of Phones; Communist Party Leaving The Vatican At The Altar?

Liu He Coming to DC; Kim Flies To Dalian To Meet Xi; Trump-Kim Summit To Be Delayed?; Sen. Rubio On Warpath Against CCP Interference; Sun Zhengcai Gets Life; Tech Wars

US-China Trade; Dropdown Menu Brouhaha; Committee of 100 Gala; Red Wall Consciousness; Marxism 2.0; CCP Thinks Ant Financial Too Big?

US "Trade Avengers" Arrive In Beijing; Spratlys Get Missiles; Xi's Visit To Peking University; Xiaomi IPO; Don't Diss Dong Cunrui

US Trade Delegation; Public Opinion Management For Foreign Commentators; Xi Visits Peking University; Xi To Speak At May 4 Marx Anniversary Event

US Negotiators Told Beijing Won't Negotiate Key Issues; Xi-Modi Meeting; "Marx Was Right"; Peppa The Pig Succumbs To Censorship Butcher; Daoist Priests Bless Nuclear Project

"Cast Aside Illusions And Rely On Ourselves"; More On The Huawei Probe; Xi and Modi Meet In Wuhan; China's Data Protection Regime; Red Tourism Bus Crash In North Korea

US Officials To Go To Beijing; Huawei Under US Criminal Investigation; Technological Self-reliance; Xi Visits Hubei; PRC Annual Report On US Human Rights

Politburo Study Session On The Communist Manifesto; #MeToo PKU #Smackdown; Myanmar A PRC Client State Again?; European Selection Bias In the "Thucydides Trap"; Didi Under Siege

Cybersecurity and Informatization Work Conference; US Officials May Go To China To Discuss Tariffs; ZTE, Debt Mess, Guo Wengui Faked Documents?; Taiwan; Modi-Xi Meet

2nd Anniversary of Xi's Big Cyber Speech; ZTE Fallout; US-China Trade; CCP Cells In US Universities; AI And 6 Billion Cockroaches Might Do Some Good

US-China Tech War; "Trade Coalition Of The Willing"; North Korea And China Look Happy Together Again; National Security; New Book On Xi

Manufacturing Barriers Lowered As China Targets US Sorghum For Dumping; US-China Tech War; National Security Commission Meeting; PRC's Indo-Pacific Ports; Magic Liquor Bust

Beijing Unsure How To Lobby DC; "Wei" In Weibo Rhymes With Gay; China Pushing EU Splittism?; National Security Day, There is A Party In Your Boardroom

Xi Reviews The Troops In The South China Sea; Bytedance And Its Offline "Duanzi User Clubs 段友会"; No Ongoing Tariff Negotiations Between US And China?; Capital Controls Easing; Sun Zhengcai Trial

Xi Didn't Blink While Fluffing Wall Street; The Party Takes A Bite Out Of Bytedance; Guilt By Marriage; "Cocaine Of The Sea"; Poetry Champion

Boao and "Xiplomacy"; No Concessions To Trump; Declining US-China FDI; Forced Confessions on CCTV; Three Child Policy; Suppressing Global Dissent

Boao Propaganda In Overdrive; Trump Winging China Tariffs? ; US Taiwan Policy; Censorship And Core Socialist Values; SARS-like Virus Killing Pigs

Tariffs But The Trade War "Lost Many Years Ago"; Wang Yi And Wei Fenghe Go To Moscow; Anbang Bailout ; Social Credit; Vatican Deal Not Imminent; Caltech "Rival"

US-China Trade; More on The New Econ & Financial Affairs Committee; Religious White Paper; Boao Promises, 5G; Hong Kong; Cheap Drugs

China Tariffs; Censored Caixin Story On Businesswoman Connected To Sun Zhengcai; People's Daily "Manifesto" On Party and State Institutional Reform

Deepening Reform; US-China Trade, Yang Jiechi's New Title; Caixin Investigation Of CEFC; PRC-Vatican Deal Imminent?; Oil In RMB

Official Reports on Kim-Xi Meeting; Central Committee For Deepening Overall Reform Meets; RMB Strength; US-China Trade; China #MeToo Activist Speaks; Wu Xiaohui Admits Guilt

Kim's Quick Beijing Visit; Immediate US-China Trade War Risk May Be Declining, But..; Financial System Boss Liu He Convenes A Meeting; Ethnic Harmony In China; HNA Is A Family Affair

US-China Trade Talks; Kim-Xi To Meet In Beijing?; South China Sea; John Bolton On The "Taiwan Card"; Gaokao Reforms

China Tariff Day In DC; Party Leads Everything; Trump Shifting Taiwan Policy?; Jokhang Fire; Best Buy Bids Bye Bye To Huawei

Party Eats More Of The State; Trump Tariff Announcement Today?; Politburo Members Give Xi Their Homework; “Struggle 奋斗”; Tencent

China Closer Than Ever To Its Great Rejuvenation; Xi's Closing Speech; Taiwan; Trump Tariffs Coming; The Voice Of China; Li Zhanshu Praises Xi

China's New Cabinet; Xi The Helmsman and the Oath-taker; Yang Xiaodu To Head The National Supervisory Commission; US-China Tensions May Be Immune To Firefighter Wang Qishan

Understanding China’s Rise Under Xi Jinping -- By The Honourable Kevin Rudd

US-China Trade; China The Focus Of Proposed US Legislation; CPPCC Session Concludes; Will Alibaba Be The First CDR?

Tariffs And A New Era Of US-China Relations; More On The "Revolutionary" Reorg; Debt Cleanup; Third Plenum; From Shenzhen To Xiongan

"Revolutionary" Reform of Party And State Institutions; More On The New Supervision Law; Huawei Fears Kill Broadcom-Qualcomm Deal; Fake Foreign Journalist Annoys Chinese Reporter

Constitution Amendments; US-China Relations; Beijing And A US-DPRK Summit; Major Restructuring Of The Foreign Policy Apparatus; Progress In The Battle Against Pollution

US-China Trade; Living Bodhisattva Xi Jinping And His Power Machinations; International Women's Day; Beijing Forcing Xiao JianhuaTo Sell Assets; China's "New Type Of Political Party System"

Trump's Trade War Threat To China; 5G Behind US Moves To Block Broadcom Buy Of Qualcomm; Djibouti Port And US-China Competition In Africa; China's New Era Of Patriotic Films; NPC

A Break In The North Korea Crisis?; 党进国退--The Party To Continue Swallowing The State; Beijing Is Not Cutting Government Spending; Patriotic Film Fervor; NPC

Third Plenum Decision On Deepening Reform; National People's Congress; People's Leader Xi; Propaganda Love For Wang Qishan; AI RMA; PRC Internet Censorship Goes Global

Carl Minzner on Dawn of the Counter-Reform Era

People's Daily On Term Limits, Xi Jinping Has Lost Cheng Li; Stormy DC Day Ahead For Liu He?; CEFC's Ye Jianming Under Investigation, Chen Xiaolu Dies; Influence Operations And External Propaganda

Third Plenum Communique; Who Will Run the National Supervision Commission?; Wang Xiaohong To Head The Ministry Of State Security?; More on Term-Limits; US-China "Disengagement"; Water Crisis

More On The Constitution Changes; Liu He The "Super-Regulator"; Minority Region, Minority Report; Class Struggle In Beijing

Constitution Changes; Third Plenum; Liu He To DC; A More Disturbing CCTV Spring Gala Skit; Trump Trade Policies; North Korea

Term Limits Will Officially No Longer Apply To Xi Jinping

The China Fantasy; The China Threat; US-China Trade Tensions & Wang Qishan's Role; Demonization of Sun Zhengcai; Lunar New Year

Xi's New Year Inspection Tour To Sichuan; Sun Zhengcai Going To Trial, Charge Sheet May Go Back Decades; Building China Into A Maritime Superpower; The Maldives And Sino-Indian Competition

“人民领袖” -- The People's "Leader" Xi Jinping Gets A New Propaganda Title

Steps Toward Central-Local Fiscal Reform; Beijing Overhauling Ministry of Foreign Affairs To Better Capitalize On Global Opportunities?; Lobbying Weakens CFIUS Reform; Pankaj Mishra Declares The End of The "China Fantasy" and the "Free Trade Myth"

Prominent Businesswomen Detained; Mercedes Bends To The PRC; Vatican and China; Influence and "Sinophobia"

Yang Jiechi Coming To DC; Photos Of PRC Militarization In South China Sea; Gui Minhai Case Gets Uglier; "Cleaning The Birdcage To Change The Birds 腾笼换鸟"; More On The Rural Revitalization Policy

Caixin On Sun Zhengcai's Mistress; Rural Revitalization; US-PRC Contest In Latin America; New Era For Weibo; More Warnings Of PRC Influence Operations

Mixed Messaging About A "Bloody Nose" Strike; The Party Will Cleanse The Financial System; News With Chinese Communist Party Characteristics; China-UK "Golden Era" Looks Gold-plated And Dented; Maotai's Headaches

China In The State Of The Union; "Bloody Nose" Attack On North Korea Under Serious Consideration?; China's Plan To Become A Science Superpower; RMB Back To August 2015 Levels

PBoC Needs Better Party Governance; Culling Grey Rhinos; China Daily Says Trump Administration Is Building A "Digital Iron Curtain"; Foreign Journalists Suffer For Lack Of Positive Energy

An American 5G Network; Wang Qishan Will Be An NPC Delegate; Xinhua Buying Fake Twitter Accounts; China's Donation Of The African Union Headquarters Came With Backdoors Attached

CCP Propaganda Organs Do Davos; Next Steps In The Financial Regulatory Crackdown; Provincial GDP Targets Lowered; PRC Elite Politics After The 19th Party Congress

Davos Theme Derived From Xi's Vision?; Liu He Promises A Lot In Davos Speech; SOE Reform Includes An Edict To Make Profits; Reform Leading Group Meets

US Sets Tariffs On Solar Panels And Washing Machines; Beijing Wants Latin America To Join Belt And Road; Xi Jinping Thought As A Torch Marking A New Era; Sweden Is Mad About Gui Minhai

Trump China Strategy Triad; "Post-Engagement" US-China Relations; "Lingxiu 领袖" Xi Jinping; Xi Reminds Everyone That The Party Is Above The Law

Trump Threatens Huge Fine; Arrested Former CIA Agent Not The PRC Mole?; PRC Overseas Direct Investment Dropped In 2017; People's Daily Manifesto On Seizing "The Historic Opportunity"; Marriott's Rectification Prostration

Guo Shuqing Talks Financial Regulatory Crackdown With People's Daily; Trump And Xi Have A Call, FBI Arrests Suspected PRC Mole; US Congress May Go After CCP Influence Operations

People's Daily "Manifesto" Calls For Grasping The "Historic Opportunity"; CCDI Second Plenum; PRC Influence Concerns Kill University Donation; US Government Worried Wendi Deng May Be PRC Agent; A 70 Billion RMB Ponzi Scheme

CCDI Plenary Session Opens In Beijing; Li Keqiang Reveals 2017 GDP Growth Was 6.9%; Marriott In Trouble For Survey Splittism; Officials Blow Up A Shanxi Church

Beijing To Stop Buying US Treasuries?; Big Study Campaign Kicking Off; Guo Wengui Gets A New York Times Magazine Story; IBM's China Cloud Plans Derailed By Pressure On Wanda

US Government Pressures AT&T To Kill Huawei Handset Deal ; French President Macron Goes To China; PRC Influence And Espionage Scandal In Taiwan; Financial Crackdown Signaling; Hu Shuli Steps Down As Caixin Editor In Chief

Xi Schools New Senior Officials ; Financial Regulators Ruin Bankers' Weekend; New Push To Make Cities Safer; A Panopticon Needs "Sharp Eyes"

Xi Holds Mobilization Meeting For Whole Army, Visits Exhibit Celebrating 1950 Battle With Americans In The Korean War ; Beijing Can't Quit GDP Targets ; Heilongjiang Provincial Government Moves Quickly To Address Allegations By Mao Zhenhua

Xi's Bookshelf; Dialogue and Buttons; No Ma-Ant Financial Deal For Moneygram Is Dead; Water Politics; "Zen-generation" Driving Communist Cadres To Distraction

Xi Jinping's New Year's Greeting; Rural Revitalization; Mao Zhenhua's Tirade Against Heilongjiang Corruption; Censors Bring News App Toutiao To Heel