Sitemap - 2024 - Sinocism

Sharp China: Parsing the Third Plenum Communique; Xi and the Rumor Mill; Trump on Taiwan; Biden and the Chip Status Quo

Third Plenum communique; Disappointing or too early to tell?; Qin Gang may have a soft landing

Trump on Taiwan; PRC suspends arms control talks with US; More chip controls?; WSJ fires Selina Cheng; AI

Plenum; Wang Yi speaks to his Hungarian counterpart about Ukraine; Unsold homes; PRC-Philippines

Third Plenum; Economic data; Reactions to Trump assassination attempt; PRC-Russia

PRC DC Embassy on the political situation in Washington DC

Third Plenum; Reactions to NATO summit; Progress in clean energy; Edible oil scandal; History's garbage time 历史的垃圾时间

Oil scandal; Third Plenum; PRC investigating the EU's investigation; NATO calls out China; Wei Fenghe

Sharp China: Prepping for the Third Plenum: Revisiting the Readout, Past Plenums, Common Prosperity, and Momentous Reforms (Or Not)

Xi promotes a general; Symposium on the economic situation; Another cyber warning; Edible oil mess; Plenum; Inequality

Plenum Countdown; Orban in Beijing; Floods; PRC says "Volt Typhoon" a US op; Edible oil in fuel tankers

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Xi in Kazakhstan; Li inspects flooding in Jiangxi; PRC-Philippines; Party bankers; AI; Silicone masks

Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence Conference; Third Plenum; PBoC and bonds; Hu Youping

Third Plenum July 15-18; Li Shangfu and Wei Fenghe cases; Second Thomas Shoal; Taiwan; Capital flight; Common Prosperity

Politburo readout and announcement of Third Plenum July 15-18

Third Plenum; Foreign investment concerns; PRC-Philippines; Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence; Suzhou stabbing

Sharp China: A Conversation with Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi on TikTok, Tech Investment, and Competition Between the U.S. and China

National Sci-tech conference and awards ceremony; EU and PRC to talk EV tariffs; Third Plenum talk

Sharp China: Philippines Tensions Near a Tipping Point; PLA Corruption Crackdown; Xi’s Message to the EU; A Pentagon Propaganda Campaign

Xi in Qinghai; CMC Political Work Conference; Second Thomas Shoal; 大腕 Donald Sutherland

CMC Political Work Conference; Xi inspects Qinghai; Video from Second Thomas Shoal incident; Policy support for hard tech and venture capital

Second Thomas Shoal; PLA rectification and political training; Tax; Moutai; Stock market; Ecuador

More 3rd Plenum signals; Li Qiang in Australia; PRC-Philippines incident; G-7, Xi on Taiwan; 全军政治工作会议?

EU tariff reactions; Li in New Zealand; Plan for stronger Party and government leadership teams; Party building for delivery workers

Sharp China: The EU Increases EV Tariffs; US teachers Attacked in Jilin City; Xi Searches for Unicorns; A Question About Corruption

EU EV tariffs; Affordable housing; PLA rectification and political training; Russia-related sanctions; Third Plenum

Reform meeting; Jilin stabbings; PLA corruption; Wang Yi at BRICS Plus; Sanctions

State Council on VC and real estate; 4 Americans stabbed in Jilin; CAS restructures; “Hellscape”; Cloud loophole for Nvidia chips

Ukraine diplomat in Beijing; National security; A new "Silent Contest 较量无声" film; Real estate

Sharp China: US-China Messaging in Singapore; New Quality Productive Forces; Putin and a Natural Gas Impasse; 35 Years After Tiananmen Square

More Third Plenum signals; Social credit; Liu Zhenmin on climate and US-China; Biden on China; Dark side of the moon

Xi on New Quality Productive Forces; Shangri-La Dialogue; PRC-Russia; Crackdown on "money exchange gangs"

Xi meets with Arab leaders; PBoC official on RMB; US TikTok; Hong Kong verdicts; PRC export controls

Public security; Pandas and a PRC official coming to DC; US warnings over PRC support for Russia; Taiwan; Rural governance

Politburo meeting and study session; Signals for Third Plenum; Middle East leaders in Beijing

Joint Sword-2024A around Taiwan; Xi in Shandong; G7; Huawei

PLA drills around Taiwan; G7 on PRC trade practices; Lethal aid to Russia?; Real estate; PRC-Philippines phone call scandal; Heze

Sharp China: William Lai’s Inauguration; Real Estate Follow-Up; Q&A on Gold and EV Capacity; Fast Fashion on Saturday Night Live

"Pillar of shame" for Lai; Wang Yi at SCO; Gallagher sanctioned; XiAI; Guo Youcai; Ben Lim

New Taiwan President; PRC reactions; Real estate; New bull market in Shanghai?; EU trade threat

2024 Weekly Discussion Thread #11: Putin China; Real estate

Sharp China: New Tariffs Across Key US Sectors; Et tu, EU?; Putin Visits Beijing; Rumors of a Real Estate Bailout

Xi-Putin; Real estate meeting Friday; US-China

Putin in China; Reactions to US tariffs; New hope for real estate bailout; PRC-Philippines tensions; AI

US Tariffs; Putin to China; April credit contraction; Taiwan; UK; Qinghai court drama

US tariffs; Li Qiang in Anhui; Bond sales; Real Estate; UK arrests

Xi in Hungary; Li Qiang in Xinjiang; Hangzhou and Xi’an relax real estate rules; Progress in big financial corruption case; US entity list additions

Sharp China: Xi goes to Europe; US restricts Intel and Qualcomm sales to Huawei; Tension with the Philippines and Australia; TikTok Files Its Lawsuit

Xi in Europe; Bytedance and TikTok sue the US; PRC-Philippines "gentleman's agreement" mess; Hauwei; AI

Xi in France; Overcapacity; Chinese modernization; PRC-Philippines; Real estate

Sharp China: Elon Musk’s Surprise Trip to Beijing; A Third Plenum Set for July; An Uneventful Blinken Visit; Xi’s Trip to Europe

Politburo meeting and a July Third Plenum; Beijing relaxes some housing restrictions; Scarborough Shoal tensions

Politburo meeting and announcement of Third Plenum in July

Xi to Europe; MSS head on the "five antis"; Musk's big Beijing trip; Housing restrictions; RMB; Kinmen patrols

2024 Weekly Discussion Thread #10; Xi meets Blinken

Blinken in Shanghai; Putin to the PRC; TikTok; Huawei; New report on the Wuxi Group

Xi in Chongqing; Blinken in Shanghai; TikTok; EU-PRC stress; People's Armed Forces Department

Sharp China: Blinken to China; San Francisco Vision Six Months Later; TikTok; A Scandal for PRC Swimming

Xi in Chongqing; MoFA on Blinken visit; Financial sanctions over support for Russia? QE talk again; Another alleged PRC spy in Germany

PLA's new Information Support Force; Blinken to PRC; TikTok; Swimming scandal; UK and Germany espionage arrests

Blinken to the PRC; New "axis of evil"?; Wang Yi in Indonesia; "Fingertip formalism"; TikTok

US trade actions; TikTok bill may pass in days; US-Philippines exercises

Sharp China: Germany’s Hopes for China; Q1 GDP Growth; National Security Day and Transnational Repression; Another TikTok Report

Q1 GDP; Xi-Scholz; National Security; Microsoft and G42; Donkeys

National Security Day; Nine guidelines for capital markets; Scholz in China; PRC on Iran attack; TikTok

2024 Weekly Discussion Thread #9: Overcapacity; US-Japan-Philippines; Xi-Ma meeting; Scholz to China

US-Japan-Philippines; Overcapacity; US-China flights; Fishing; Open source translations

Ma-Xi meeting; New guidelines for grassroots community workers; US-Japan Summit; More trouble for Vanke; Bytedance's Irish lies

Sharp China: Yellen’s Visit to Beijing; PRC Exports and Global Tensions; Finance with Chinese Characteristics; US-Japan-Philippines

Xi meets Lavrov; PRC-Russia relations; EU wind probe; Industrial upgrading plan; 江河之上

Yellen in China; Two new US-China exchange mechanisms; Lavrov in Beijing; Sierra Madre and US-Japan-Philippines Trilateral

Sharp China: A Xi-Biden Phone Call; Yellen and PRC Exports; Continued Tension with the Philippines; Tesla and 3 Body Problem

Financial Development with Chinese Characteristics; Taiwan Earthquake; Yellen; NDRC support for private sector; Tesla

Xi-Biden call; More US tech controls coming?; NDRC on equipment and consumer upgrades; Another Justice Minister goes down

March Politburo meeting; PRC-Philippines tensions; Xi's meeting with US VIPs

Xi in Hunan; Xi to meet US CEOs; Local governments fishing for cash; Steel overcapacity mess; 3 Body Problem

Symposium on the central region; Li Qiang inspection tour; Tim Cook in China; More Huawei restrictions possible; TikTok

Sharp China: MSS on Cybersecurity; Will the Senate Kill the TikTok Bill?; Solar Energy and the PRC Playbook; Liu Jianchao on the Global South

Article 23, Xi in Hunan; Action plan to encourage foreigners to "invest in China"; 400B RMB spent on stock market rescue?; AI dialogue

MSS on cybersecurity law; Wang Yi; Handan murder; CSRC; Liu Jianchao on the Global South

2024 Weekly Discussion Thread #8: TikTok; Influence operations; Cyberspace cleanup; AI challenges

‘Freedom of Speech' in the United States: Truth and Facts; TikTok; Influence operation; New quality combat capability for MSS and MPS; 75th anniversary

Li Qiang inspects Autonomous driving, chips and AI in Beijing; Consumption stimulus; LGFV debt; TikTok; Fan circles 饭圈

Sharp China: TikTok in the Crosshairs; Why Divestment Is Unlikely; Special Interests vs. National Interests; US Internet Firms in China

Xinhua says Xi a reformer like Deng; TikTok; PRC-Philippine discussions leaked; Vanke; Premier Li

Bytedance/TikTok should be panicking; Two Sessions; Houses are for living in; Debt; Online nationalist frenzies

2024 Weekly Discussion Thread #7; Two Sessions: Article 23; Taiwan; US-China; TikTok

Xi meets with PLA and PAP NPC delegates; Wang Yi meets the press; Taiwan; Article 23; TikTok's bad day

Xi on Taiwan and Sci-tech; Google insider allegedly steals AI crown jewels; TikTok's DC problem

Sharp China: A 5% GDP Growth Target; Evolving Two Sessions Symbolism; US to Investigate Connected Vehicles; New TikTok Legislation

No big surprises in the NPC work report; Xi talks new productive forces with Jiangsu delegation; Second Thomas Shoal; TikTok

Two sessions; Talking up the economy’s bright prospects; US-China; "Pseudo-middle class trap"

2024 Weekly Discussion Thread #6: Two Sessions; Connected vehicles

Politburo meeting; New productive forces; US to investigate risks from PRC connected vehicles; Liu Jianchao; PRC-Australia

Xi meets Sierra Leone President; Li Qiang meets US business delegation; Local debt messes; Quants and rule of law in the market

Sharp China: Preparing for the Two Sessions; Li Shangfu and Qin Gang; The I-SOON Hacking Leaks; Heightened Scrutiny for Musk and SpaceX

Qin Gang; State secrets law; New Productive Forces 新质生产力; Consumption stimulus; Cyber power

Taiwan; WTO; Li Shangfu; US-China; E-Bikes

2024 Weekly Discussion Thread #5: Taiwan Work Conference; Central Commission for Financial and Economic Affairs; Stocks

Stock market; Plenum rumors again; National Social Work Department conference; Pandas

Crackdown on Quants and shorts; Private sector promotion; Hacking; Cranes

Sharp China: US-China in Vienna and Munich; Hacking and Espionage Allegations; PRC Lobbying in DC; Rep. Gallagher to Depart Congress

Rate cut; CSRC meetings; Hong Kong; Sora frenzy; SOE PAFDs

Holiday data OK; Emancipating minds; Kinmen; Party History; Wang Yi in Europe

Sharp China: Continued Market Adventures; Shifting Trade Patterns with China; Looming Green Energy Questions; Messi and a Hong Kong Mess

Stocks; Xi-Putin chat; VCs in the PRC; Messi; 龙年快乐!

CSRC head replaced; Government wants more EV exports; Wei Fenghe absence; Messi’s groin good enough for Japan

Stock market; RMB; Xi and culture; US-China meetings; Messi mess in Hong Kong

Stocks; Xi Thought; Nukes

2024 Weekly Discussion Thread #4: New productive forces 新质生产力; No bottom for stock market; Apple and Meta PRC revenues

Sharp China: Hong Kong Article 23; No Plenum and Another Market Setback; Trump and Taiwan; TikTok in Congress

Politburo Study Session on new productive forces 新质生产力; Xi and baozi; Security and development; Spring Festival travel weather worries

January Politburo meeting readout; All politics and no 3rd Plenum dates

Article 23 for Hong Kong; Real estate; Economic policy; Bill Burns on China

Stock Market; China Evergrande liquidation; US-China; Another missile cadre goes down

Sharp China: Tesla’s Future in China; Chinese EVs Around the World; Moves to Stabilize the Markets; More Questions on the Red Sea

Wang-Sullivan meeting; Stocks go up; Clean energy and GDP; ASML

RRR cut; Talking up the stock market; Liu Jianchao; Teslas and security; Red Sea

Saving the stock markets; Gaming regulations; Human rights review; MSS and a honey trap

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2024 Weekly Discussion Thread #3: Markets; National Engineer Awards; Red Sea

Sharp China: The Taiwan Status Quo; Markets and GDP Go Opposite Directions; China and the Red Sea; Cannabis; Soccer Corruption

Taiwan; NDRC presser; Xi Thought on Self-revolution of the Party; PRC-Philippines; Nuclear weapons

2023 GDP; Markets; Population decline; Taiwan; PRC-Philippines

Xi on financial development; Premier Li's Davos speech; MSS on Taiwan; Spring Festival travel

Taiwan election; Wang Yi on the Red Sea; Li does Davos; Baidu buying opportunity?

2024 Weekly Discussion Thread #2: Taiwan election; Liu Jianchao; Davos

Sharp China: Missiles Filled with Water, Not Fuel; Foreign Affairs Work Conference; Liu Jianchao in New York and DC; US-China Updates

Taiwan; US-China talks; Beautiful China; Cars; Red Sea

CCDI Communique; Xi Thought on the Party's self-revolution; Taiwan; US-China; Maldives

China’s Political Discourse October 2023: BRI Forum, Li Keqiang, Feminism with a Socialist Character

CCDI Plenum; Wang Yi speech; Liu Jianchao in the US; Taiwan; Xiong'an; Starlink

CCDI Plenum; PLA corruption; MSS, MI6 and 007; Xizang; Apple AirDrop

2024 Weekly Discussion Thread #1; Stock market; Foreign Affairs Work Conference; US-China; Taiwan election

Minister of Finance speaks; Taiwan; Data Element X; Blossoms Shanghai 繁花

Li Qiang in Hubei; Propaganda conference; Wage and wealth concerns; Debt; Red Sea; Fentanyl

New Minister of Defense and more signs of a PLA purge; Foreign Affairs Work Conference; Reprieve for gaming?; Jimmy Lai