Sitemap - 2023 - Sinocism

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #20

PRC Commerce Minister in DC; Xinhua not buying "de-risking"; Live-streaming crackdown may be imminent; Births decline

Xi meets Russian Prime Minister; Wang Huning visits Xinjiang; US-China; Malware

Sharp China: The G-7 Summit and the PRC Response; Making Sense of Biden’s China Approach; $23 Trillion in Local Debt; Censorship Domestically and Abroad

Audits; PRC Ambassador Xie arrives in the US; Japan chip controls; Election interference in Canada; New book on Xi

G-7 on China; PRC response; Biden says a thaw coming in US-China relations; Micron ban; Covid second wave

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #19

China-Central Asia Summit; Report slams US coercive diplomacy; Li Hui in Ukraine; Financial regulator launches; Covid second wave

Xi in Shaanxi; China-Central Asia Summit; Special envoy in Ukraine; PLA joke getting more expensive

More weak economic data; Youth unemployment, China-Central Asia Summit; Struggle; Don't joke about the PLA

China-Central Asia Summit; Xi's Hebei inspection tour; US-China; G-7; Life for spying

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #18: US-China; EU China policy; Ukraine diplomacy; China EV Inc

Wang Yi and Jake Sullivan meet; Xi inspects Xiong’an; Taiwan Work; More weak economic data

Sharp China Podcast: US and China Dreaming of Bali; A Changing Risk Profile for Investors; Canada Expels a PRC Diplomat; Plans for Population and Youth Unemployment

April trade data; Declining PRC investment in the EU; Back to Bali; PRC expels Canadian diplomat; Urban wages

Sinocism Podcast: Tu Le of Sino Auto Insights on the rise of the China vehicle industry

CCFEA on industrial system on population; Canada expels a diplomat; Details of the Capvision investigation; Qin Gang meets US Ambassador

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #17: Business environment; US-China; "Hard-liners in Beijing"

May holiday; US-China; Climate; Chips; Canada-PRC relations; 漫长的季节 The Long Season

Sharp China Podcast: Open for Business (and Raiding Foreign Businesses); Xi Calls Zelenskyy; India, Pakistan and the PRC; Decoupling with an Asterisk

An excerpt from Tania Branigan's Red Memory: The Afterlives of China's Cultural Revolution

Sinocism Podcast: Tania Branigan on her book Red Memory: The Afterlives of China's Cultural Revolution

China’s Political Discourse March 2023: The People’s Choice for a Global Shared Destiny

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #16: Politburo meeting; Foreign business & investment; Xi-Zelensky

Raids on foreign businesses; PLAN Sudan evacuation; China-Central Asia Summit; US-China; Football corruption

Xi-Zelensky call; Bain's Shanghai troubles; Counter-espionage law; Li Ganjie heads Organization Department; Employment measures

Sharp China Podcast: The Lu Snafu; A Broadened Espionage Act; China’s Own Regional Banking Crisis; A Beginner’s Guide to Taiwan Status Quo

Xi calls Zelensky

Property tax incoming?; Help for foreign trade; Li Qiang to visit Germany; Counter-espionage law revisions raise concerns

Lu Shaye creates a mess in the EU; Covid; PLAN turns 74; Guizhou debt; Dong Yuyu

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #15: Yellen's China speech; Support for private business; "Xivilization"; Twitter

Macron and VDL brief Biden on their PRC trips; Yellen's China speech; “农管“, agricultural administrative law enforcers; BYD

Xi meets Gabon President; Tragic Beijing fire; Lula's choice; King of Fairy Tales' trademark nightmare

Macron and Lula Meetings; 'Surgical' Trade Retaliation; The DOJ Charges Dozens of Chinese Security Officers; Waiting for the FBI's Balloon Report

Q1 GDP; Gao Xiang on the GCI; "Xivilization"; Common Prosperity and the private economy; More Internet tip-offs wanted

Lula and Xi; National security cases; US indictments of PRC police officers; Yi Gang on the RMB; Spy balloon disclosures

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #14

Xi’s Guangdong tour concludes; Li Qiang meets Beijing unicorns; Lula in China; US Intel leak

The Tsai/McCarthy Meeting and China's Reaction, Taiwan's Upcoming Presidential Election, Warren Buffett and TSMC, and China and AI

Xi in Guangdong; Rhetorical support for platform enterprises; Xi's Moscow visit; EU-PRC

Xi inspects Guangdong; Lula to China; Draft AI rules; Macron; Sandstorms; Substack Notes open to all

PLA exercises around Taiwan; Macron and the PRC; Did Tedros "slander China"?; AI Bubble

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #13: EU-PRC; Tsai in the US; CCDI inspections

Xi meets Macron and VDL; Reactions to Tsai's transit; More inspection fun coming for SOEs; Covid origins

European leaders in Beijing; Tsai in California; Xinhua attacks US financial hegemony; Saudi-Iran Beijing meeting

More Xi Thought; Macron and VDL to the PRC, Qingming Festival; People's Daily error

Xi Thought study campaign; EU visits; Financial sector corruption; Football corruption; Real Estate

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #12: Tsai in the US; USD vs RMB; Studying Xi Thought; Jack Ma's return; Micron troubles

New Party education campaign on Xi Thought; Talking up the business environment; Alibaba breaks up; Tsai in the US; Crypto bribes

China’s Political Discourse February 2023: A Balloon Comes to Symbolize High-Altitude Tensions; Chinese Modernization; TikTok

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #11: Xi and Putin; TikTok; Mintz Group detentions

Sharp China: The Grim Implications of Xi's Week in Moscow and the Continuing Adventures of TikTok on Capitol Hill

TikTok toast?; PRC-Russia; China Development Forum; National security rectification; Taiwan; Knowledge decoupling

Xi-Putin; Ukraine; Reshaping the world order; Cloud loophole for US chip controls; Lula to China

Xi-Putin; Kishida in Kyiv; Tsai's US itinerary; TikTok; Chips

Xi arrives in Russia; Cai Qi heads general office; Research and investigation campaign; Football players detained for gambling

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #10: Party reform; Xi to Russia

Party reform plan; Central Social Work Department 中央社会工作部; Qin Gang speaks with Ukraine FM; TikTok

Xi proposes a "Global Civilization Initiative"; PBoC; Missing bond data; Guo Wengui

Podcast: Middle East Diplomacy and Reports of a Putin Visit; New Submarines for Australia; A Kamala Harris Beijing Trip?; What Xi Learned from His Father

Premier Li’s first State Council Executive Meeting; National Data Bureau; AUKUS

Two meetings; Xi to Russia; Update on PRC visas; AUKUS

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #9: President Xi Three-peat; Xi on Private enterprise; US-China

President Xi; Tsai visit to US; US-China; Subs, Chips and Pandas

Xi meets with PLA and PAP NPC delegates; New 24 character formulation; TikTok; US-China

New Language from Xi and Qin Gang; Competing Thoughts on DC Consensus; Trudeau and the UFWD; Lessons from Lee Teng-hui's 1995 US Visit

Government restructuring; Qin Gang's press conference and a warning to the US; Support for private sector; TikTok

Two meetings; Around 5% GDP growth; Xi's vision; Xi on the private sector

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #8: Two meetings; Entity listings; US-China; Canada

Two sessions; G-20; PRC firms added to US entity list; Liu He on chips

Better than expected economic data; Xi and Lukashenko; 2nd Plenum and upcoming reforms; Bao Fan; Canada-PRC

Empty Rhetoric on Ukraine; The Judiciary Under Xi; When Congress Investigates Covid Origins; Updates on Bao Fan

2nd Plenum Communique; Stats; Golden Age for Traditional Chinese Medicine; US-China

PRC-Ukraine; Xi and propaganda into the Two Meetings; Legal education guideline; Li Keqiang farewell tour

China’s Political Discourse: January 2023: A New Year for a New Journey in the New Era

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #7: PRC on Ukraine; 2nd Plenum plans

PRC-Russia-Ukraine; US-PRC; Financial sector personnel and corruption

Politburo studies Sci-Tech self-reliance; Wang Yi meets Putin; Qin Gang in Indonesia; Another mine disaster

US-China Meeting in Munich; Biden in Kyiv and Wang Yi in Moscow; Blinken’s Warnings on Weapons; The Disappearance of Bao Fan

2nd Plenum dates set, will deepen reform of Party and state institutions; Wang Yi in Russia; Global Security Initiative

US-China meeting; Wang Yi in Europe; US warnings about aid to Russia; US hegemony; Bao Fan

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #6: Wang Yi in Europe; US-China; Struggle 斗争; Bao Fan; Football and Semiconductors corruption

Victory declared over Covid exit wave; Infinite joy in struggle; Startup banker detained; Biden says may speak with Xi

The Balloon Frenzy Floats Along; Anti-US Propaganda; Xi and the Hardening of the CPC System; ChatGPT in China

Covid deaths; WHO Covid origins investigation; Xi's CEWC speech; Balloon down but not dead; Elder protests

Xi meets Iran President; Football corruption; Document #1; Anti-US propaganda

Document #1; Balloon mess expands; Blinken and Wang Yi may meet; Iran President to visit

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #5; Balloon fallout and US-China relations; Chinese-style modernization

Covid exit wave over?; Balloon fallout grows; AI bubble pops for some; SOE investment areas

Biden’s State of the Union; Escalating Rhetoric in Congress; Holes in Hardliner Balloon Theory; What Xi Thinks about Competition

Xi and Biden articulate views on systems competition; Balloon mess; AI bubble

Xi schools new central committee members and officials on modernization; Two establishes; Balloon fallout; Tibet rail plans

Balloon blowup; PRC-Russia; Hong Kong trial; Real estate

China’s Political Discourse December 2022: A Slap in the Face on Covid Policy

New Sharp China Episode: A Reconnaissance Balloon Spotted over the Continental U.S. and D.C. Cancels the Visit by Secretary Blinken

A Reconnaissance Balloon Spotted over the Continental U.S. and D.C. Cancels the Visit by Secretary Blinken

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #4; Balloon; Blinken to the PRC

Expectations for Blinken in Beijing; A U.S. General Predicts War by 2025; Xi to Moscow?; The Decline in Chinese Language Study

Spy balloon; Blinken may meet Xi; PRC-Australia; Private sector; More pressure on TikTok

Politburo study session; IPO registration system; US-China; Czech Republic and Taiwan

Xi to visit Russia this year?; More on possible Huawei measures; State capitalism; 狂飙 “The Knockout”

Outbreak officially peaked; Blinken's PRC visit; War talk; Tech controls; Hu Xinyu

Sharp China Podcast - Advice for New China Watchers; Belt and Road after 10 Years; Land Bans and Repeat Covid Cases; Taiwan’s Presence in DC

Advice for New China Watchers; Belt and Road after 10 Years; Land Bans and Repeat Covid Cases; Taiwan’s Presence in DC

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #3

Covid peak?; Xie Feng to DC; EU-China; Xi has a video chat with troops; Ant

Sharp China: New Talking Points for Private Business; The US-Japan Alliance; More Police Stations Abroad; Marvel Movies Return to China

Xi's Spring Festival video chat; Han Zheng to be the next VP?; Janet Yellen and Liu He meet; Wow mess

GDP growth; Population declines; US-China; Liu He hits the right notes for Davos; TikTok

Reopening toll; Hong Kong; US-China-Japan; Liu Jianchao on Party diplomacy

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #2

Three red lines; Sweet talk for business; US-Japan-PRC; Protestor roundup

Reciprocal Travel Restrictions; Wolf Warrior Diplomacy; Made in China 2025; Traveling to Xi's China as an American

Reopening; Qin Gang in Africa; US-China; UK and Jimmy Lai

Cases peaking?; Retaliation against travel measures; CCDI Plenum; Alibaba and Ant are out of the storm; US-China

Reopening to the world; CCDI Plenum; Tech rectification over? Zhao Lijian

Sharp China podcast: The First Month of Reopening; Xi's Credibility; Qin Gang and US-China Relations; TikTok Forfeits the Benefit of the Doubt

The First Month of Reopening; Xi's Credibility; Qin Gang and US-China Relations; TikTok Forfeits the Benefit of the Doubt

2023 Weekly Discussion Thread #1: Reopening; Real Estate; US-China

Reopening; Transparency; Stimulating real estate demand; US-China

Covid reopening and growing concerns about lack of transparency; Marcos meets Xi; Propaganda work

Reopening; Testing PRC travelers; Wang Qishan in Brazil; More weak economic data; 辱华

China’s Political Discourse November 2022: A Fire in Xinjiang Ignites Fury on the Streets of Shanghai

Covid and reopening; Xi's Russia meetings; Wang Yi, Qin Gang and diplomacy; Bytedance/TikTok spying